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Ohio 236

December 5, 2020

Welcome to the weekend, my friends! It’s finally getting cold here in Ohio. We had the prettiest snowfall this week and we’re getting so excited for Christmas!

My family sat down this week with all the nominations for the Christmas giveaways and we each selected a family to send a Christmas gift to this year. If you sent in a nomination, thank you so much for allowing us to share a bit of Christmas joy with your friends and family.

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Today, for the tenth week of the 12 Weeks of Christmas Giveaways, I’m giving away $150 towards the Pearl Handbag by Lo & Sons. (If you choose a bag that falls into that price range, I’ll cover taxes and shipping too. I’m specifying this because there are two colors sitting at the not so fun full price $298 right now.) I love this purse so much that I’ve been carrying mine almost exclusively for several years now. I’ve gone from a frequent purse and handbag shopper to a dedicated fan of this one.

This bag was designed for the organization obsessed – it almost magically holds everything you need without becoming bulky or overly stuffed. Not yet convinced? Watch this video and then tell me it isn’t the most fabulously well organized bag of all time. I LOVE IT. It’s the best bag ever for travel and for daily life as well.

The lucky winner will be able to select the color and material of their choice. I have the Saffiano leather, it never scuffs or scratches and it always looks sharp – even after carrying the same bag every day for years now.

To be entered, leave a comment on THIS BLOG POST telling me the weirdest thing in your purse or pocket right now. The winner will be selected on Tuesday, December 8, 2020 at 11:59pm EST.

SIDE NOTE – these bags are on a serious sale right now. If the pricing on the bag increases to the point where $150 won’t pay for the bag, I will happily send the winner a $150 Amazon gift card instead, if that is their preference.

Here’s the lucky winner’s comment:

ON THE BLOG this week: Homemade Peppermint Ice Cream is some of the creamiest ice cream I have ever made and for the record, it is worlds away from the mint-flavored ice creams you can find in a store.

These Banana Coconut Pecan Pancakes were initially made on a whim, but they wound up being a huge hit with the family. These are hearty, fluffy Banana Pancakes filled with irresistible bits of sweet coconut and chewy pecans.

You only need two ingredients and about five minutes to make this Easy Hot Fudge Sauce. Creamy, thick, rich, and chocolatey hot fudge is a dream (and often a “must have in the house at all times” requirement) for any ice cream lover!

What I’m CRAVING: This Farmhouse Crockpot Lasagna caught my eye this week and I definitely need to try it. All the lasagna flavors we love in a simple slow cooker meal? Yes, please!

My FAVORITE THING this week is our Advent book. We started reading Shadow and Light: A Journey Into Advent by Tsh Oxenreider and I am really enjoying it. Another reviewer described this book as “a genuinely doable, capsule-sized, daily invitation to pause and remember and wait.” I agree 100%.

I’ve looked at many different Advent stories and devotionals over the years and haven’t found one I truly love. So far, this one has been lovely. We’ve been reading the daily pages together each morning and I like that each day is a short section to read with relevant scriptures and a thought for the day as well.

What I’m READING: A Common Life by Jan Karon. This is the 6th book that was written in the Mitford series, it’s a very short novel that was written to tell the story of Father Tim and Cynthia’s wedding day. So, technically it fits in between books 2 and 3. I honestly wish I’d known that ahead of time so that I could’ve read it in chronological order. (I’m fussy like that.)

All of that said, it was fun to see how much the town loved them and how the big day came together. If you have read the Mitford series and love the Mitford characters, the description of the wedding fills in the blanks nicely and it’s a fun read.

What I’m WATCHING: Santa Girl. In a nutshell, Santa Claus’ daughter wants to experience real life at college before taking over the family business and accepting her arranged marriage to the son of Jack Frost. This movie was super cheesy and sweet and silly and it managed to make me both roll my eyes and grin or laugh at different times.

“Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but of reflection.” – Winston Churchill

Wishing you a beautiful week full of little things that make you smile!


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Mary Younkin

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  1. Kate says

    The weirdest thing in my purse right now is a whisk! I’ve been carrying it around until I see my daughter. She needs a whisk and I told her I had an extra one she can have. I just have not been able to swing by her house this whole week yet to drop it off!! Thanks!

  2. Kathy E. says

    The Pearl Crossbody bag is my kind of bag! I love lots of compartments and pockets to hold my special stuff….including the tiny roll of toilet paper I always carry. Ever been in a public restroom stall and the toilet paper roll is empty? That’s why I always carry my own!
    duchick at gmail dot com

  3. Maggie B in Nevada says

    The weirdest things in my purse just might be notecards defining i.e. vs e.g., because I never can remember which is which. Admitting this (on the internet, no less) will tell you how excited I am for the chance to be gifted with this intriguing purse. Thank you for the offer and for the fun! And for your yummy and doable recipes (I am making Creamy Cajun Pasta next week).
    Wishing holiday blessings for you and your family.

  4. Pam Schneider says

    The weirdest thing in my purse is a cork screw. It’s just something I got used to carrying for when I was traveling.

  5. Christine Hoeksema says

    The weirdest thing I have in my purse right now is 3 masks…. I’ll never (I hope!) get used to having those in there! Interesting that you are reading Jan Karon’s Mitford series! One of my reading goals for 2020 was to read the whole series. I just finished last week! So good!

  6. Julia S says

    I have a small bottle of Eucalyptus oil in my purse. I have a hard time staying awake when my sleep is interrupted. I just hold the bottle up to my nose and breathe in the scent and it wakes me up if I feel sleepy.

  7. Caroline says

    Weirdest thing? Hm. My portable Scrabble game? This purse would be fantastic to organize all the essentials that I use… Oh! Love it!

  8. Theresa Hamby says

    The strangest thing currently in my bag is a pair of cat nail clippers that a friend borrowed and I forgot about. I’ll remove them now since I remembered they’re there!

  9. Donna says

    I have a difficult time with purses. I am a concealed carry because of my work. So, probably the weirdest thing in my purse is a set of handcuffs and my personal weapon.

  10. Benni Mitchell says

    Hi Mary,
    The weirdest thing in my purse right now is a tiny bright orange canvas bag measuring 2″x 2″ containing a plastic bag to use in case I need to give CPR to save a life. It is hooked to my bright turquoise personal pepper spray container. One is to help save a life, the other is to help save mine.

    Merry Christmas!

  11. Benni Michell says

    Hi Mary,
    The weirdest thing in my purse right now is a small bright orange canvas bag measuring 2″ x 2″ from my CPR class this summer. Inside the bag is a plastic bag used to cover the mouth of someone who is needing CPR. It is hooked to my bright turquoise personal pepper spray. One is to help save a life, the other is to help save my life.

    Merry Christmas!

  12. Jenny says

    Right now I have flooring samples in my purse! I haven’t been able to find exactly what I want for my bathroom flooring, so just in case a buying opportunity arises, I have my samples ready for comparison!

  13. Nancy Anne White says

    I have a mini tin of Bag Balm in my purse. It’s great on my lips, but especially helpful for my dry hands & fingernails.

  14. Lisa says

    Hi Mary,
    The weirdest thing in my purse is a diaper pin. My kids are grown adults but, you never know when it may come in handy. When they were babies I could have been on the Let’s make a deal game show… I had so much “stuff” in my purse. My husband calls it my suitcase lol.

  15. L Alden says

    The weirdest thing in my pocketbook is plastic dinosaur my grandchild gave me for good luck and to ‘protect me.’