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Salt Potatoes recipe by Barefeet In The Kitchen

These are creamy, buttery, salty potatoes that put every other boiled potato to shame. Salt potatoes are a staple in Upstate New York and I’ve been told that people get a wee little bit crazy about them.

When I tell you that these just might be the most perfect bites of potato that I’ve ever tasted, I don’t say that lightly. My whole family LOVES potatoes. Smashed, Mashed, Whipped, Baked, Stuffed, Roasted, Hot, or Cold: we are serious about our potatoes.

But these potatoes? They just went to the top of my potato recipe list, not in small part because it’s barely even a recipe! Delicious food with no work involved to get it makes me a very happy girl!

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A few weeks ago, my friend Rebecca told me that I must try Salt Potatoes. When she tells me that I “must” try something, I listen. I actually went to two stores yesterday, just to find the little potatoes, because I couldn’t get this idea out of my head.

Now would be a good time to remind you that Rebecca has never steered me wrong; see evidence A (Dill Pickle Dip), B (Brown Butter Syrup), C (Ham Balls), and D (Ham Ball Stir Fry). Clearly, if she was insisting I try these simple potatoes, they must be good.

Good? These potatoes are so far past good, I don’t even have words. (or maybe I have too many words!) This is the simplest potato side dish I’ve ever made and every bite was perfect.

Salt Potatoes recipe by Barefeet In The Kitchen {the most perfect bite of potato I've ever tasted!}

If you’re a bit of a nerd, like I tend to be when it comes to our food sometimes, you might get a kick out of knowing that there is a scientific reason why these potatoes are almost unbelievably creamy.

The extra-salty water boils at a higher temperature, causing the starch in the potatoes to cook more completely. That lightly salted skin on the potatoes will beg for a swirl through the butter and you will not regret it.

If you hang out with me on Instagram, you had a sneak peek at these potatoes last night. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, why don’t you? I love seeing you all there!

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Salt Potatoes

Recipe barely adapted from and with thanks to Foodie with Family
Servings: 4 -5 servings


  • 1 1/2 quarts water
  • 2 lbs one-to-two bite sized new white boiling potatoes or creamer potatoes washed
  • 3/4 cup fine sea salt
  • 1/2 cup butter room temperature


  • Bring the water to a boil in a medium to large pot over high heat. Add the salt and then use tongs to carefully lower the potatoes into the water, being careful not to splash yourself. Return the water to a boil and then lower the heat to medium and simmer for 15-20 minutes, until the potatoes are easily punctured with a fork or a skewer.
  • Pour the boiling water and the potatoes into a colander in the sink. Do not rinse! Allow them to air-dry for 5-10 minutes. Serve the potatoes hot, with a generous spoonful of butter on the side. Dip the potato through the butter, bite, and repeat. Enjoy!


This recipe can easily be multiplied to feed however many people you would like. I will definitely be doubling it next time I make these. I was really bummed not to have leftovers!
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  1. Unknown says

    Those of us who live in Upstate New York (and to us, that means close to Canada, not Westchester County) are addicted to these. They are a summertime staple. If you ever have any leftover, try them sliced with a little mayo and french fried onions on pumpernickel bread. Yum!

  2. Anonymous says

    I'm from Western New York and we sold these at the county fair. They where sold as "Hot Buttered Spuds". Which led to a lot of funny mispronounced orders. Loved them!

  3. Nicole says

    I made these after seeing your recipe. All I can say is wow! They were amazing and my family loved them!

  4. Anonymous says

    We Syracusans eat tons of salt potatoes every summer…. At picnics, bbqs & clam bakes you can never have enough salt potatoes. People can't believe the amount of salt that is used and not overpower the potatoes but the above recipe is a little low on salt for our taste. They taste just as good the second day (if there's any left). I visit my family in Seattle and we always have salt potatoes on our menu.

  5. Lucia Hasbun says

    This recipe sounds delicious. I'm a salt addict and am dying to try it. Might be a stupid question but do the potatoes get cold after 5-10 mins? Am I supposed to reheat them. Thanks again for the recipe. Always looking for new ones for potatoes.

  6. Sunshine says

    I am from Upstate New York where these salt potatoes were created. Some one that worked at Hinerwadel's told me the trick is do not add the salt until the potatoes are boiling then add it until they start floating! They come out perfect every time, also make sure you serve them with MELTED BUTTER!!!