The Best Homemade Ranch Salad Dressing

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The Best Homemade Ranch Salad Dressing tastes better than anything store-bought and only takes a few minutes to make. Ranch dressing is delicious on salads and as a dip for fresh vegetables.

We love dipping pizza in ranch and these spicy chicken bites are awesome with ranch on the side too.

Homemade Ranch Salad Dressing - get the recipe at

There aren’t all that many recipes here on the blog that I label as “the best.” With nearly 1,500 recipes here, there are less than 20 that have truly earned that label.

I figure that everyone’s tastes are different and who knows if someone else’s opinion on the “best recipe ever” is going to match mine? These recipes though? They really are the best of the best.

And this ranch salad dressing? It is hands down the BEST Ranch Salad Dressing that I have ever tasted.

Without fail, the people who try it, have all agreed. Just scroll through the comments to see how everyone raves over it.

Homemade Ranch Dressing

Plenty of garlic, dill, and other spices make this a memorable ranch dressing. Just thin enough to pour smoothly, without becoming too liquid or watered down: the creaminess of the dressing is well balanced by the tang of the fresh lemon.

This dressing has had a permanent place in my refrigerator for almost five years now.

My kids reach for this Ranch Salad Dressing or our Homemade Ranch Dip at least once, if not twice, a day to eat with fresh vegetables.

Most nights, I set out our produce boxes and a bowl of this ranch dressing each day as I am getting ready to make dinner. The kids happily snack on vegetables for half an hour or more while we chat and cook dinner.

The BEST Homemade Ranch Salad Dressing - get the recipe at

This is easily the most popular salad dressing I make. We have friends that insist I bring this Homemade Ranch Salad Dressing along every time we get together for a meal.

Everyone who has tasted this dressing has been convinced at first bite that they need to make it for themselves. This recipe has become not only the most popular salad dressing on this website but one of the most popular recipes overall.

After all, what’s not to love about the BEST ranch dressing you’ll ever taste?

How To Make Ranch Dressing

  1. In a small bowl or jar, whisk together mayonnaise, sour cream and milk until smooth.
  2. Add the dill, parsley, chives, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Whisk to combine.
  3. Add the lemon and whisk again. Pour into a jar and chill in the refrigerator until ready to serve.
Homemade Ranch Salad Dressing tastes better than anything store-bought and only takes a few minutes to make! - get the recipe at

Salad Dressing Recipes

For more great dressing recipes to try, Honey Lime Jalapeno VinaigretteCreamy Poppyseed Dressing, and these Balsamic Vinaigrettes are a few more of my go-to homemade dressings.

I have this Avocado Lime Salad Dressing by Inside BruCrew Life and this Green Goddess Salad Dressing by Kalyn’s Kitchen on my future recipes to try list.

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Homemade Ranch Salad Dressing

The Best Homemade Ranch Salad Dressing

4.73 from 373 votes
Perfectly tangy, creamy homemade ranch dressing tastes better than anything you could buy in a store.
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Prep Time: 5 mins
Total Time: 5 mins
Servings: 24 1 tbsp servings (recipe makes about 1 1/2 cups)


  • 1/2 cup mayonnaise
  • 1/2 cup sour cream
  • 1/2 cup buttermilk or regular milk
  • 3/4 – 1 teaspoon dried dill weed
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried parsley
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried chives
  • 1/4 teaspoon onion powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon fine sea salt
  • 1/8 teaspoon finely cracked pepper
  • freshly squeezed lemon juice to taste approximately 1-3 teaspoons, adjust to taste


  • Whisk together the mayo, sour cream and milk until smooth. Add the spices and whisk until combined. Add the lemon and whisk again. Pour into a jar and chill in the refrigerator until ready to serve. This dressing will keep nicely in the refrigerator for up to a week. Enjoy!


I frequently swap plain white vinegar for the fresh lemon juice in this recipe. Both acids work beautifully to provide the perfect amount of tang in the dressing.


Calories: 45kcal · Carbohydrates: 1g · Protein: 1g · Fat: 5g · Saturated Fat: 1g · Cholesterol: 5mg · Sodium: 60mg · Potassium: 19mg · Fiber: 1g · Sugar: 1g · Vitamin A: 116IU · Vitamin C: 1mg · Calcium: 13mg · Iron: 1mg
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{originally published 9/15/11 – recipe notes and photographs updated 7/15/21}

The BEST Homemade Ranch Salad Dressing Recipe #ranchdressing #ranch #saladdressing #salad

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Mary Younkin

Mary Younkin

Hi, I’m Mary. I’m the author, cook, photographer, and travel lover behind the scenes here at Barefeet In The Kitchen. I'm also the author of three cookbooks dedicated to making cooking from scratch as simple as possible.

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    • Anonymous says

      I made the ranch tonight. I used milk instead of buttermilk, and it was watery and tasted nothing like ranch dressing. I did what the directions stated and ended up dumping it out. Very disappointed.

    • Mary says

      I'm sorry to hear that it didn't turn out well for you. I really can't imagine what went wrong. We've been making this dressing for years and truly love it. If you could describe what was wrong with it, I might be able to help you figure it out or come up with something you would enjoy more. It is somewhat runny when you first make it, but it should have thickened up in the fridge within an hour or so.

    • Anonymous says

      I did refrigerate it also after I made it but it remained thin and did not taste anything like ranch?? There was not a nice taste like ranch should have had. It was actually alittle more on the bitter side?? Wish it had turned out different.

    • S says

      I use these same spice ingredients to make ranch chicken, & never really measure… just dump a bunch & it definitely has a ranch flavoring. I haven’t sent my husband after those ranch seasoning packets in almost a year. Pinterest has almost entirely great reviews of this particular recipe too, so going out on a limb, I am betting it’s worth another try! You could try w the buttermilk, or adjusting the milk like others in the comments section suggest w lemon juice or vinegar. If it’s still off, Maybe double the spices in the recipe. I have left out both dill & chives…. & they really make a difference. So unless you have an aversion to dill, don’t skimp! 😉

    • Mary says

      I really can not imagine what would have caused it to taste bitter. My guess would be a problem with the milk, mayo or sour cream. I've never had it turn out that way at all. I'm sorry it wasn't what you were hoping for!

    • Judy B says

      I see the recipe says milk or buttermilk, but buttermilk makes a huge difference to me–especially if you are using low fat or no fat milk.

    • Mary says

      Buttermilk does make a big difference if you are using lowfat ingredients. I haven't used reduced fat ingredients in years, so I'd forgotten about that. I tend to use whole milk with added lemon juice and I've never had a problem with it.

    • Fox Mulder says

      Well this guy claims to have kept a jar for 5 years in the fridge. This is truly an X-File! Lemme get Scully…

    • Mary says

      hahaha, obviously not the same jar for 5 years, but yes, it’s been a staple in our house for years. It will keep fine for a week or two. Enjoy!5 stars

    • Mary says

      For certain at least a week, although I have used it for closer to 2 weeks in the past. Most of the time, it doesn't last that long though!

    • BaM says

      This is by far the best tasting homemade ranch recipe out there (in my opinion) .. Please make sure to use buttermilk and NOT milk. It will not turn out at all. I never have buttermilk on hand, but I do sour milk with a tblsp of either lemom juice or vinegar. Let the milk sour for about 15 minutes or so, and then, follow the recipe instructions. You won't be disappointed. ENJOY!!!

    • Stephanie says

      When you let the milk sour ahead of time, do you still add the lemon/vinegar at the later step? Thanks!

    • Anonymous says

      Try this with greek yogurt for a healthier version. The sourness of the yogurt makes it taste like buttermilk.

    • Anonymous says

      I have been making home made ranch for a couple years now. I make a big batch of the dry ingredients and jar it. There is nothing better than home made and the cost is significantly easier on the budget. To those that have not liked it, try a bit of adjusting on the ingredients to your liking. I use milk and mayo and lemon juice to kick in the bit of sour needed for a good ranch. But it is always better the second day once the flavors have had time to muddle together.

  1. Jenn says

    I have to make ranch dressing here otherwise we spend far too much money, Chris goes through it like it's water! lol Love the photo with the dressing dripping down the jar!!

  2. nancy at good food matters says

    Yum! Your recipe is very similar to mine–buttermilk and good mayo are key to making luscious ranch dressing. A little lemon helps to punch up the tanginess. Once people learn how simple it is to make and exceptional it tastes, they will not want to go back to bottled dressing.

  3. Becki's Whole Life says

    Thanks for another great salad dressing recipe, Mary! My little Taylor will devour a salad and veggies if it has some ranch on it so I try to have some on hand at all times…I just ran out so I better make this! I like the extra garlic and dill here.

  4. EcoCatLady says

    Oh how I miss ranch dressing. I think I'm gonna give this a try, but the thing is I'm allergic to both dill and parsley. Do you think it will taste "right" without them? Any suggestions for substitutions? (I should mention that I'm also allergic to cilantro, coriander, cumin, fennel and sage.) I'd be grateful for any suggestions!

    • sn says

      Have you tried basil and thyme or caraway? Online it says:
      For dill substitute caraway and anise, but I think anise tastes more like licorice.
      For parsley substitute it says parsley doesn't have much of a taste and to sub with basil, or cilantro/chervil which you are allergic to.
      You could also mince fresh chives, spinach or swiss chard (saltier green) and add them in as fresh greens.

  5. Debbi says

    I love ranch dressing to dip veggies in.
    Gotta try this one. All the herbs in there make it sound so good.
    I love poppyseed dressing on my salads….gotta check out your blog for that one. 🙂

  6. Barefeet In The Kitchen says

    EcoCatLady – I found a few sources that cite dried tarragon as a substitute for dill. The only substitutes I found for parsley was cilantro (obviously out) and celery tops. I've never tried any of these though and I have no idea what the substitutions would do for the recipe. Dill is a central flavor in most ranch dressings. (Although, I have friends that do not use it at all for their ranch dressing, so that might be an option too.)

  7. Geni says

    I've always wanted to know how to make Ranch dressing. That recipe sounds literally finger licking good. I think I would dip everything and anything in that I could find. Thanks!

  8. EcoCatLady says

    Alas… tarragon and celery are also on the no-no list. I fear I'm just allergic to anything with flavor! Perhaps I'll try it with just the chives and see how it tastes. I think a bunch of the flavor would come from the buttermilk.

  9. Chris says

    Excellent recipe of course but what I really like is that picture! Very nice set up and the drip down the side of the bottle is perfection. It's actually a bit tricky to make a nice trickle like that on purpose for me.

  10. Anonymous says

    This looks & sounds so good! It's definitely a keeper recipe forsure! Can't wait to make it! There is only one ranch dressing I loved &Costco useto sell it years ago & discontiued it! I bet this one is even better! Thanks.

    • Mary says

      Hi Amee, I no longer use fat-free products myself, but I did make this for years using LF and FF mayo and sour cream. Give it a shot. I bet you'll like it!

  11. Anonymous says

    My grandpa absolutely loves ranch dressing. Its the only thing he'll put on his salads. We've started a pretty strict diet recently and calorie count is a huge factor in it. Would substituting the mayo and sour cream as well as the milk with low/non fat change to much of the flavor? I think it might thin it out to much. I'll have to give it a try. Gotta find something we can have that he'll enjoy…

    • Mary says

      If you are accustomed to using those LF/FF products, the difference in taste will likely not bother you. I no longer use fat-free products myself, but I did make this for years using LF and FF mayo and sour cream. It's definitely worth a try. Good luck!

  12. SixBalloons says

    Guess what Mary, i love ranch dressing but just do not use it much so I made a dry spice mix with the ingredients you listed. It is now my marinade spice rub that i use on fish and other dishes! Just a sprinkle over the fish, some soy sauce and sugar or honey and into the oven!

  13. Anonymous says

    Isn't it amazing when people do not follow the recipe and then says it was no good. Go figure. This dressing great. I make it all the time.

  14. Anonymous says

    I have congestive heart failure and on a very low sodium diet. Love salads and dips which are a heart patients worst enemy because they are very high in sodium. This recipie seems like a two tablespoon serving will be less than 1/3 of the sodium content as a store bought brand. Less if the salt is omitted. I estimate your recipie will be around 90mg per serveing as opposed to 300mmg to 400mg for store brands.

  15. Anonymous says

    Saw this posted on a friend's facebook page. I am a huge fan of ranch dressing, not the bottled kind but the kind you make with buttermilk and a package of Hidden Valley Ranch. How would you say this compares?

    • Mary says

      I made the hidden valley version for years before making this one. I wanted something that would taste like that without the packaged mix. We all prefer this one now. I hope that helps!

  16. Anonymous says

    I have no access to buttermilk. Has anyone tried this with homemade buttermilk (using vinegar, lemon juice etc.) or yoghurt. I use yoghurt when baking cakes and cornbread, but I've never tried it in something that's not cooked.

    • Mary says

      Yes, homemade buttermilk is fine for this. I very rarely buy buttermilk. Just add a teaspoon of vinegar or lemon juice to the milk a few minutes before mixing it in. It works great! (I usually just use regular milk for this recipe though and add the lemon at the end, until it is as tart as I like it to be.) Hope that helps!

  17. Cherri says

    I did not read all the posts. But I was thinking about trying with silk and veggian sour cream. I'm very lactose sensitive the older I get. What do you think?

  18. Kathy says

    It sounds like a fabulous recipe, with all the herbs and such that I like in ranch dressing. I can't wait to try it! I, too, will used milk soured with lemon juice, unless I happen to think about getting buttermilk at the store. But usually, the soured milk works fine in place of buttermilk when I've tried it in other recipes. Would also use nothing but whole fat products for maximum taste. And calories, haha, but who cares — gotta splurge on some things!

  19. Anonymous says

    People amaze me. "Real" ranch, as most people are used to, tastes like tons of salt and chemicals. Guess if that is what you are going for then you should stick with "real" ranch and leave the good stuff to everyone else!

  20. Lori Duchesne says

    Also, regular milk and regular mayo is preferred for the recipe's success? How much lemon do you typically use? I want to give this recipe a try and want it to come out right.

    • Mary says

      Yes, I use regular mayo and whole milk. I like my ranch fairly tangy, so I typically add about a tablespoon of lemon juice and sometimes a splash more. I'd add a couple teaspoons, stir it all together and taste it. Enjoy!

  21. Anonymous says

    Soooooo good. I made and used 3 batches in the first week. We love the kick it has. I did have to thicken it a little.

  22. Anonymous says

    I like an occasional homemade vinaigrette, but I love ranch dressing. I had no luck finding a low sodium version in the stores, so I turned to recipes on the internet. Made one with Greek yogurt that was terrible. Others didn't appeal to me at all. Then I found your recipe.

    I had everything but the chives and lemon juice, so I went ahead and mixed up a half batch. Put it in the fridge for a few hours. Took it out, uncovered the bowl, and the aroma of ranch dressing filled the kitchen. I dipped my finger in and had a taste…and my eyes filled with tears. It tastes like real ranch dressing! I hate sounding overly dramatic, but seriously you have buoyed my spirits! Now that I know I can have a giant salad with real ranch dressing, I know I can do this. I can eat a low sodium diet!

    Thank you very much for sharing this recipe that your family loves.

  23. Flo Smith says

    I'm tired of everyone on earth telling me that know something is healthy. Medical science reverses itself on what's healthy about every 3 years so shut up about telling me what's healthy because you don't know what's healthy any more than the doctors who keep changing their minds over and over again.

  24. Alyssa Cosby says

    Is there a gluten free was to make this? Trying to find gluten free homemade salad dressings for my Mum, but mayonnaise has gluten in it so she can’t use it. Any ideas/options would be greatly appreciated.

  25. Wendi says

    This really is THE best. I used whole milk instead of buttermilk (that’s all I had). Sure, it’s runnier than a store bought bottle, (maybe they use a thickening agent?) but I’ve never had a homemade or restaurant made ranch that was any thicker than this one. It’s delicious. Oh and I used fresh chives instead of dried (also all I had). So good! Thanks for the recipe.

  26. Jennifer Barker says

    I made this dressing tonight because I was in a pinch and was out of bottled dressing. Let me say, I have no regrets! It was absolutely delicious! Everyone loved it, even the kid who doesn’t like ranch dressing! A few tips: Add the milk gradually, that way you have control over the consistency. I didn’t have buttermilk, so I made “fake buttermilk” by adding vinegar to regular milk. Also taste test often, so you can adjust seasonings if needed. So good! Thanks so much for the recipe, can’t wait to try it with actual buttermilk.

  27. Susan Moyer says

    Replacements to accommodate a dairy allergy? Has anyone tried using an almond milk or coconut milk yogurt instead of the sour cream and almond or coconut milk for the buttermilk/milk?

  28. Amy Lee says

    Thank you so much for a great recipe. We are trying to eat healthier as a family and we are looking for good recipes with good ingredients. This fit the bill. We all thought it was amazing!

  29. Chris Franklin says

    So weary of the trendily-overused words “tang” and “tangy” in recipe writeups. I can’t take any recipe seriously containing that wording. (“Satisfying” soup is another one.) Sorry.

  30. Robin Brown says

    I just made this recipe. How was I not doing this all along? I didn’t realize how easy ranch dressing was to make. I followed the recipe, only I used fresh dill and garlic. Delicious!

  31. Ashley K says

    Made this, this evening with full fat milk, light mayo and daisy sour cream (all other brands I’ve tried are watery). I used 1T lemon juice. Was already pretty thick straight out of the bowl.
    Tastes delish!

    • Mack says

      I am normally not a fan of Ranch dressing but this is a keeper. I made homemade mayonnaise and saw this recipe. I only used 1/4 c of milk because I like my dressing on the thicker side. I have an abundance of lemons and used 3 tsps. Thank you for a wonderful recipe!!5 stars

  32. Rebecca says

    This is delicious! In the picture with the dressing being poured onto the salad, what is the ingredient in the very far back part of the plate? Is it a kind of pasta? It is hard to tell, but I’m curious because I think my family would like something like this.

  33. Steph says

    Family loves this. I make it at least once a week if not more. I use heavy whipping cream in place of milk. We have to spoon it out after refrigeration because it does thicken up. Make it with homemade mayo and love the clean version of Ranch dressing..never going back to store bought. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Patty says

      I’m still working on perfecting this recipe. I don’ use buttermilk for anything so alot of i goes down the drain. Thanks so much for the suggestion of heavy whipping cream!

  34. Lisa says

    I need recipes that don’t contain milk in it.
    I will also need to know the product I can substitute milk for.
    I work in a retirement home with elderly people and some of them are lactose intolerant.
    Please help me with recipes.
    Thanks, Lisa

  35. Michelle says

    I don’t know what that commenter was talking about this having no flavor. I just whipped up a quick batch since I am out of ranch and had tons of sour cream. My milk went bad so I skipped it and it came out PERFECT! Just how I like it. Thick, and delicious! I had all the herbs in my cupboard! I don’t know if I will ever buy store ranch again! Thank you!

  36. S. Dodge says

    This was a great ranch dressing. It was easy to make and required no special ingredients. It tastes way better than bottled ranch dressings. This will be my go-to ranch dressing from now on.

  37. Kaye says

    Your ranch dressing recipe is fabulous. I did add extra seasonings and a tad more sour cream and it was delicious. Thank you so much.

  38. Pam Ruediger says

    I made this tonight and am VERY pleased with the delicious result. However, I substituted plain yogurt for the mayonnaise and will make the dressing this way from now on.

    • Mary says

      That shouldn’t have happened. If you clicked the “print recipe” button, it should only print one page. I just tested it.

  39. Maggie says

    By far the best dressing! Since my grocery store was out of buttermilk i had the powered buttermilk that you mix with water and it turned out perfect!5 stars

  40. Janet says

    Tastes like ranch to me! Far better than commercial. I didn’t have onion powder so added fresh shallot. Also used whole milk. If you add acid to milk it becomes similar to buttermilk, and this recipe calls for acid so wether you use buttermilk or milk you should get the desired result.5 stars

  41. Tammie says

    Ty! I’ve missed my ranch dressing since I quit eating anything ready made. Have you cooked with this? I’m thinking baked chicken cassarole

  42. Tammy says

    Followed the directions exactly. Used fat free milk and low fat sour cream. It turned out exactly how we like our ranch dressing (not too thick). This will be our go-to ranch dressing recipe from now on.5 stars

  43. Marion says

    Best Ranch : thank you for sharing this recipe. I made it fir my so.n he is in an extremely low sodium diet. And he lives lives ranch dressing. He was so excited when I served thus to him last night at dinner. This is a great recipe.5 stars

  44. Swen says

    Substituted butter milk for milk.
    Added a little less than 1/4 tsp garlic powder and a pinch of cayenne pepper.
    It lacks the richness that garlic brings and a little “zing” from the cayenne wakes up the taste buds. Nice recipe.4 stars

  45. Storm says

    I make this recipe with regular milk and just add another 1/2 cup of sour cream (Sometimes a whole cup extra) to thicken it. Though it doesn’t really taste like ranch to me, it actually taste better in my opinion! I also know what exactly is in it, which makes me happier. 🙂 thank you for the recipe! I’ve made it three times now!5 stars

  46. K.D. says

    Followed the recipe as written with the exception of fresh lemon juice. I used 1.5 teaspoons of bottled lemon juice, full fat sour cream (Daisy), Duke’s Mayo, and regular whole milk. The flavor is phenomenal however the dressing is a bit loose, even after 24 hours in the fridge. Next time I will use a 1/4 cup of milk instead of the 1/2 cup and hopefully that will firm up the consistency. Otherwise, easy and amazing recipe!4 stars

  47. Annette Morrison says

    The flavor is wonderful, but it is way too thin. I recommend mixing everything together except the milk. Add the milk slowly until it is the desired consistency.4 stars

  48. Djan says

    I was diagnose having a gout that alarms me to take caution; i have to take out red meat like beef and pork. I am a bit old 55 years old and eat what it takes usually not healthy. I decided to do my own food.
    I appreciate you ll give me healthy recipes less salt and starchy, thank you.

  49. Tiffany Page says

    Used this recipe to make dairy free ranch. Didnt have dill so left that out, used soy milk and vegan sour cream so it was watery. But the flavor was perfect, thank you!5 stars

  50. Terrie says

    I don’t eat ranch dressing because I don’t like the bottled stuff, even though my husband and Son do. I’m old enough that I remember when ranch used to be semi homemade, you bought the package of seasoning and buttermilk. 40 years ago when I believe it became a popular dressing. Well I had some buttermilk in my fridge that needed to be used so I found this recipe, I can eat this! I told my Son to try it it since he is a ranch fan and he gave it a thumbs up! So thanks and I’m going to try some of your other dressings.5 stars

  51. Krista S says

    Made this for a large group doing volunteer work on a Kingdom Hall Construction site and got rave reviews all week long from workers and also from my family! This recipe went into my permanent file of favorites. Did thin a little and shake before each use to get the pourability I wanted but it’s a keeper.5 stars

  52. Steve Maskery says

    I’m in the UK, and we don’t really have anything called Ranch over here. I’m not saying it is not available, but I’ve never seen it or heard anyone refer to it.
    We do have salad dressings that look like it it, but I don’t know if they are the same.
    So I made this.
    I didn’t have any sour cream or crème fraȋche, but I did have mayo and Greek yogurt
    Absolutely delicious, I shall have this as my regular salad dressing now instead of oil and vinegar. Really good.
    I think I’m becoming American.5 stars

  53. janet says

    I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t expect this to taste exactly like ranch dressing, but it does.

  54. Dan W says

    It’s a good recipe but we tripled all the spices except the garlic and onion powder (doubled) and took it to another level!4 stars

  55. Maria says

    I tried this recipe as I prefer homemade ranch dressing over store bought. I am not too pleased, mine also (as I noted another reviewer have the same problem) came out very runny. I am talkong like milk runny. I followed your recipe to a T.

    Alas, i shall keep searching recipes.2 stars

    • Mary says

      Hi Maria,

      I’m sorry to hear that. It should not be runny as milk with the measurements listed above. By any chance, were you using low-fat or fat-free sour cream or mayonnaise? If so, it will certainly be thinner than desired. I recommend adding the milk last if you want a lower fat recipe. That way you can adjust the thickness to taste. It will thicken slightly in the refrigerator, but at no point should it pour as thin as milk.

      All the best,

    • Donald says

      I have to agree with the OP on this: mine came out 100% milky (I used whole milk, original mayonnaise, and original sour cream) and ran like milk after a day in a (perfectly working) refrigerator. Even the flavor of the seasonings tasted watered down after that day in the refrigerator. I’m thinking of just dropping the milk or reducing the portion considerably to make it actually creamy.1 star

    • Mary says

      That’s simply bizarre. I use whole milk, whole fat mayo, and sour cream. And mine consistently thickens overnight. Maybe try reducing the milk by half and see if you get the desired thickness. If you skip all of the milk, it will work fine. You’ll just get a ranch dip instead of a pourable dressing. See the recipe here: Homemade Ranch Dip.5 stars

  56. Judi says

    This is delicious! I used buttermilk and all the spices AND added a teaspoon of Hidden Valley Ranch dip powder. Yummy!!!5 stars

  57. Sam P says

    I made this in a pinch when I realized we had chicken wings but no ranch. My husband says it’s the best ranch he’s ever had!5 stars

  58. Meg says

    This recipe is delicious!! One question. How long does is stay good? Wasn’t sure of the expiration time frame. 🙂

    • Mary says

      I’d recommend using it within a week or two. You’re only limited by the expiration dates on the dairy. In our house, it rarely lasts more than a few days. I’m glad you like the recipe!

  59. Laura says

    Great flavor, well-balanced, and just downright delicious! Thanks for sharing your recipe!! I made it just as written and it was perfect. – LJ from Anchorage, Alaska5 stars

  60. Leanne says

    Can’t wait to try this. Been trying to get away from processed dressings &artificial fats, and ranch is my husband’s go-to.

  61. Mary says

    DEEElish, I just made some to have for dinner tonight and was tempted to have it for breakfast. This is spot on, why would anyone ever buy pre-made, this takes less time than going to the store5 stars

  62. Melissa says

    OK, I am going to try this. If it tastes as good as Hidden Valley, which I have always bought, it will save me 41 calories, 1 carb, and 172 mg of sodium, which is the main reason I am going to try it. I grew up with my mom making a lot of homemade stuff, but never ranch dressing. If I post again, you will know of its success.

  63. dixiedragon says

    So worth giving up the poison-laden bottled and sprinkle stuff. After being put on a salt and fluid restricted diet (following heart failure) I began learning A LOT but particularly about spices and the amount of salt in processed foods … this dressing is extraordinary and you have total control over the tartness, the sweetness and the “killer” salt content… contrary to popular belief, salt “substitutes” are not sodium friendly to heart patients. Here your salt can be strictly in the mayo or do it the old-fashioned way and whip up your own outstanding mayo (with eggs, oil, dry mustard and lemon juice or white vinegar and a dash to no salt) believe it or not the other spices will make you forget there is so little salt. A friend of mine drizzles this over tilapia prior to baking … it’s outstanding for dipping, green and pasta salads, drizzle over baked potatoes … let that foodie imagination run wild … I wish I’d learned these lessons about salt BEFORE my heart failed.5 stars

  64. Dave says

    This dressing is fabulous and is a keeper ! I am wondering if you have a jalapeño ranch dressing recipe I have been thinking about adding jalapeños to this recipe

    • Dave says

      I wanted to say I am making it today with the jalapeños. I am a somewhat recent multiple stroke survivor and just getting back in too cooking. It has been a real struggle because I am legally blind from my strokes. I consider everyday a blessing and I also consider your site a blessing too ! Keep up the good work and everyone on here have a fantastic day!5 stars

  65. kim says

    Yum!! I made this and forgot to buy sour cream so subbed some Greek yogurt, it came out really delicious. Don’t buy ranch dressing, make this because you won’t regret it.

    • Mary says

      As noted in the refrigerator, the dressing will thicken in the refrigerator. Hopefully you didn’t toss it.5 stars

  66. A.C. says

    Better than hidden valley store bought ranch, which was my hubby’s favorite. Until now 🙂 He wants me to make this from now on hahaha. I like it alot too. Thanks for the recipe!5 stars

  67. Donna says

    I’ve made several ranch dressings and I have to say this one was my favorite. I had no buttermilk and used regular milk and it was great. I like it a little on the runny side (you use less that way) and it’s easy to add a tad more milk to thin out once it’s been in the fridge. Thanks for the great recipe!5 stars

  68. Kristy Champion says

    First time I made it, too much Dill for me. Not bad. I like Dill, but it tasted like Dill dressing instead of Ranch. I’ve tweaked it a few times since and really like it with less Dill. Today I left out the Dill and added 1/2 tsp Southwest Seasoning. Haven’t tried all the other variations listed here, but certain they will be delicious! Can’t wait to try them all!5 stars

  69. Norma says

    This is my go to base ranch dressing. I eat it with salad. Add clams for a clam dip. Mixed in tuna for a tuna salad. It’s so versatile. I absolutely love it!5 stars

  70. Linda says

    Sounds great! However I do not eat animal products (dairy, eggs, etc). Has anyone tried this with vegan mayo, non-dairy sour cream and milk? I’m worried the reports of it being too thin and watery would actually be worse.

    • Margaret Gilberg says

      IDK about non-dairy sour cream or milk but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND: JUST. mayo. It is a vegan mayo type product, tastes EXACTLY like Hellmann’s Real Mayo (to me) and even my mayo-picky son-in-law likes it.4 stars

  71. Jeff says

    Is there a recipe that does not contain dill? Just the smell of it gives me a tipping headache. To consume it is worse.

  72. Linda Bowen says

    I made this ranch dressing this morning and did not have fresh lemon juice so I used lemon juice and it turned out great. Will never buy store brands again. This is a keeper5 stars

  73. Elisa Vassallo says

    Hello and good morning.
    Can I replace the ammount of mayo and sour cream with greek yoghurt for a healthier version?

    Thanks loads and good day5 stars

    • Mary says

      I’ve made this in countless different variations. Mayo and sour cream are my favorites, but it does work with yoghurt. You will probably want to reduce the milk a bit, to compensate for the more liquid yoghurt. And it will definitely have a yoghurt taste. It isn’t bad with yoghurt, it’s just different. Enjoy!

  74. Rita says

    This was the best ranch ever!!! I love that I didnt need to use fresh herbs and it was so easy. I will never buy store bought again5 stars

    • Mary says

      I’ve been told by people who’ve done that, that it can be used, but I’ve never tried it myself. I can’t speak personally to how it works or tastes.

  75. Juanita Loflin says

    Used Greek plain yogurt instead of sour cream, no parsley. Also used Miracle Whip mayo. It’s our fav dressing recipe.🥗. My husband loved it.5 stars

  76. Michele says

    I haven’t read all the comments, but I’m wondering if you can use Half and Half or heavy cream in place of the milk? Maybe a smaller amount? Thank you.

    • Mary says

      It should work fine. However, the heavy cream is likely to thicken the dressing. I can’t see any reason why you can’t use half and half or cream, but truthfully, I don’t see a benefit either.

    • Stacy says

      I’m going to use watered down heavy cream to make it. Less carbs is one reason people might want to make this switch. Thanks for the recipe.

  77. Hila says

    Perfect. Easier to make than to run out to buy a bottle of the preprepared stuff! I made it for a dinner party and my husband’s response was classic. He seriously couldn’t believe it was “just” ranch dressing. I had to show him the recipe 🙂5 stars

  78. My only alterations were that I used rice milk and I did not have any onion powder. But it still came out fantastic! Thank you for the recipe!Debra says

    Wow I had no idea ranch dressing was so easy to make! I Don’t think I will ever buy it again. My only alterations were that I used rice milk and I did not have any onion powder. But it still came out fantastic! Thank you for the recipe!5 stars

  79. Kiri says

    I made this as-is and thought it was pretty good! The dill took over everything and made me feel like I was eating salad with watered-down veggie dip. I put the full teaspoon in and will reduce that a bit next time! I made this using dry milk and added a bit extra powder as I like my ranch thick! I used bottled lemon juice as it was all I had on hand.

    This dressing truly is so easy and wonderful! I can’t wait to try some variations!4 stars

  80. Lea says

    thank you for sharing this is a great recipe although I use the ingredients that you put I just use different amounts. . Everybody loves it again thank you so much.5 stars

  81. Lisa Updyke says

    I have made this delicious ranch dressing four times in a row, and I never plan to buy bottled ranch dressing again! This recipe is so easy and delicious! The sour cream gives it a wonderful tang. I used two pressed garlic cloves in it, plus a little bit of finely minced onion in place of the garlic powder and onion powder. I sprinkled a bit of dry Italian seasoning into it as well. Thank you for this wonderful recipe!5 stars

  82. Betsy McCallum says

    I am lactose intolerant and can use lactose free milk but not sure What I could use in place of the sour cream. Many thanks4 stars

    • Deanna Morris says

      Hi, have you ever tried goat’s milk instead? I’m lactose intolerant as well and i fair vey well with it. I use goat’s milk In the form of cheese, butter, and milk. For this recipe I plan to use goat yogurt for sour cream and goat milk kefir for buttermilk. Can’t wait to try it!

  83. Lori Lejeune says

    I am using Greek yougurt only no mayo no buttermilk and white vinegar instead of lemon- Delicious!!! Low fat low carb Perfect for everything.

  84. Megan says

    Very good ranch! We found it to be too thin, so the second time I made it, I reduced the milk by half and it came out perfect!4 stars

  85. Charles Hudson says

    This is an excellent recipe!! I had to run out and pick up a couple of the spices, but boy was it worth it. This is the first time that I’ve ever attempted to make a ranch dressing. One taste and I knew that I had a winner!! Many thanks5 stars

  86. Kristy says

    Yes, way too much dill for me too. I now make it with 1/8 tsp. I prefer my dill working in the background….not center stage. : -) But I love this dressing. I’ve made is so many times!

  87. Trisha says

    My family has always said that I am a ranch snob. This is by far the best I have ever tasted from a bottle or a restaurant! I make it on a weekly basis and every time I bring it to a party everyone wants the recipe! It takes me about two minutes with an emulsion blender in a mason jar and I’m done. Love love love this ranch!5 stars

  88. Erma says

    I just stir this up in a small bowl with a spoon. So simple, quick, and delicious! No need for seasoning packets, and I can identify all these natural ingredients. This is truly the Best Ranch Dressing Recipe.5 stars

  89. Anna Mathers says

    Great recipe! I found that I like a lot of acid here, probably 2-3 tbsp of lemon and lime. I also use roasted garlic and extra dill.4 stars

  90. Lisa A Spencer says

    My question is, is it pourable or thick and gloopy? I am so tired of homemade ranch that isn’t “dressing” but “dip”. Dressing should be pourable.

    • Mary says

      This is a dressing, so it pours nicely. I’ve linked to our dip recipe as well, but that’s for dipping, not for salads.

    • James says

      If you want a thicker dressing, mix the sour cream and mayo then slowly add milk till it reaches the consistency you like.

  91. Gwen says

    This recipe is the best! Most ranch dressings have MSG as an ingredient and I am allergic to MSG. So I make this recipe from scratch and my family loves it! Thanks for posting this recipe.5 stars

  92. Judith Clark says

    I would love tot try this BUT I never, ever use dried parsley or chives…why could I not use fresh? Thank you for your prompt answer in advance.

    • Mary says

      Just so you know, you can ALWAYS substitute fresh herbs for dried herbs in pretty much any recipe. You’ll want to use 3x as much of the fresh herbs as is listed for dried herbs, as the dried herbs are typically more potent. I make this with fresh herbs whenever I have them in the house. It’s especially tasty with fresh dill. Enjoy!

  93. KIRBY says

    I made this last night and it tastes like a dill dip. I don’t want to waste it so what should I do to dillute the dill flavor? Add some more sour cream,mayo, milk and the other spices? Thanks

    • kirby says

      Thanks for the response. We finished the first batch and am making the next batch now with out the dill. I really liked it more as a dip with celery, very, very good. Thank you5 stars

    • Barbara says

      The last sentence under instructions says “This dressing will keep nicely in the refrigerator for up to a week. Enjoy!
      5 stars

  94. Xime says

    Here where I live we don’t have sour cream available, or I couldn’t find any, so I just made it without it and it tasted absolutely awesome anyway. The texture was a bit watery, though, do you know what I can do about it that doesn’t include sour cream?

    Thanks for the recipe, I really liked it!!5 stars

  95. Hayley says

    Can you make this without the mayo or would it affect the flavor? Say if I were to double the sour cream, would the flavor be similar?

    • Mary says

      Yes, that will work. It will have a more pronounced sour cream taste, but I’ve made it that way when we’re out of mayo. I slightly reduce the milk in the recipe if I’m using only sour cream, as there is more liquid in sour cream than in mayo.

  96. Ann says

    I’m not a ranch fan but my friends are.
    So why not give this recipe a try, I thought?
    I’m so glad I did!!
    I loved it and needless to say, I will make it again.5 stars

  97. Gina Q Seaholtz says

    this is the best ranch recipe I have came across to date! I have tried many! I found it to be way too thin so I added 3 or 4 Tablespoons of cornstarch along with two regular spoonfuls of sour cream. I just could tell by looking at it on what I wanted. I was afraid this would make it bland but it did not. It was still had its amazing flavor. Thanks!!!5 stars

    • Mary says

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Gina! (The dressing typically thickens nicely in the refrigerator too.) If you’re looking for a thicker more dippable dressing, you’ll find several ranch dip recipes on the site as well.

  98. Sabrina says

    I am so excited to try this recipe, as I LOVE ranch but have an extreme sensitivity to Onion and Garlic. With this I can omit them, possibly replace them with extra chives, maybe celery powder and finally enjoy ranch again!

    I do have two questions about the recipe. Firstly, I am not a fan of Mayo. Would you recommend replacing it with anything? Greek Yogurt perhaps? Or is the mayo flavor not strong in this recipe?

    Secondly, would canning this in small portions extend its shelf (fridge) life? I would love to make up a batch that would last longer than a week.

    Thanks so much!

    • Mary says

      You can absolutely omit whichever ingredients you aren’t able to enjoy, Sabrin. While “I” don’t taste the mayo, you might. It’s worth trying with greek yogurt. I’d reduce the milk in that case though, as yogurt is much thinner than mayo. Lastly, you definitely can NOT can this recipe. The dairy will spoil. Luckily, it only takes about 3 minutes to stir the recipe together, so you can enjoy it whenever you like.

  99. Christina says

    This is delicious. Thank you for this recipe. I reduced the dill and had to leave out the parsley (because we didn’t have any). It is still delicious. Thank you for the tip about the vinegar because we didn’t have lemon juice. This is a keeper. 🙂5 stars

  100. Richard says

    I found I can split the buttermilk and sour cream two equal out to half a cup of mayo and it taste the same there’s no need for the mayo5 stars

    • Mary says

      Without having tested it myself, I can’t say for certain. However, many people have made dairy free versions and left comments here that it turned out great.

  101. Karen says

    I have been searching for a homemade ranch dressing for years and I came upon your recipe yesterday. Made it last night and I will never have to look for or try another ranch recipe again. It is delicious!5 stars

  102. Eric says

    Really great ranch, I’m about to make it for the second time and I’m going to add less lemon juice, and less dill weed. I think I’ll like it with a little less tang.5 stars

  103. Molly says

    About how long of a shelf life does it have? I love ranch, but I don’t eat a lot of it. The recipe looks delicious, but I’m hesitant to try to make it without know how long it lasts. Thank you!

    • Mary says

      It must be kept in the fridge, not on the shelf. It lasts without any problems for about a week in my house.

  104. Gena says

    I made this ranch dressing today and it was fantastic!! So glad I found this recipe on your site. I will never buy store bought ranch dressing again. This will be my go to RD from now on. Thanks so much for sharing your recipe.5 stars

    • Jenny says

      Amazing. All the flavor (and more) of store bought ranch dressing yet the finish is so fresh. Had to cut up a second batch of veggies during game night. One guy who despises ranch because it’s “sour dairy” couldn’t keep his hands out of the platter! He calls it “Jenny dip” ..WIN!!

  105. Linda Nguyen says

    Can I premix all the dry ingredients in a tight lid glass jar in the kitchen cabinets for a fast go to ranch dressing whenever we want some?

    • Mary says

      There are several online calculators available where you can cut and paste all of the ingredients to check the nutritional information. This isn’t something that I am capable of providing for all of the content on this site.

  106. vivian says

    Delicious ranch dressing. I may have used a little more lemon juice than called for, but we are all lemon lovers, so it was great for us. Thanks for a great recipe!5 stars

  107. Pam says

    Love this dressing. It now has a permanent place in my fridge and we eat it on almost everything. I will never buy the premade stuff for ever again.5 stars

  108. Judy says

    Amazing! This truly is the best recipe I’ve tried. And it’s not bad calorie-wise. This is now a staple in our house. Thanks for sharing.5 stars

    • Mary says

      Hi Kim! I’ve made this with Dukes, Best Foods, and the Costco brand of mayonnaise. It works with pretty much everything.

    • Mary says

      This dressing works beautifully with fresh herbs, Keith. I typically have dried on hand though and that’s my go-to for this recipe. I’ve made it both ways.

    • Keith says

      Thanks, Mary, looks great,, There are chicken wings in my near future. You may just have made my dippng sauce.

  109. Richelle says

    I ran out of prepared dressing and found this recipe. It is amazing! And so easy to make. I will always make it from scratch – thank you!5 stars

  110. Vivian says

    I just tried this last night…. it was so good! Thank you for the recipe. I didn’t even have all the dried herbs listed (I’m going to stock dried chives from now on) and still my husband liked it! I’ll never buy store bought ranch dressing again!5 stars

  111. Gabriella says

    OMG! I just made this and it is delicious! I did add lime juice instead of lemon as that is what I had on hand. I also added a 1/2 tsp of sugar since Dad likes his dressing on the sweeter side. So YUMMY! Thanks for providing an excellent recipe that allows adjusting for other’s tastes!4 stars

  112. Judy SG says

    I love this for dip or dressing. I added fresh finely chopped chives and parsley and added a squeeze of old fashion dijon mustard. Yummy!5 stars

  113. Bethany says

    This is a great dip! I used avocado mayo and low fat milk. It was still creamy and delicious. Per my taste I added a little more dill and chives than recommended. I’ll be making this again.5 stars

  114. Grant says

    Excellent recipe, a big hit at my home. I made two modifications , I used plain greek yougurt instead of sour cream and therefore cut back on the lemon juice as the yougurt has its own tang. Thank you so much.

  115. Stacie says

    I don’t know why I have been intimidated to make my own ranch? It was easy and delicious! Thank you!

  116. Martha says

    I’m excited to try your ranch dressing. What is the shelf life of the dressing if jarred and kept in the refridgerator?

  117. Nikki De Groot says

    Hi Mary

    I am from The Netherlands and ranch dressing is hard to come by here. I had ranch dressing many times when visiting The States and wanted to use it back home too. This recipy is the best one i have made so far. So thank you for posting this. I am very grateful.



    • Helen Katz says

      no but i would love to try it with it. I’m doing keto so i use almond milk in everything.

    • Tricia S. says

      Thinking heavy cream could substitute for the milk. That’s what I plan to try. I’m also doing Keto.

    • Andrea Z says

      I did with almond milk. My first ranch dressing tastes delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  118. Jennifer says

    How many carbs and fats are in this recipe?
    I made this recipe and loved it but would like to see all the nutritional facts.

    • Mary Younkin says

      I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed the dressing, Jennifer. I don’t track nutritional information for the recipes. You are welcome to copy and paste the ingredient list into one of the online calorie calculators though.

  119. Margaret Slaughter says

    Thank you so much I am hoping that this is the ranch recipe I have been looking for. I have been searching for that thick ranch dip but with a certain flavor. Even if this isn’t thick if it is the flavor I will be thrilled. Thank you for taking the time do put this up we all appreciate you!

  120. Dave says

    Can’t wait to try this! Been looking for a replacement to the blah tasting bottled dressings. One question, what kind of Mayo do you use?

  121. Deb says

    I thought it was time I should comment since I have made this every week since I found the recipe. Amazing! I have used it on salads, chicken burgers, pizza and more. I prefer milk over the buttermilk but both deserve a 5!!5 stars

  122. Sarah says

    The taste is fantastic but I found it was very liquidy with the 1/2 of milk stirred in. I did have to add almost another 1/2 cup of sour cream and 1/4 cup of mayo (all that was left in the jar) to get it thicker.
    I’m excited to serve it to my family tonight over a mixed salad!
    Thanks for a great recipe.5 stars

  123. Taylor says

    Have made this twice now and it is now my go to. I will never BUY ranch dressing again. I added a little more pepper (I like peppery ranch) and a tad more salt. But this recipe is spot on for a great dressing. and do yourself a favor, use the buttermilk.5 stars

  124. Cindy says

    OMG!!! This is the BEST stuff ever!!! Gimme a straw! I will not ever buy the dry packs again! You have got to try this just once! Thanks Mary!5 stars

  125. Nattimom says

    I used fresh dill, parsley, and chives from the garden. Great flavor and fresh herbs always enhance the taste.5 stars

  126. Anke says

    I need to switch the powdered onion and garlic for the real stuff as I can’get them in Germany- how much of each should I use?
    Love to try the recipe soon it sounds delicious!

    • Mary Younkin says

      I’d mince very fine, almost to a paste if possible, and add about a tablespoon of onion and maybe a teaspoon of garlic. You can definitely adjust to taste though!

    • Julie Coon says

      Hi, Anke, I live in Germany, too, and you can get these ingredients: Knoblauch granuliert and Zwiebeln granuliert. The nicer supermarkets like Hit and Rewe should have these.

    • Anke says

      Thank you I remember having seen those. I could also try Metro but they only sell huge packages.

  127. Lauri Robinson says

    This is FANTASTIC! I can’t thank you enough for sharing this recipe with the world. LOL I’d been wanting for YEARS to find a Ranch dressing recipe which is not thick, bland, or sweet, and which has no “weird” additives, AND which I can make from ingredients already on hand at home. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.5 stars

  128. Amber says

    Delicious!! Exactly what I was looking for! I accidentally left out the lemon, and it was still great. I added a touch more salt and it was just right for me. Thank you!5 stars

  129. Marcia Deans says

    This really is the best ranch recipe! I substituted Greek yogurt for sour cream and it is delicious.5 stars

  130. Benedikte Sjursen says

    I found your recipe by accident, made it and wow you are absolutely right! Can’t find a better ranch dressing at any store!
    It delicious. Thank you so much for sharing

    A big fan! 😉5 stars

  131. Carole Wyatt says

    I made this but the dressing never thickened. I used powered buttermilk mixed with water per the recipe on the powered box. Is this why it was so runny?

    Thanks, Carole

    • Mary Younkin says

      That might have affected the end result, Carole. I have never used powdered buttermilk, so I can’t speak to that as a substitution. It definitely should thicken in the refrigerator.

  132. Jean says

    I’m not a big fan of dairy type dressing unless there’s a whole hunk of blue cheese in it, but I was hankering for Ranch dressing. I printed out 4 recipes, and this was the last one I tried over a span of a couple of months. Even after sitting in the fridge, all the others tasted like a lot of diary with spices, but this one was a winner. The only changes, or I should say substitutions, I made was dried shallots for chives because I did not have dried or fresh chives on hand, more dill and garlic powder, lots of fresh parsley, and a whole wedge of squeezed lemon. Loved it! I made it in the morning so it could sit in the frig and meld for awhile, but this was excellent even after just making it. Used it for a chicken, mango green salad, and it was perfect. I wish it had been the first one I tried. Thanks for the recipe.5 stars

  133. Jill says

    I followed the recipe to a T & it was absolutely delicious! My whole family loved it! I will never eat bottled ranch dressing again. Thank you!5 stars

  134. Elaine says

    Was out of boughten dressing for my husband and decided to try this I found first. Should be great for diabetics. I didn’t have all the spices but just used what I had and it was delicious. Don’t plan on ever buying ranch dressing again. I like French but this was fine for my salad too. Thanks again.

  135. xBruce88x says

    Had a hard time finding ranch made with pasteurized milk, so we decided to make our own with this recipe… May end up making our own mayo as well.

  136. James McCurdy says

    Wonderful recipe, Mary :). I’ve been trying to recreate a ranch dressing from The Wilno Tavern (a Polish restaurant in rural Ontario) that my family absolutely adores. This recipe is a VERY close match. It’s the base that does it – no substitute for real mayo, sour cream and buttermilk! I find all the spices can be tweaked to personal preference, but those three are an absolute must. Thank you very much! Delicious delicious.5 stars

  137. Ashli says

    I plan on trying this recipe tomorrow! We only drink raw goat milk, but I do use buttermilk for homemade biscuits, cornbread…etc! Do you prefer using buttermilk in your recipe, or regular milk?

  138. Mohammed Al Amer says

    Hello, do I have to sterilize the jar by boiling it in a pot of water before I put the ranch dressing in it?

  139. Mark says

    I can’t attest that this is the original recipe concocted by a restaurateur in Santa Barbara County, California more than 60 years ago, but it is certainly worthwhile making at home. Delish, and healthy!5 stars

  140. Mary Anne says

    I substituted goat milk yogurt for the sour cream and unsweetened coconut milk for the milk. Didn’t have many of the spices, just dill, onion, garlic salt and pepper and fresh lemon juice. Turned out delicious! Happy to have this, much healthier than the MSG loaded Hidden Valley Ranch. Thanks for the recipe!5 stars

  141. Michelle Stewart says

    Delicious… Light… Flavorful… Thank you for this recipe. This is my second time making it. I keep to your ingredients but I might add a little more dill or parsley depending on my mood. I’ve given this recipe out to my entire family. It only takes 10 minutes to whip up and lasts all week in the back of the fridge. Thanks again!

    • Mary Younkin says

      You can make this with all mayonnaise as well, or you can swap Greek yogurt for the sour cream. It works both ways. The result will taste a little different, but they’re both tasty options, Don.

  142. Deanna says

    Hi Mary, was trying to find a recipe that was equal to one they serve at Hecla Island Resort and this is the closest one I could find. Simply amazing. Only ranch dressing I use now. Would still like to find the one from Hecla to compare but very happy with this one. Thanks for such a wonderful recipe.

    Deanna5 stars

  143. Kim Carol says

    Can’t wait 2 try…buying ingredients today. Have been buying bottled lite ranch from refrigerator case & knew I could make it myself w/o preservatives.. Can it be frozen? and if so, for how long?

  144. Brigitte Rotter says

    Vielen Dank für das Rezept.
    Ranch Dressing war nicht beliebt.
    Ich probierte das Rezept und es wurde geliebt.
    Zu Kartoffeln,Salat und Rohkost einfach toll
    Nochmal einen Dank an dich.👍

  145. Lexi says

    Thank you so much, Mary, for sharing this super easy and yummy recipe for ranch dressing. I substituted yogurt for the sour cream, kefir for the buttermilk, and Philippine lime juice for the lemon juice, and it still came out great.

    • Shannon Burden says

      I don’t normally comment on recipes, but this is the best ranch dressing I think I have ever tasted! I was making a pasta salad, and had some bacon on hand, but no ranch dressing. After a Google search, I found your recipe. I am never buying store bought salad dressing again!5 stars

  146. Karen says

    My family wanted ranch dressing for ranch chicken salad but I didn’t have the dressing so I made your recipe. It was quick, easy to make and very tasty. I will be making ranch dressing from now on.5 stars

    • Mary Younkin says

      It should be thin and pourable when you make it, Angela. It will thicken in the refrigerator. If you’re looking for a more dippable recipe, there are a few ranch dips to choose from here on the website.

    • Lynn Gorski says

      Add 2 ounces of softened cream cheese. That will make it more thick or add less milk.
      This is my go to ranch recipe ever since I read the back of the hidden valley ranch bottle. MSG should never been in ranch dressing! I also use fresh herbs instead of dry, doubling the portion. (If it calls for 1 tsp of dry herbs use 2 tsp of fresh). Blend everything in a food processor for a smooth fabulous dressing.

  147. Deb says

    This dressing is delicious! I used to use Hidden Valley mix but I stopped using it because of the MSG in it and the bottled Ranch dressing is just gross. This homemade recipe is better than the Hidden Valley mix and I love that I know what is in it. It was a huge hit at dinner last night, everyone loved it. Thank you for a wonderfully, delicious recipe.5 stars

  148. Terri says

    I did not have the dried seasonings except for the garlic, so I used what I had on hand which was Italian seasoning and some paprika. I also change the sour cream to yoghurt because I don’t have sour cream either. Even with the alterations this is a delicious salad dressing and I will continue to use it. Hopefully, in the future I will have the ingredients on hand .4 stars

  149. Stephanie Baassler says

    Have been looking for a good homemade recipe for years. Have finally found it. This is amazing! I can’t wait to have it with dinner tonight. Thank you!5 stars

  150. Judy Frucci says

    I used a little of the lemon juice and it changed the taste too much for me. Just a few drops was overpowering for us. Without it , we just love your recipe!

  151. Ross says

    I was wondering do I have to use dried chive,dill weed,&parsley? How will it taste if I use fresh them fresh ingredients.

  152. Sally says

    I make this frequently at work for Catering events. Instead of lemon juice, I use pickle juice and omit the onion powder. I always get very positive reviews on this amazing dressing. Thank you!

    • Mary Younkin says

      I’ve done this with pickle juice as well and it’s so good that way! (We add finely minced pickles when I think of it too.) I’m so glad you like it that way as well!

  153. Sheila Gosney says

    This is a great recipe.
    I increased the dill to my tastes. But this recipe is fabulous for flavor. I’ll be making it again.5 stars

  154. Brandi says

    Literally is the best ranch ever!!!!! My kids never really used ranch and I made some lastnight and woke up to an empty jar!!!! Now I have to make more!!!! Yum!!!5 stars

  155. Stephan Varga says

    This is absolutely amazing! I replaced the buttermilk with cream and a couple of dashes of white wine vinegar. A staple in my house.5 stars

    • Brian Lowery says

      This is a great base recipe. I added raw garlic and shallots! But, did cut back the Dill (the dry dill I have is very very strong). Keep in mind spices are not uniform and you may have to increase or decrease depending on quality of your spices.
      Kyle, 4 times the dill? Either your spices aren’t high quality or your taste buds very greatly from the norm.5 stars

    • Mary Younkin says

      Older spices can definitely require more than recommended amounts. I hear more frequently that people think there might be too much dill in this recipe, spices really do vary greatly. So, the fact someone wanted to add more just makes me grin. I’ll never please everyone. I’m glad you enjoyed the ranch, Brian!

  156. dani says

    You are not kidding! THE BEST homemade ranch I’ve tried, made it twice already this week. Throw in some crumbled blue cheese and you’ve got yourself a party!5 stars

  157. Sarah says

    Great recipe for my first try making ranch dressing! I’ve never made it before so I wasn’t sure how it’d compare to what I buy in a bottle but this was really good.

    I had to make a few adjustments though since I was missing some ingredients. I swapped the dried chives for dried onion flakes, and used vinegar instead of lemon juice. I also used 15% cream instead of milk – the consistency/thickness was great!

    Would definitely make again!4 stars

  158. Kimber says

    Hi, Mary!
    Am excited to be giving this a try for Thanksgiving, this year!
    Going to make a bib and blue cheese crumble salad with hard boiled eggs, red onion, candied walnuts and dried cranberries, and I really think your dressing will be perfect for my salad.
    My question is: Do you prefer using buttermilk, or regular whole milk?

    Thank you,


    • Kimber says

      Thank you so much, Mary!
      Sounds like this is the route I’ll take (it is your recipe, after all)! 😉
      I will let you know how it is received!
      Thanks for your input, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  159. Joe says

    This was delicious! All I had on hand was 2% milk, and I’m not sure if the buttermilk would have made it a little thicker? Regardless, if I had known it was this easy to make my own ranch I would have done so a long time ago!!!5 stars

  160. Rachel says

    A favorite local restaurant makes the best ranch dressing I ever had which prompted me to look for a recipe on line, This recipe exceeded my expectations. I didn’t have sour cream the second time I made it so I used plain Greek yogurt which worked, Forget bottled ranch4 stars

  161. Samantha says

    Delicious recipe! My children are picky eaters who want tasty, and I want to not worry about preservatives and soy. This recipe is perfect for all of us. Delicious and healthy! Thank you. I’ve been using it for many months now.5 stars

  162. John says

    The seasoning here is on point! I tweaked this a bit and used yogurt instead of the mayo/sour cream just to cut down on the fat content, and added more chives because uhh chives rule! Then served it with deep fried pickle spears and it was the perfect combo. Thanks for the recipe!4 stars

  163. Heather says

    I made this ranch with buttermilk. I did not like it. It is really thick. I enjoy my ranch like a local pizza place-the runny kind that almost tastes a little oily or cheesy. Maybe I will try it with milk but I really want to find one like a restaurant.3 stars

  164. Kristina says

    My family is lactose intolerant, so I can use mayo and lactose free milk, but not the sour cream. Do you think just substituting more mayo would work?

  165. Paula says

    This ranch dressing is my go to every time. I love chives , but wanted this recipe to be how my mother’s always tasted. Simply perfect. and easily adjusted to however we like. Thanks for sharing it Mary!5 stars

  166. Kimberly Esquivel says

    I couldn’t find any dill weed and so i used seeds instead. I also didn’t have any chives… that list may be longer.. if i missed an ingredient that i didnt have, I’ll add it in the comments
    if im not able to edit.. and stilll omg this dressing is way better than store bought. I’d definitely compare it to golden corrals ranch……yummmmmmmy…

  167. Aryn says

    I keep this in my fridge, use 5% sugar free plain greek yogurt to sub for sour cream & reduce the milk to keep it nice & thick. Love it!5 stars

  168. Maria hockersmith says

    Love this recipe, but wondering about using the dry ingredients for another recipe calling for a ranch mix packet….do you think the dries would work?5 stars

    • Mary Younkin says

      The difference is that there is dried milk/dairy products and thickeners in many of the packet mixes. So, it will depend on what you’ll be using it for. In general though, the spices will work the same way.

    • Martha ozwald says

      Did it with miracle whip and soy milk. Vanilla Almond milk substituted as well. This recipe is trash and you should be ashamed for misleading in the article claiming the recipe is the best. It is not the best!1 star

    • ST says

      Martha does not follow the recipe.

      Martha does not like her own recipe.

      Martha is grumpy.

      Don’t be a Martha. 😊

    • Jeff says

      What kind of comments are these?? You clearly didn’t follow the recipe. So to make a ridiculous comment about the recipe and not actually make the recipe you’re commenting on shows your ingredients!!

    • Not Sure says

      Martha, are you serious? You used miracle whip (ewww) and mixed it with vanilla almond milk , and thought that would taste like the actual recipe, or even taste edible at all? I hope you are trolling.

    • JVH says

      Martha, You used VANILLA ALMOND MILK and miracle whip and have the audacity to critique a recipe you didn’t even follow.

      When have you ever seen Vanilla flavored ranch dressing?????? Never. Because it’s nonsensical and certainly terrible.

  169. Cindy A. says

    THIS IS THE BEST RANCH DRESSING I HAVE EVER MADE OR TASTED! Wowwww! So good I could just about drink this stuff! No more buying bottled junk…..this is the REAL DEAL! And super easy to make! Recipe is perfect — no adjustments needed. Thanks for sharing your recipe! A keeper for life!5 stars

  170. Emily says

    Just whipped some of this up and it’s so tasty yet light! Regular ranch is always so thick and the main ingredient is usually some sort of oil in the store bought varieties. I did use fresh chives because I had them on hand but other than that I didn’t change a thing. I’m making cobb salads for dinner tonight and can’t wait to use this dressing.

    • Mary Younkin says

      I love making this with fresh herbs when I have them on hand. I typically adjust to taste, but a good rule of thumb is about 3x the amount for fresh vs dried herbs.

  171. ika says

    i cant wait to try this recipe
    if i may ask, what kind of mayo did you use,
    because there is a lot of varieties of mayo been sell in the supermarket
    thank you
    forgive my bad english, i’m from indonesia

    • Mary Younkin says

      I typically use Best Foods, Hellmans, or Duke brand, but it really should work with any mayonnaise. I’m not a fan of the results with Miracle Whip though.

  172. Laura Gluvna says

    This is delicious! And worth taking 15 minutes max to make. I used homemade mayonnaise that was a little thinner than store bought, so I only used 1/4 cup of the buttermilk. My sea salt was coarse, so used kosher. Also substituted fresh herbs instead of dried. I’ll never purchase ranch dressing at the grocery again! Thanks for the great recipe!5 stars

  173. Becki says

    HI. I just tried this and while it looks good, mine seems too runny. I blame myself because I just eyed the sour cream and mayo but I am wondering if you have any ideas on how to thicken it up a bit. I’ve added more sour cream but that isn’t helping. I am guessing I need more mayo? Unfortunately, I am out. Any help you can give would be much appreciated. Have a great day!5 stars

    • Mary Younkin says

      My guess is that something was a little off in eyeballing the ingredients. (It happens to me as well.) In the future, if you want a thicker dressing, reducing the milk will work (or increasing both the mayo and the sour cream).

  174. Betsy says

    Wanted a ranch dip for french fries & chicken wings and whipped this recipe up in one minute. Tasted fabulous right away, and better yet the next day. So much better than store bought. I used the 3 teaspoons of lemon juice. Everyone loved it! Thank you5 stars

  175. Carole Read says

    I made this as we are having a pizza party tomorrow and didn’t have any more of the brand that I normally buy. My husband and I both agree that there will be no more store bought dressing in this house. It is delicious! Thank you the recipe. By the way, we are also having onion rings with the pizza:)5 stars

  176. Heather says

    This is delicious …. but I’m finding it’s pretty runny. Will it get less runny in the fridge? Can I add more sour cream or mayo to make it less runny?

  177. Annie says

    My kids LOVE this ranch and won’t eat any store bought after having this. To be honest, they could make a meal out of it alone. LOL!5 stars

  178. Angela Rizete says

    Hello Mary ! Tthanks for such a wonderful recipe.
    I love cooking. I’m using google translator to help me, since i don’t speak so good english.
    I am Brazilian. (I subriscrebed).

  179. Jamie L Sonnentag says

    I really like this dressing & my boys do too! I used fresh herbs & it turned out superb! Thank you for sharing!!5 stars

  180. Laura says

    This recipe is excellent! Tastes very original. I used olive oil instead of milk, less than a teaspoon. I like to cut up a boiled egg, finely chopped, to add texture. Great recipe!5 stars

  181. Sam says

    This ranch is flavorless and so runny it sits at the bottom of your salad bowl. Save yourself the time and effort and use water.1 star

    • Mary Younkin says

      I can’t even imagine what went wrong with your attempt at this recipe, Sam. By any chance, did you substitute any ingredients? This recipe is much loved by many people and it’s full of flavor. It thickens even more after chilling in the fridge.

  182. Michael says

    Wowzers!!! The best Freshest ranch recipe I have found yet. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    -Michael Che Romero5 stars

  183. Rita Marquez says

    I made it with plain goat yogurt and goat milk and fresh parsley and scallions
    It came out really good!5 stars

    • Mary Younkin says

      Absolutely use fresh if you have them, JoAnne! Fresh is always my first choice when available. You’ll want to use approximately three times the amounts for fresh ingredients and adjust to taste. Enjoy the dressing!

  184. Betty Chilese says

    Really good! Nice to be able to make things at home . Especially now as we shelter in place. A little comfort food certainly helps.5 stars

    • Mary Younkin says

      It should thicken in the refrigerator, Brittaney. If you’d prefer it to be more like a dip, I recommend trying one of the ranch dip recipes here on the website. (No milk, more sour cream, and mayonnaise.) I hope that helps!

  185. Julie says

    Is there a substitution for Mayo? If not what brand Mayo do you use? I’ve tried the avocado mayo and it has a strange taste. Trying for a healthier option but will try Best Foods if that’s what you recommend. my daughter has been asking for ranch and I hate to buy the Bottle with all those chemicals. Thanks

  186. vicki says

    So so good, on lockdown here in france,ranch is impossible to get here and our Florida vacation is postponed, next best thing!5 stars

  187. MZigan says

    My toddlers (4 & 3) loved it, and they don’t usually eat anything outside of ketchup! This is my all time favorite!5 stars

  188. Kirra says

    I have a question: How long does it need to sit in the fridge before using it?
    I’m 15 and i love making stuff so i decided to try this recipe. I don’t really like store bought ranch but i like restaurants ranch so i wanted to make my own. This was a good base recipe and i added a few extra things to get it how i like! I put a little extra milk because i like it liquidy 🙂5 stars

  189. Lisa says

    This was excellent. I think buttermilk would have made it even better, but we didn’t have any. Used fresh chives and assorted garden herbs on addition to dried dill.5 stars

  190. Emma says

    This is fantastic and simple
    I eyed most of it and my husband, the huge ranch fan was hesitant but so pleasantly surprised.
    We recently moved to Sweden and ranch isn’t around so much in stores.5 stars

  191. Vicki says

    Love this! We like a very herby taste so we double the herbs! We also make it with no milk, chill and thin with milk right before serving. We make this so often we have considered making packets of herbs to have on hand for the kids to make when we run out!5 stars

  192. Hollie says

    I think I added a little too much vinegar (2 tsp) for my taste. How do I balance this out so it doesn’t ruin the dressing?5 stars

    • Mary Younkin says

      If it’s too tangy for your tastes, I’d just add a bit more mayo and sour cream and then adjust the seasonings to make sure it works for you. It’s super adjustable!

  193. AMANDA says

    Great recipe! Thank you! I added one small serrano pepper finely diced, and fresh dill because I am obsessed with fresh dill for some reason. I also added one whole green onion finely diced because I also enjoy fresh green onions. I followed everything else though! Thanks again!5 stars

  194. Kristina says

    Can you turn the seasoning portion of this into a dry ranch mix to store in a jar for convenience? I can’t find a dry recipe for dry ranch storage without dry buttermilk. Great recipe here. Thank you!

    • Mary Younkin says

      I like the dressing with the chives, Gaby. You can use buttermilk or milk in this recipe. You’ll want to adjust the acid (vinegar or lemon juice) to taste depending on how tangy the buttermilk is.

  195. Andrée says

    J’ai fait cette recette ce soir pour accompagner ma salade, j’ai beaucoup aimé, Je garde la recette précieusement car elle va devenir un classique chez-moi. J’ai utilisé du lait d’amande et c’était très bon. Je vais sûrement l’essayé sans lait aussi pour voir la différence. Merci bcp pour cette belle et bonne recette.5 stars

  196. Grace says

    Has anyone tried substituting nonfat Greek yogurt for sour cream? I do that in Mexican cooking a lot but don’t know how it would hold up with a ranch recipe.

  197. Gwen says

    We love this! I make it at least once a week, it so easy and so so yummy! Thanks so much for such a great recipe.5 stars

    • Mary Younkin says

      I suppose you could make your own mayonnaise and sour cream for this recipe, Melissa, though I’ve never felt that doing so made something more “homemade.” I do happen to have recipes for sour cream and mayonnaise here on the website – because sometimes it’s fun to try making everything yourself. If you’re feeling ambitious, feel free to dry your own herbs and source your own salt and peppercorns as well. However, most people seem to think that mixing everything in this recipe adds up to a delicious homemade ranch dressing.

    • Clarence Settle says

      GREAT answer! There’s always someone that has a problem for the solution. You knocked this one out of the ballpark. Loved it!!!

  198. Christina says

    Omg sooooo good except it’s a little too watery for me! My friend suggested substituting the milk for heavy cream and oh my gosh it’s thick and PERFECT!!!! Best ranch ever!5 stars

    • Mary Younkin says

      I’m so happy to hear that you love the ranch! I’ve never tried it with heavy cream as it typically thickens nicely in the refrigerator. That said, you can reduce the milk by as much as half and slightly increase the mayo and sour cream to get a thicker dressing, if that’s your preference.

    • Gideon Lingle says

      The ranch usually thickens up if you leave it in the refridgerator for a good 15-20 minutes.

  199. Jordan says

    Families likely won’t have this problem, but I cook for only myself and often don’t finish store bought bottles of ranch before they expire. How long would you say this can safely be stored in the fridge before going bad?

    • Mary Younkin says

      It’s good in the fridge for a couple weeks, Jordan. You could try making a half batch or smaller recipe if you don’t think you’ll finish a bottle of ranch yourself.

  200. Jenny says

    The ratings are true – first time I made it my entire family and I agree it’s our favorite! Thank you!5 stars

  201. Michelle Wistuk says

    Thanks, can’t wait to try it! I can’t eat the commercial varieties because of the msg, it keeps me up half the night for some reason.5 stars

  202. Jenna McQuiston says

    I absolutely love this recipe. Best dill/ranch dip I have ever had! Cucumbers and mini sweet bell peppers with this dip is my favorite go to snack! I make it about twice a week! Thank you!5 stars

  203. Zildog says

    I just whipped this up. It’s pretty good and super easy to make. Versatile and simple as a dip for any vegetable snack. Also a great dip for wings, coated or otherwise.

    I wonder what can give this a spice kick…

  204. Patricia says

    I did not have salad dressing from the store and I thought why not make it. I found your site – I believe I have everything…. well almost everything. I used maybe 2 tablespoons of sour cream, and I did not add dill, chives because i did not have it- BUT I HAD EVERYTHING else and it was GREAT!! First timer here and the family thought it was yummy. Five stars for this mom. I will be definitely be making this again and I know it will taste even better than the first with ALL the ingredient. I did not have lemon juice and thank you for letting us know about the substitution. Very helpful!! for me as a none baker, salad dressing maker. Thank you for making this mom make her salad a five star.5 stars

  205. Puteri says

    Hi Mary,

    I have tried making this.

    The flavour is fantastic.

    However, i blended everything in a food processor and they became too runny.

    Would you say I should not have processed them?

    • Mary Younkin says

      You are correct. Blending the sour cream and mayonnaise broke the mixture down too much. You can simply whisk it together or shake it in a jar next time.

  206. Debbie Allen says

    I cant wait to try this Ranch dressing. I’m having health issues so I’m going vegan and staying away from most processed foods.

  207. Norma Del Carmen says

    OMG! This was amazing and so easy to make. I just happened to have 99%of the ingredients except for dried chives and was bursting with flavors upon taste. I can’t wait to make it with dried chives to complete the recipe, so quick and easy, this is a definite must have and keep recipe. I will never buy store bought ranch dressing again! The lemon gives that perfect kick and fresh dill is even better if your growing herbs,5 stars

  208. Ashley says

    Loved it! I’ll have to lessen the dill for my husband but it we all love it. Thanks for sharing.5 stars

  209. Karen says

    Greek yogurt instead of sour cream works well. Made this at least 7 or 8 times . Excellent recipe!5 stars

  210. Carol Franzel says

    My all time favorite ranch recipe! I don’t put as much milk in it, as I prefer it thicker. And I skip the lemon……..cuz that is just me. I share this recipe with everyone because it is SO wonderful and almost identical to restaurant quality ranch. Thank you so much for the best recipe!5 stars

  211. Erin says

    Yummy dressing! Other comments mentioned it was runny at first. But mine was quite thick right off the bat! I doubled the buttermilk for a pouring consistency. Is the picture you took (pouring it out) thinned at all or the original recipe? I’m trying to figure out why it turned out different for me.

    • Mary Younkin says

      The photo is of the original recipe made with milk before refrigeration. The dressing does thicken a bit when it is chilled, Erin. Buttermilk is significantly thicker than milk though, so that is why yours turned out thicker than many. I typically make this with whole milk.

  212. Kerri says

    Have been trying numerous recipes for buttermilk ranch lately. Followed your recipe exact and I think it is PERFECT! My search is over, this is the recipe I’m using from now on. Thanks!5 stars

  213. Lisa Johnson says

    So yummy — and I didn’t even have all the ingredients this evening! My available spices this evening were garlic, green onions, salt, pepper, and dill seed (not weed). I had no parsley, no chives, no onion or garlic powder (these I had fresh, not powdered), yet the dressing was absolutely delicious!

  214. Kristen Diefenbach says

    Hi I’m lactose intolerant but LOVE and miss a good restaurant style ranch. I have food intolerances and allergies like crazy. Finally found some Meat alternatives since I cannot digest the real
    Stuff but have been CRAVING ranch chicken tender pita wraps! Any suggestions on how to make this lactose free??5 stars

    • Mary Younkin says

      You can use dairy-free sour cream (there’s even a recipe for that here on the site) and a mild flavored (unsweetened) dairy-free milk to make this ranch, Kristen.

  215. Jason says

    To kick this up a level, use fresh chives, fresh dill, and fresh parsley. Your mouth will thank you!

  216. Brittney Lee Heer says

    I love the taste of this dressing! However, mine never thickened up, even after sitting in the fridge all night long. Any advice? 🙂4 stars

  217. Greg says

    I’ve been wanting to make homemade ranch dressing for years. Finally tried after finding this recipe. I’ve made 4 batches in the past week! It’s a hit around this house!!! Looks like we won’t be buying bottled ranch anymore. GREAT recipe!!!5 stars

  218. Wes says

    I substituted all of the herbs for fresh herbs and MY OH MY what a different world! I suggest trying this if you haven’t already.5 stars

  219. Rodeo says

    Tastes like the liquid sour cream served at chipotle wayyyyyyyy too much sour cream next time I would try 1/8 cup and work up from there1 star

    • Mary Younkin says

      Sounds like this isn’t the recipe for you. This shouldn’t have been liquid at all. Feel free to make it with all mayo, if that’s how you prefer it.

  220. Katie says

    I have made this several times. I did add 2 T dill pickle juice and a splash of apple cider vinegar. Love all the spices in it. Thanks for a great recipe.5 stars

  221. Carolyn says

    This is so good! I used fresh dill and chives from my garden and they are great in this.
    It was pretty runny, which I’m thinking is because I used regular milk, but that’s my favorite thing about it. So much better than the thick and goopy bottled ranch.5 stars

  222. debra vickers says

    I made this for tonights dinner. The taste is spot on, but for me it was a little too thin, i like my dressing a bit thicker. But lovely flavours and i will definitely make this again

    • Mary Younkin says

      Hi Mary Ann. I’ve been publishing recipes here on the website for 9 years now. When a publishing company reached out to me, it was a natural fit. I don’t have any experience with pitching a cookbook as you’re describing. Best of luck with it all!

  223. Cheryl says

    I bought a store salad and got home to no salad dressing. This recipe was very easy. I had everything it called for and it is SO good.5 stars

  224. Irene Rickus says

    This is the best darned ranch dressing ever. I do add a splash of red wine vinegar and agave syrup to suit our taste. However, it is awesome as written.5 stars

  225. Susan Van Devanter says

    I can’t wait to try this. Is it thicker if you use buttermilk vs. regular milk? We have 2% milk here, and not whole milk.

    • Mary Younkin says

      It will work nicely with 2%, Susan. The acid in the recipe works like buttermilk to give the recipe tang. It will also thicken in the refrigerator.

  226. Charlotte says

    I love all these recipes . They look so so good. I love Ranch dressing I am southern from Alabama. And can not wait to make the Ranch Dressing

  227. Susan Miller says

    Just made it, used fresh herbs but the dried onion and garlic and otherwise followed the recipe. Very good, super easy, thanks!5 stars

  228. Vivian Anderson says

    This recipe was an instant hit with my family! As soon as we use it up, I have to make it again! It’s so easy and delicious and the things we put it on is endless! So happy to have this recipe🤗5 stars

    • Mary Younkin says

      If you’re going to serve it immediately, yes, that should work. However, I’ve found that yogurt as a substitute tends to be thinner and doesn’t hold quite as nicely. So, keep that in mind.

    • Sinead says

      I’m going to make this. Mary was saying Greek yogurt tends to be thinner but if you put some yogurt into a strainer/sieve, cover it and place it over a bowl in the fridge overnight a lot of the liquid will come out!! Then it will be thicker. I do this now always with my Greek yogurt, I leave it for over 24hrs before I eat it and it’s delicious

  229. Joni says

    I just made the ranch dressing. My picky husband loved it. “Don’t buy it any more, just make it. “ he said.5 stars

  230. Amanda says

    I can’t do mayo (or fake mayo) Could I use all sour cream or some homemade yogurt and sour cream? I want to try this but don’t want to mess it up too badly! 😜

    • Mary Younkin says

      Yes, you can use all sour cream. It will be a bit more runny, but should work. I’d wait and add the milk slowly to see how thin it gets.

  231. Angie says

    Hi, this recipe is great! I just have a question about carbs, do you know how much is in it per serving? I am doing keto so i need to watch my carbs, thank you for sharing this recipe as my family loves it!

    • Mary Younkin says

      That isn’t something that I track, Angie. However, you should be able to copy and paste the ingredient list into an online nutrition calculator and figure it out.

  232. Jan says

    Excellent. I use milk not buttermilk. And for Mexican Salad, I add two T taco seasoning to this dressing and it’s delicious.5 stars

  233. Teresa Fritz says

    This it it! I’ve tried multiple recipes to duplicate a local cafe’s Ranch dressing.! I think it maybe the addition of lemon juice. Excellent. My veggies & I thank you

  234. May says

    This does not last a week in the fridge, it was gone in two days! We aren’t usually ranch people, but this has been such a nice change with all the salads we’ve been eating. Between our garden and our CSA box, it’s two salads a day.5 stars

  235. Cari says

    Thank you, Mary! This is honest to goodness great ranch. I’ve made it twice now and have been impressed by the flavor result on both the dressing and dip.

  236. Carol B says

    I absolutely love this recipe and should have complimented you sooner.

    Time saving tip if you plan to make this dressing more than once: multiply the dry ingredients by four in a small glass jar and give it a shake. If you normally use one full teaspoon of dill in each dressing batch, you need just a smidgen over a tablespoon of dry ingredients when making a batch of dressing.

    Like other people commenting, there’s no way Im going back to store-bought again!5 stars

  237. Dale G Newman says

    My wife has been after me to get the preservatives out of my salad dressing. I’m a huge ranch dressing fan and this one is delicious and simple. Thank you! I subscribed to your email recipe list 🙂5 stars

  238. Faye says

    Hi, I love this recipe but make quite big batches. Would I be able to freeze it or would it split? I tend to use low fat mayo and sour cream to make it, not sure if that makes a difference. I have shared the link for this with quite a few people and they all love it!

    • Mary Younkin says

      This will not freeze well, Faye. In the past, I have mixed together the dry ingredients ahead of time and stored them in ziploc bags. It makes quick work of stirring a batch together without getting out all the separate spices when you’re in a hurry.

  239. Jes says

    This is delicious! I had to omit the chives (I’ll be sure to stock up for next time) and I substituted 2 oz of cream cheese for the sour cream, since I didn’t have any on hand. I’d much rather have this than the store bought dressing! 🙂5 stars

  240. April says

    I usually purchase the seasoning packets at the grocery store to make ranch but had to forgot to pick one up. Found this recipe and had everything needed on hand. We were pleasantly surprised at how great it turned out. This will be my new go to for ranch dressing. Thanks!5 stars

  241. Tracey says

    Just made it. Awesome taste. I’ll definitely continue to made the homemade Ranch dressing. Thank you for the recipe.5 stars

  242. Meg says

    Delicious! I used low fat natural yoghurt instead of the soured cream and milk (my yoghurt is quite strong in taste so the sourness came from there) . Great recipe thanks!5 stars