The Little Things Newsletter #267 – Life, laughter, and lots of great food!

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Welcome to the weekend, my friends! Can we talk about humidity?? It’s been rough this week here in Ohio. I love the cool break in the heat after a rainstorm, but OOF that resulting humidity is something else. Let’s just say that I’m very grateful for air conditioning today.

I haven’t felt much like baking or doing any serious cooking. Luckily, after spending 15+ years in the Valley of the Sun, I have a whole lot of summer dinner ideas at my fingertips. Salads, Pastas, Sandwiches, Crock-Pot Dinners, and more are in rotation right now.

ON THE BLOG this week: With a little bit of sweet and salty goodness in every bite, GORP is a snack mix that my family devours every time we make it. Lucky for all of us, it’s an easy hassle-free trail mix to make. GORP is the classic trail mix you probably recall from childhood and I’m happy to report that it’s just as tasty as I remembered, especially with my favorite extra ingredient.

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Cabbage and sausage are truly a perfect food match and never more so than when fried together in this Cabbage and Sausage Skillet. I’ve made endless dishes combining these two ingredients, but this simple skillet is one of my favorites.

What I’m CRAVING: I stumbled on this Fresh Strawberry Pie (made without jello) a few days ago and now I need to make it. It looks and sounds incredible! With a pretzel crust, it’s reminiscent of the Strawberry Pretzel “Salad” we love so much. 

My FAVORITE THINGS this week are my gorilla floor mats. I have these mats inside all the doors of my home and I just bought one for the RV. They may not be the cutest or most stylish, but they’re heavy duty and AMAZING at grabbing dirt and cleaning shoes. I love them.

What I’m WATCHING: The Mentalist. I just finished watching the series and it was better than I expected. It’s available on Amazon Prime (it’s a free show right now) and I enjoyed it all the way through. With a heavy focus on serial killers, it’s not one I’d watch with kids, but it’s good and I really liked the way they wrapped up the series.

What I’m READING: Seven Wonders Book 1: The Colossus Rises. I’m turning the book review over to my youngest son this week because he has absolutely inhaled this series. Described as “Percy Jackson meets Indiana Jones” this is an epic adventure. He read the first three books in this series this past week and is patiently awaiting the next one. Recommended for ages 8-12 years.

“Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.” – Paulo Coelho

Wishing you a beautiful week full of little things that make you smile!


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