German Apple Pie

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Have you tried a German Apple Pie? This is an apple pie like no other you’ve tasted.

With little more than fresh apples, cream, sugar, and spices this pie is loaded with so much flavor you’ll hardly believe how easy it is to make.

German Apple Pie

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This apple pie has the distinction of being not only the most memorable apple pie I have eaten but also being the easiest apple pie I have ever made.

EASY German Apple Pie Recipe

I had never made an apple pie with cream before this one and I was happy to find that the cream made the pie not only richer, but smooth as well.

I typically serve this pie at room temperature, completely by itself. It really does not require whipped cream or ice cream, although it is delicious with both as well.

The German apple pie will hold well in the refrigerator for several days. I’ve been making this pie for a few years now and every time we make it, it receives glowing reviews.

With little more than a pie crust, apples, cinnamon sugar spices, and a bit of cream, you can make an unforgettable German Apple Pie!

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Kitchen Tips: I use this apple slicer and this pie plate to make this recipe.

German Apple Pie Recipe

  1. Press the pie crust into the bottom of a deep 9″ pie plate. Crimp the edges (if you are feeling fancy) or simply smooth the edges until they are relatively smooth. Whisk together the dry ingredients and sprinkle over the apples in a large mixing bowl.
  2. Stir to coat all the pieces and then place the apples into the pie crust. Pour the cream over the apples and bake at 450 degrees for 15 minutes. Reduce the heat to 350 degrees and bake for an additional 55-60 minutes. Cool completely before serving.

German Apple Pie

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German Apple Pie

German Apple Pie

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Rich, smooth, and creamy German Apple Pie is like no other apple pie you've ever tasted. Recipe gently adapted from and with thanks to Uncle Jerry's Kitchen via A Duck In Her Pond.
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Servings: 8 servings


  • 6 medium apples peeled, cored and sliced, I used granny smith apples
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/4 cup all-purpose or brown rice flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 2 teaspoons cinnamon
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 1 prepared pie crust (gluten free pie crust recipe here)


  • Press the pie crust into the bottom of a deep 9" pie plate. Crimp the edges (if you are feeling fancy) or simply smooth the edges until they are relatively smooth. Whisk together the dry ingredients and sprinkle over the apples in a large mixing bowl.
  • Stir to coat all the pieces and then place the apples into the pie crust. Pour the cream over the apples and bake at 450 degrees for 15 minutes. Reduce the heat to 350 degrees and bake for an additional 55-60 minutes. Cool completely before serving. Enjoy!


I've including directions for a gluten free pie crust in the ingredient list. If you are not in need of a gluten-free crust, this all butter pie crust recipe here is a great alternative.


Calories: 286kcal · Carbohydrates: 48g · Protein: 1g · Fat: 11g · Saturated Fat: 7g · Cholesterol: 41mg · Sodium: 158mg · Potassium: 168mg · Fiber: 4g · Sugar: 39g · Vitamin A: 511IU · Vitamin C: 6mg · Calcium: 33mg · Iron: 1mg
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{originally published 12/11/12 – notes and photos updated 9/16/19}
German Apple Pie really is the easiest and tastiest apple pie you'll ever make! get the recipe at

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Mary Younkin

Mary Younkin

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  1. Jenn says

    Ooooohh… the pie looks perfect, Mary! And how could anyone not want to try it with a statement like "not only the most memorable apple pie I have eaten, but also being the easiest apple pie I have ever made"

  2. Kelly says

    This recipe is good, but it left the pastry on the bottom a bit soggy, and the pastry rim was burnt. Next time I will cover the pastry rim with foil. Chef John's apple pie recipe is similar, only instead of cream he adds butter, and he uses both brown and white sugar. It makes a caramel sauce around the apples.

    • Mary says

      Thanks for mentioning the foil! I forgot to include that in the recipe, Kelly. I always wrap my pies with foil, sorry about that. I'll have to try it with brown sugar as well next time. It sounds delicious!

  3. Anonymous says

    My grandma used to make a similar pie, she called it a "Dutch" apple pie. She always said the secret to making it was slicing apples really thin, and good cream! Of course the cream she used was good as it came straight from their dairy cow! Good memories!

  4. Anne Barbara Zarcone says

    I grew up with this scrumpious pie.. yes it is quite good.. very filling.. dense sort of pie.. the rice flour is tasty..I tried using plain greek yogurt.. it was ok..I used water to extend to a liquid state.. added a tablespoon of brown sugar to cut the tartness..

  5. Robbie Mize says

    Just took it out of the oven for dessert tomorrow after church..lunch all fixed..table set clothes laid out..
    Taste buds ready to try this pie..the house smells so good..goddnight all..thanks for all the hints..

    • Darlene yoder jewett says

      My Mennonite mother in law used to make this pie and called it Dutch apple. I had lost the recipe and was so glad to see this recipe for German apple pie just like the one she made…

  6. Anonymous says

    Looks delicious! Does the pie need to be refrigerated once baked? Or can it be left at room temp? Thanks!

  7. Paula says

    Made this yesterday and it was so yummy. Also so easy to make too. Especially with a premade crust. I used soy milk since I didn't have cream.

  8. Kathy says

    My great aunt made us one of these every Sunday for years… For the first year or so, none of us would eat it, but then one day, we decided to heat it up and eat it. It was absolutely the best pie, and we enjoyed them every Sunday until she was no longer able to make them. Thank you for sharing this recipe, she had it memorized, and I've never been able to find it.

  9. Chris says

    I've made this 4 times….I've altered the recipe a little bit by adding pumpkin spice…turned out pretty good! Thanks for the recipe

    • Mary says

      Heavy cream, also known as whipping cream, is the thick creamy layer skimmed off milk and sold separately. It is sold in the dairy section of most grocery stores.

  10. Karen says

    I've made this a few times and even done the filling on its own to have with icecream or even as jam- I cant recommend it enough, its stunning!

  11. Barbara says

    I made this a week ago and my husband was skeptical when he heard there was cream in it, as he doesn't like cream, but after tasting it, he practically gobbled up the whole thing. Great recipe!

  12. Corinne says

    Happy thanksgiving, I made your German apple pie last night and it has been staring at me ever since! I can't wait to dig in!

  13. Anonymous says

    Made this pie today…. everyone loved it… I did add more cream because I used a large deep dish pan. how wonderful it was…

  14. Anonymous says

    have you ever tried it with other fruit?….wondering if peaches would work….guess i could try it..might be the pectin in the apples that helps with thickening..

  15. Anonymous says

    My Mennonite mother in law always made this pie and called it Dutch apple but when I saw this pie, I believe this is what she made and I can't wait to try it. I have been looking for the recipe for years.

  16. Beth Walters says

    So, I often say that my husband doesn't cook. I also often say that I'm not even 100% sure he knows where the kitchen is. However, for some inexplicable reason he has started baking. (Okay, the truth is, a few months ago he wanted chocolate chip cookies. I had had a very long day, was exhausted, and the last thing I wanted to do was spend time in the kitchen. So, very uncharacteristically, I told him that if he wanted them, he should make them himself. And he did. That was the start of it.)
    Anyway, I had a huge amount of apples to use up and you posted this recipe on Facebook. It was in my plan to bake it, but I was just so busy, that I didn't get around to it. Then, about a week later, I discovered that I had to bring dessert to a family Christmas dinner. I was working extra hours, but my husband had a week's vacation and he said he would bake a pie. I pulled up this recipe and asked him to make it. Not only did he make it, he made TWO and they were fantastic!
    I may just retire from baking (okay, not really)!
    Thanks so much for sharing. We all loved it!

  17. Sue Spiersch says

    I made this pie today and it was awesome. I used my own crust recipe and I pre-baked it for 15 minutes at 350 just to help the crust from getting soggy. I didn't have any problem with the crust getting too brown however I think it could have used more crust so next time I'll put some crust cutouts on top. I will definitely be making this one again.

  18. Diane Decker says

    Mary, I have followed your blog since my celiac diagnosis almost three years ago. Somehow, I never noticed your German Apple Pie Recipe. Here is mine. It is somewhat similar, but not exact. I am going to try yours, at least to figure out how to make ours gluten free. My mom’s side of the family all came from a small rural area in Westphalia in northwest Germany.

    Grandma Hagemeier’s Apple Cream Pie
    Diane Young Decker
    I have never seen anyone make pie this way but Gage County (Nebraska) Hagemeiers. We assume the technique came from Germany. When mom’s brother Richard Hagemeier visits at Christmas, she makes two pies, one for Richard and one for the rest of us. There are usually several of these at Hagemeier reunions. Heed the warning about covering the edges; Grandma Hagemeier’s pie was always burned, but the filling was so good no one cared. Christmas at Grandma’s house at rural Pickrell NE would not have been the same without this pie.

    When the family lived on the farm, this pie didn’t take much in the way of special ingredients. They always had a lot of cream as Grandma milked her own cow or two by hand and separated the cream in the wash house. She also made homemade butter and bread. The cousins considered it a special treat to get hot homemade bread with homemade butter and a little sugar sprinkled on it. Yum!

    Peel and slice 3 Jonathan apples. Add 1/4 cup sugar and 1 cup water to apples in a medium saucepan. Cook until apples are tender but not mushy.

    3 tablespoons flour
    5/8 cup of sugar
    dash of salt
    2 tsp. Vanilla
    1/4 tsp. cinnamon
    1/2 cup sweet cream or evaporated milk

    Put apples in a pie pan lined with unbaked pastry. Pour cream mixture over apples. Add 1/2 cup of whole milk and sprinkle pie with nutmeg. Bake in 350 degree oven for about an hour. You may have to cover the edges to keep them from getting too brown before the filling has set.

    • Mary says

      That’s awesome that you have a similar recipe and are familiar with this pie. I hope the recipe helps you figure out the conversion. It’s a great pie!

  19. Gwen says

    This looks wonderful. Have you tried it with a crumb topping? I’m wondering if the cream would make the topping soggy.

  20. evelyn jessup says

    I tried to print this twice and could not get a copy – can you help me? It looks so delicious and would love to get a print of it!
    Thanks very much.

  21. Leni says

    I bake a LOT, and I make a lot of pies, but hubby and I agree this recipe just went to the top of the list. So good!! I didn’t need gluten free, so I used a no-roll pie crust recipe. Thank you for sharing your pie, it was a great surprise for my husband.5 stars

  22. Bonnie says

    1/7/20. Mary, my family and I agree that this German apple pie is truly memorable just as you said. It is outstanding! Thank you for sharing,5 stars