Healthy Snack Options (On The Go!)

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Healthy Snack Options (On The Go!) - find all five of our favorites at

Football, school, jui jitsu, church, time with friends, time with family, how exactly do some parents get it all done and still get dinner on the table each night?

This past year has introduced me to this thing called extracurricular activities and let me tell you, our life has been turned upside down and spun around with regards to dinner time and eating meals together.

If you’ve been reading this blog for long at all, you already know that my kids are vegetable lovers. We keep boxes of vegetables in the refrigerator prepped and ready for snacking. My boys know that whenever they’re hungry, they’re welcome to pull out the vegetables, along with some ranch dip, and snack away.

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However, as we enter our eighth year of homeschooling, this is the first season of our lives when we are on the go almost every day. The activities and the faster pace of life combine to make it a little less simple to choose healthier snack options when we aren’t home.

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In the past, we might have had an activity to go to a couple times a week. This year, my oldest and youngest sons are in jui jitsu and my middle son is playing football. That adds up to 5 days a week at one sport or another. In addition to that, we’re participating in a school co-op that means leaving the house nice and early one day a week. The kids are loving every last bit of it, but this mama has really been struggling with finding a new routine and figuring out meals and snack options both for on the go and for much later at night than we are accustomed to eating.

When Garden Lites® reached out to me and asked if I’d like to try their vegetable-rich line of healthy frozen foods, I was thrilled to tell them yes. My kids have been watching me add vegetables to smoothies, soups, cakes, and cookies for years. So, my boys were excited to try the new snacks when they spied the muffin boxes in our freezer.

Healthy Snack Options (On The Go!) - find all five of our favorites at

My youngest noticed right away that the muffins were made with both carrots and zucchini, because he was so proud of reading it on the front of the package. He commented to me that, “even though you can SEE the vegetables in the blueberry muffins, so I know they’re there, I can’t taste them at all.” He was a rather fascinated by that, much to my amusement.

Healthy Snack Options (On The Go!) - find all five of our favorites at

These muffins are great for eating with breakfast on school mornings, or for late afternoon snacks before we head out the door to practices. I’ve tucked the chocolate muffins into lunches as well and they thawed nicely by the time we were ready to eat them. The boys and I both enjoyed having the “chocolate cake” in our lunches and I loved knowing that they were getting a few extra vegetables with each chocolate-y bite.


Here are five more of our Favorite Healthy Snack Options for On The Go:
Pretzels with cheese sticks
Apples with peanut butter
Salami sticks
Crackers and cheese wedges


Carrot sticks and hummus
Healthy Snack Options (On The Go!) - find all five of our favorites at

If you’re looking for some fun new treats with ingredient lists that won’t leave you cringing, I recommend checking out the whole line of Garden Lites products. (You can find Garden Lites on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest too.) Both of the muffins that we tried were gluten, dairy, and nut free – trust me when I say that they don’t taste like the typical “allergy friendly” foods. Enjoy!

Disclosure: I’ve partnered with Garden Lites to share these products with you. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Barefeet In The Kitchen possible. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. #HookedOnVeggies @gardenlites


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