Cranberry Christmas Cake

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This Cranberry Christmas Cake is one of those recipes that is an instant favorite every single time someone new tastes it.

Tart cranberries, sweet buttery cake, and a fantastic texture all combined to basically beg me to eat another piece.

Cranberry Christmas Cake recipe by Barefeet In The Kitchen

About ten years ago, my friend Valerie made this cake to share with some friends. The moment I tasted it, I asked her if she would share the recipe.

This is an absolutely perfect cake that takes very little effort to make. No icing, no topping, nothing else is necessary at all. It was reminiscent to me of a coffee cake in texture but much lighter than the typical heavy version.

This might be the only cake I’ve ever tasted that basically screams holidays to me. It is pure heaven to eat.

I made nine different desserts for a Thanksgiving event the first year I made this cake and this was my absolute favorite, by far. That hasn’t changed a bit over the subsequent years since we first tried this cake.

While I have no problem sending almost all other leftover sweets home with friends and family, I always save a few small pieces of this once just for myself.

This Cranberry Christmas Cake is one of my all-time favorite treats to enjoy with Cafe con Leche in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

Cranberry Cake is the Christmas dessert that everyone loves.

I’ve learned to stock up on cranberries each year. That way I will always have them in my freezer and we’ll be able to enjoy this cake throughout the year.

You’ll be wishing you had a few bags stashed in the freezer as well, just as soon as you take the first bite of this Cranberry Christmas Cake!

BEFORE YOU BAKE THIS CAKE – please read through the frequently asked questions. If you do have a question, please read through all of these FAQs. The odds are good that your question has been answered many times already.

Cranberry Christmas Cake is everyone's favorite food gift for the holidays.


Yes, you will use fresh, raw cranberries for this recipe. They will soften and burst as the cake bakes. There is a good bit of sugar in this recipe and it balances the tartness of the cranberries.

Yes, you can use frozen cranberries. I buy multiple bags of fresh cranberries every year when they start appearing in the stores. Just toss them straight into the freezer to have them on hand through the year. I use frozen cranberries almost every time I make this cake.

The batter or "dough" for the cake is very thick. You'll need to press it into the pan.

However, the dough will “freeze” up a bit and become even thicker and it will be somewhat more difficult to stir in the cranberries. I find it easiest to let the frozen berries thaw on the counter for a little while as I’m beginning to prepare the cake.

This is a very thick batter that will resemble cookie dough when it has finished mixing. You will need to press it into the pan to spread it out.

Cranberry Cake "batter" should be super thick!

There is no baking soda or baking powder needed in this recipe. The extended beating time for the eggs provides the necessary leavening for the cake.

You need to beat the eggs until the batter forms a “ribbon” off of the beaters. Do not shorten or skip the beating process.

Cranberry Cake process - beating the eggs and sugar

If you read through the comments, you’ll see countless variations that I’ve made and other readers have made for this recipe. Blueberries swap nicely for the cranberries. Adding nuts to the recipe works too.

The addition of orange zest, orange extract, or almond extract works nicely as well. The gluten-free substitution is listed in the recipe notes.

The dough for this cake should be very thick. You'll need to press it into the baking pans.

The cake can be made in a variety of different cake pans. It can also be made into cupcakes and mini loaves. Watch the baking time and adjust as needed.

For holiday gifting, I bake this cake in these 9-inch disposable cake pans. The pans come with a domed lid and make for a really nice gift at a terrifically inexpensive price. I use those same pans for pretty much all of my food gifts.

A doubled Cranberry Cake recipe will fill (4) 9-inch round pans for gifting.

A doubled recipe of this cake will just barely fit in my stand mixer (see photo above) and will fill (4) of these cake pans perfectly.

I line the disposable pans with parchment squares and it makes it very easy for the recipient to lift the cake out, slice, and serve. The baking time for (4) 9-inch pans in my oven at the same time is 60-65 minutes.

Cranberry Christmas Cake - with just six ingredients!

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether you can bake this in a bundt pan. I do not personally recommend that. Yes, many people in the comments have said that it works, and I’ve tested it in a bundt twice myself, however, it isn’t the same cake that way.

(Once it fell apart on me and another time it worked fine.) If you do decide you must use a bundt pan, grease the pan HEAVILY with butter and then flour the pan generously.

The biggest downside to baking this cake in a bundt pan is that you will miss out on the best part, that lovely crust that forms on the top of the cake.

There is no glaze on this cake. The crust forms as the cake bakes and winds up looking as pictured in the photos.

Cranberry Christmas Cake - process shot before baking

I store this cake at room temperature, either uncovered or very loosely covered.

This is a moist cake and the crust will soften a great deal if it is stored airtight. It will still be tasty, but it won’t be the same the next day if it’s kept airtight.

If you freeze this cake, thaw it uncovered at room temperature if possible.

Cranberry Cake is a holiday favorite!

Cranberry Recipes

For more ways to use fresh cranberries, check out these Cranberry Brownies. I think they’re my favorite brownies ever!

Love this cake already, but wish it were even easier to stash in the freezer? Cranberry Christmas Cookies are just what you’re looking for and you’re going to love them every bit as much as this cake.

Cranberry Pepper Jam is a year-round favorite. I make as much as possible each time I can get my hands on cranberries. On a fancy cheeseboard or just on a cracker, this jam rocks.

Nantucket Christmas Cranberry Pie and this Cranberry Apple Tart are both great new ways to make the most of the available cranberries during the holiday season.

Cranberry Pistachio Snack Mix by Foodie with Family and these Cranberry Rolls with Orange Icing by The Noshery are holiday favorites too.

Cranberry Ginger Sugar Cookies by 365 Days of Baking and Cranberry White Chocolate Shortbread by Love from the Oven are also on my list to try soon.

I recommend stocking up on plenty of cranberries so that you can enjoy these recipes all year long.

Cranberry Christmas Cake on plate

Cranberry Christmas Cake Recipe

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. With a mixer, beat the eggs with the sugar until slightly thickened and light in color, about 5-7 minutes. The mixture should almost double in size. The eggs work as your leavening agent in this recipe, so do not skip this step.
  3. The sugar and egg mixture should form a ribbon when you lift the beaters out of the bowl.
  4. Add the butter and vanilla; mix two more minutes. Stir in the flour until just combined.
  5. Add the cranberries and stir to mix throughout.
  6. Spread in a buttered 9×13 pan. (This pan is my favorite!)
  7. Bake for 40-50 minutes, or until very lightly browned and a toothpick inserted near the center of the cake comes out clean. (I baked mine for 43 minutes.) Let cool completely before cutting into small slices.
  8. I cut mine into fairly small pieces, about 1″ x 2″ so that they could be easily eaten at a party.
Cranberry Cake for the holidays

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Cranberry Christmas Cake

4.86 from 552 votes
Tart fresh cranberries and sweet buttery cake are perfectly combined in this popular Christmas dessert!
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Prep Time: 20 mins
Cook Time: 45 mins
Total Time: 1 hr 5 mins
Servings: 16 servings


  • 3 eggs
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 3/4 cup butter, softened
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 2 cups all-purpose flour * see note below for gluten-free alternative
  • 12 oz fresh cranberries


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees. With a mixer, beat the eggs with the sugar until slightly thickened and light in color, about 5-7 minutes. The mixture should almost double in size. The eggs work as your leavening agent in this recipe, so do not skip this step. This mixture should form a ribbon when you lift the beaters out of the bowl.
  • Add the butter and vanilla; mix two more minutes. Stir in the flour until just combined. Add the cranberries and stir to mix throughout.
  • Spread in a buttered 9×13 pan. (This pan is my favorite!) Bake for 40-50 minutes, or until very lightly browned and a toothpick inserted near the center of the cake comes out clean. (I baked mine for 43 minutes.)
  • Let cool completely before cutting into small slices. I cut mine into fairly small pieces, about 1"x2", so that they could be easily eaten at a party. Enjoy!


* Gluten-Free Substitution: 1 1/4 cup brown rice flour + 1/2 cup potato starch + 1/4 cup tapioca starch + 1 teaspoon xanthan gum may be substituted for the amount of all-purpose flour listed in the ingredients above.
BEFORE YOU BAKE THIS CAKE – please read through the frequently asked questions. If you have a question, please read through the questions that have already been answered here. The odds are good that your question has been answered many times already.


Calories: 252kcal · Carbohydrates: 39g · Protein: 2g · Fat: 9g · Saturated Fat: 5g · Cholesterol: 53mg · Sodium: 88mg · Potassium: 48mg · Fiber: 1g · Sugar: 25g · Vitamin A: 325IU · Vitamin C: 2.8mg · Calcium: 11mg · Iron: 0.9mg
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{originally posted 12/2/11 – recipe notes and photos updated 11/9/20}

Cranberry Christmas Cake is like no other cake you've ever tasted! Stash those cranberries in the freezer, because you're going to want to make this one all year long. Get the recipe at

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    • JK says

      Baked Cranberry Relish
      2 (12 oz) bags of cranberries
      1 and 1/2 cups sugar
      1 cup chopped walnuts, toasted
      1 (12 oz) jar orange marmalade
      2 tablespoons lemon juice
      Toss cranberries and sugar; place in a lightly greased 9×13 Pyrex baking pan. Cover with aluminum foil (the cranberries pop as they bake) and bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour. Stir in walnuts, marmalade and lemon juice while the cranberries are hot. Cool slightly so pan doesn’t crack. Refrigerate.

    • Deedee says

      I found that recipe years ago in a supermarket checkout holiday cookbook … And it’s still the best recipe ever! Also great on top of baked chicken, or served as an appetizer over a block of cream cheese

    • Lydia Klespis says

      I made this cake and received rave reviews from my family. Then sent some with my teenage son to his study group at a friend's house. It was all eaten and the friend's mother called me for the recipe.
      Orange zest would be good, but we liked it the way it was. I wonder if those who weren't pleased with the results used real butter or a substitute.

    • Carol says

      Real butter was wonderful too !!! What did you use in place of butter? I have a cranberry bread with orange juice. I’ll F going to try substituting some butter with some juice.

    • Pam Wykoff says

      I had problems getting mine done. Cooked closer to 55-60 minutes and it’s still runny when I cut into it. Even after it was completely cooled.

    • Tara says

      Did you beat the sugar and eggs for 5 to 7 minutes? That made all the difference between a runny dough or a thick dough. Mine was too thick to even get in the pan to bake. Waiting on it right now in the oven!

    • Wondering says

      I had the same problem. Have made this in the past and it was fantastic, but this year I struggled with it. Is it possible to beat the eggs and sugar too long?

    • Stephanie says

      I just got mine into the pan and mine too was so thick I couldn’t get it in. We’ll see how it comes out

    • Deb Bowyer says

      I made this cake, exactly as noted in the recipe, and then froze it. I brought it to work today and was worried it might be dry after being frozen. It was a hit! Everyone loved it. I think I might add a bit of lemon zest next time, but it was good as is. I baked mine for 45 minutes.

    • Sharron Doyle says

      I made this cake about 2 weeks ago and it turned out great!! In fact, it was so good, it was hard for me to leave it alone…found myself eating it for breakfast with my coffee in the morning, and then having another small piece as dessert! We are getting together at my daughter's house for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day & I will be bringing this for Christmas Day Brunch. Soooo good!!

    • Erin says

      Splenda doesn’t always bake well. I end up with a odd taste sometimes. I found a sugar alternative called whey low that behaves much more like real sugar. Comes in a white granulated, brown sugar, and powdered sugar version. I mail ordered it for my mom, a diabetic. Nobody could ever tell the difference.

    • Cindy says

      I love using whey low but not many people know about it. I use the gold for brown sugar and the powdered too. Its wonderful! Pricy but great if diabetic!

    • ENI says

      Buy the Betty Crocker Sugar Free Box, follow the instructions and instead of water use Milk and just add the Cranberry and that’s it, much easy.

    • Anonymous says

      Thank you for mentioning that the batter looks more like cookie dough. I thought I had done something wrong! It is in the oven now!

    • Serena says

      me too! I came here to see if someone had mentioned it was like cookie dough. I thought no way there’s not enough liquid!

    • debra schnitzer says

      I always have problems with that because most recipes don’t say. The only hint is when it sayd pour in pan its like cake batter and if it says spread its like brownies

    • Anonymous says

      I find that serving the cake the next day is the ticket…when the flavors have blended AND the cranberries have moistened the cake.

    • Elizabeth says

      When it first came out of the oven, of course we had to cut into it fairly quickly. The tartness of the cranberries was just too much, I thought it was a wasted try. Stuck it in the fridge and tried again the next day. OMG it was fabulous! I ate almost there whole cake by myself 😬😬😬

    • Anonymous says

      The cake will be less dense if you allow the eggs to come to room temperature before beating.

    • LJ says

      For those, like me, that can’t get fresh cranberries, soak dried cranberries in hot water for 20 to 30 minutes. Drain and it works wonderfully

    • Ellen Evars says

      If your concerned about finding fresh cranberries available all year, I buy them when in season and they freeze well. Then I have them when I need them.

    • Unknown says

      My sister in law makes this and right before you serve it, mix some butter, and powder sugar together and sprinkle it on top. Sprinkle to taste, because I love more then the sprinkle on mine. Serve while the butter mixture is still hot… omg… to die for!!

  1. Becki Jacobs says

    It does look like a holiday cake. It looks kind of buttery/eggy and I love how the cranberries just pop out of it. This would be great to serve at my in-laws for christmas because they don't like anything with icing or frosting. Look how short that ingredient list is…almost hard to believe you got that beautiful cake out of it! I wonder how they would translate into muffins, too?

  2. My Journey With Candida says

    What a festive looking cake. I have got to try it.

    When I make a cake for myself, I have to substitute the sugar and also use whole wheat insteat of white. They just never turn out the same, but I am going to try it and see what happens.

    • Anonymous says

      Did you ever try using flour imported from Italy? I have read and been told that people who are sensitive to wheat do OK in Europe and that the flour from Italy works well for them. I get it from

    • Kim says

      Made this last year and loved it . Just made it today and it’s runny . But only on one side . Not sure what went wrong

    • Sheranne says

      Me too. I can’t do sugar and stay far away from regular flours! You would have to cut the coconut flour way down. I prefer Almond flour. But a little coconut helps with texture. I am thinking 1 1/4- 1 1/3 cup Almond flour, with 1/4 cup Coconut flour. Then add 1 tsp of Xanthum gum to help it hold together. I can’t handle Palm sugar – even that affects the Candida. So I will use Lakanto. Pretty sure I have enough, but if not I will top it off with Swerve. Both are cup for cup like sugar. I am excited to make this! I like muffins the best so I will make mine into muffins and follow the advice of someone who mentioned they cooked them for 30 min. Not sure I will be able to find this post to comment on how they turn out – there are SOOOO many comments! I am pretty sure this will work well, after tons of low carb baking and thinking about my other recipes- like the one I have for blueberry coffee cake. Now I am thinking about other blueberry recipes I could adapt to cranberries!

    • Elaine I says

      I would like to know if I can use margarine instead of butter in this cake … or even coconut oil. Anything but butter please.

    • Mary says

      I’ve never tried it myself, but I’ve been told that coconut oil will work. Let me know how it turns out if you try that.

    • Melissa says

      Did you end up making it? My daughter is dairy allergic and I would like to make this for her but wasn’t sure if it would turn out with her margarine. I am making it today for my mom with real butter and then will try it again later for my daughter.

    • Anonymous says

      My husband isn't a big fan of cranberries either and it was his favorite dessert this Thanksgiving. He ate HALF of it by hiimself.

  3. Three-Cookies says

    Looks simple to make, sounds delicious to eat but equally important, the color of the cranberries make the cake look really really appealing, Christmassy color:) Have a nice weekend

    • Lydia says

      This cake has a wonderful texture and a good taste. I always use unsalted butter for baking and would either use salted butter or a bit of salt the next time I make this recipe. It was just a bit flat in flavor.4 stars

  4. Geni says

    This cake looks incredible! I want to make it this weekend. I do think cranberries are such a nice tart addition to anything sweet and so festive for the holidays!

  5. Marjie says

    I have a family of cranberry bread fans, so I have a feeling they would just adore this cake, too! (BTW, I did 3 cakes and 6 pies for Thanksgiving dessert. I think it's everyone's favorite part of the meal.)

  6. Anna says

    This looks delicious! I stocked up cranberries for the year too, and this looks like the perfect way to use them – your description totally sold me!

    • Lynn says

      I made this cake for Christmas and it turned out fabulous… I made two cakes from the recipe one was vegan and the other was for me LOL I absolutely loved it and I’m going to make another one today… My question though is in your blog about the cake you mentioned that in the comments people use things like lemon and I read through all the comments and I can’t find it… I wanna do lemon and I’m wondering would I use lemon zest? Lemon juice? What would I do? The cake is amazing thank you for posting it

    • Mary Younkin says

      Hi Lynn, I’m thrilled that you’re enjoying the cake so much. You can add a teaspoon of extract or about a tablespoon finely minced zest. (Zest is my personal preference. I typically add it to the white sugar and rub it in with my fingers.)

  7. Nami | Just One Cookbook says

    Really, this looks too easy for the look of the cake! Even though I'm a super beginner baker, I think I can manage to make this. I think… sorry to ask such elementary question, but what does "This mixture should form a ribbon" mean? Ribbon? Does it mean stiff? I need to go buy cranberries… I might need to bake this after my vacation but looking forward to it!

  8. Mary says

    Hi Nami, the cake really is easy. The batter does not get stiff, but it does thicken a bit. When you lift the beaters out of the bowl, the batter sort of streams off of them like a ribbon. This would be an excellent cake to make as a beginner baker. Don't worry about the ribbon though. As long as you beat the egg/sugar mixture for at least five minutes it will thicken to exactly what it needs to be. 🙂 Have a wonderful vacation!

  9. prairiepixie says

    I'm having a party Friday and am going to make this recipe! (I'll try to take a photo.) This is festive, yummy, and will be a nice contrast to all the chocolate baked goodies I have.

  10. prairiepixie says

    Hi Mary,
    I just made a big pan of this last night — you're right, it's very easy.

    Have you ever baked it in smaller pans? I was wondering about baking it in loaf pans and serving it kind of like pound cake? Also, the smaller cakes would make nice gifts.

    Ever tried this recipe with blueberries?

  11. Mary says

    Janeen, I bet it would be great in smaller loaf pans for gifts. It would look so pretty that way! Not sure about the blueberries. They would probably burst and color the cake differently. Plus, there is a LOT of sugar in this to balance the cranberries. If you do try it, I'd love to hear how it worked.

    • Anonymous says

      I'm Celiac and have to use GF flour. So glad someone else has tried this. I will add the Xanthan Gum. Thanks for the info!

    • Toni says

      if using the GF mix (Ingredients: Rice Flour, Potato Starch, Pea Fiber, Tapioca Starch, Xanthan Gum.) – is it still 1:1? and it already has some xanthan gum in it for binding… so do I have to add additional? super curious b/c I have a friend with Celiac disease and I’d like to make this for her to be able to enjoy on Christmas; and I’ve tried to substitute the flour in another recipe before and it did NOT work…
      I know this is an old post, but thanks in advance for an answer.

    • Mary says

      Unfortunately, I have no idea how your particular blend of flours would translate to this recipe. I’ve never used that combination before, so I can’t answer that. However, I’ve tested it extensively with the blend of gluten free flours listed in the recipe.

    • Mary says

      Yes, the recipe is for standard all-purpose flour. Beating the eggs (as directed above) creates the leavening for the cake. (This recipe still fascinates me! I love that it actually works!)

    • Ms Gail says

      I have never made a cake that did not have salt and baking powder! How do you get a soft and tender cake without these two ingredients? I guess I don't understand how beating the eggs as directed can make the cake fluffy!!

    • Laura says

      Trust me, it does! Just made it! And i s yummy! I beat the eggs and sugar a little under 6 minutes…I was wondering myself…but turned out amazing!

    • Mary says

      I've never used Splenda myself, but I've heard from others that it works well in a number of dessert recipes. It's worth a shot. If you try it, let me know how it turns out!

    • Mary says

      You could try it with dried cranberries, but they won't contribute the same moisture to the cake that the fresh ones will. It's worth a shot. If you do try it, let me know how it turns out.

    • Mary says

      I haven't tried it myself, but you could probably fold in blueberries right at the end. If you try it, let me know how it works!

  12. Anonymous says

    How do you store your cranberries in the freezer? In the bag it comes in, baggies, plastic containers? I have a recipe for buckwheat pancakes where cranberries would be fantastic.

    • Mary says

      I toss the bag straight into the freezer when I bring it home from the store. I was told a long time ago that it is designed for storage and I've never had a problem with them.

  13. Anonymous says

    Made this last week with apple's and added cinnamon, I sprinkled a little bit of brown sugar on the top when it was done baking.

    • WarmSocks says

      Fabulous idea! I have a pie cherry tree and can never figure out how to use up all those cherries because I don't like cherry pie. They would be great in place of cranberries in a lot of different recipes. Hmmmm maybe rhubarb, too.

  14. Anonymous says

    I made this last week and it is delicious. I do think next time I'll cut down the sugar to 1.5 cups. I'll make it again, for sure.


  15. Anonymous says

    You use plain flour instead of self raising flour.?
    Also, for storage and freshness if I wanted to make these for christmas can they be made in advance. How many days ?

    thank you

    • Mary says

      Yes, regular flour not self-rising. It should be fine for a day or two at room temperature in an airtight container. I've also frozen the cake for a month and then let it thaw for an hour at room temperature before serving. I hope that helps!

  16. Anonymous says

    I made a single loaf for family testing of which I got two thumbs up. Made 4 more loaves, wrapped tightly in plastic wrap then foil before storing in the freezer for Thanksgiving. Thanks again for sharing this tasty recipe!

  17. Judy says

    I made this last week…very tasty with the cranberries. ..pops in your mouth. ..only thing I won't beat it as they said top did not look cakey like yours but more egg white looking. ..mind u I had the eggs out @ room temperature. .will definitely make again 2 see if I can match yours in looks…lol…

    • Mary says

      I don't know how that would work for this recipe, Sally. There are so few ingredients, the sugar might be adding some structure to the cake. It's worth a try though.

    • Anonymous says

      I used the Truvia (Stevia) substitute and it worked great. One cup of Truvia equals two cups sugar.

    • Ann says

      Think xylitol would work as it has the same consistency as sugar, but does not cause a sugar spike. I get it from Puriton”s Pride when they have there buy1 get 2 free.

  18. Anonymous says

    I made this with dried cranberries which I presoaked for several hours to hydrate. Drained off the cranberry juice before adding to mixture:-) turned out great.

  19. Pat says

    It is also good served with a butter sauce of sugar, butter and cream and served warm over a piece of cake or muffins like i make. So good.

    • Mary says

      I think that canned berries might have too much moisture for this cake. The recipe would need to be adjusted to compensate. I've never played with that idea myself.

  20. Anonymous says

    This question might have been asked already but do you put the cranberries in the mixture whole or do you chop them. I see it didn't specify chopped but just wanted to verify. If whole, will the berries cook and pop open?

  21. Anonymous says

    I'm going to make this. It looks yummy. Also, thanks for using "Christmas", instead of hoilday. I'm beginning to hate that word.

    • Vivian Mahoney says

      I so agree with you about the use of the word Christmas vs Holiday.
      I have lost my sense of taste and smell due to an accident and I can't wait to try this recipe because I can imagine it's taste just looking at it. Thank you!!

  22. Anonymous says

    Made it, very easy and delicious~I put the entire bag of cranberries in the cake, and also zested with orange, delish!!! Donna

  23. Anonymous says

    Great recipe! I made it tonight and served it warm with a little vanilla ice cream on top. I also sprinkled a little sugar in the raw on top before baking.

  24. Anonymous says

    I made this cake last night but I used almond extract. It's awesome. I do have one question about consistency. Is the cake supposed to be slightly dense texture and slightly chewy? Want to make sure I didn't do anything wrong.
    Also, have you ever added any kind of nuts to it?

  25. Linda Napoli says

    I just popped mine into the oven and the batter was so stiff, did I over beat the eggs and sugar? And it is super sugary (2 cups) ever tried with less sugar? Will update how it turned out.

    • Mary says

      The batter is fairly stiff. I haven't tried it with less sugar, but I'm planning to next time. Cranberries are naturally so tart, I've been hesitant to mess with it too much.

    • Kathy says

      Did you ever make the cake with orange zest? I love cranberry-orange flavor, but I have NO idea how much zest to use; I’ve never baked with it. How much do you suggest?

  26. Karyn says

    I've made this twice and it was awesome! I put 1 1/2 cups of white chocolate chips in it the second time and will do so when I make it again but will increase the baking time a few minutes because of the addition.

    • Amy says

      I was also wondering about that, but since so many people here have posted that they made it and no mention of a glaze maybe its just a trick of the light? I have another cranberry cake recipe that calls for a glaze made with milk, powdered sugar and orange zest that would be good here.

  27. Anonymous says

    Stupid question but if you make it the night before should you store it in an airtight container? Refrigerate? Freeze?

  28. Anonymous says

    Just put it in the oven, I am using splenda. will let y'all know how it turns out and if it's a hit after the dinner tonight, have a Blessed day everyone :))

  29. Anonymous says

    Hi! I baked this cake last night and it was splendid! The cranberries looked beautiful against the brown cake and the sweet-tart combination was divine! However, it sank after coming out of the oven and was never fully baked through even though I baked it in excess of 50min. I did use granulated sugar instead of caster. Is that what made the difference?

  30. Diane says

    I made these as cupcakes, greasing muffin tins, no papers. My oven runs a little cool, so they took 35 min. Very sweet & buttery. I can't imagine adding icing or a glaze. They had a nice sugary crust over the top which was hard to keep intact while extracting them.

  31. Rose says

    just made this and oh my god! its so delish i cant stop eating it…i have to stop tho..cuz i cant eat the whole thing lol

  32. Alison says

    I made it & found the top to be sugary, left it for a day or so & it was much better. Served it as is but will make it again & try it with a sauce.

  33. Anonymous says

    Made this yesterday (again) from your 'famous' recipe! Delicious! I used frozen berries and increased the baking time to 60 minutes. Perfect. Only 2 small pieces left for today's coffee. Fantastic recipe. Absolutely one of our favourites.

  34. D Jackson says

    2 quick questions, how do you convert it for a smaller pan ( I want to take one to work), and for a diabetic what can I use beside Splenda of is that the best sugar substuite?

  35. Kristina says

    Just made this and popped it in the oven. The batter was reallllly thick so I came back to check and make sure I didn't forget something but I have read in a few comments that it can seem really stiff, like cookie dough, whew! Can't wait to see how it comes out tonight!

  36. Anonymous says

    made this for family Thanksgiving it was a hit. I sprinkled a little sugar on top before it went into the oven. it is delicious.

  37. Anonymous says

    I made this 2 nights ago for a go, really stays well and is a fantastic cake. We added a dooup of vanilla ice cream and was even better. Took the tartness of the cranberries away.

  38. Mandy says

    I just put one these cakes in the oven, it was amazing easy, and I wanted to take the time to thank you for sharing it with me, so I can share it with my family. I know you work hard on your blog, webpage and facebook and I don't think you hear thank you often enough.

    • Mandy says

      We sprinkled a dusting of powdered sugar on top. Its amazing. We couldn't even wait for it to cool. Next time we are going to add some orange zest and drizzle with white chocolate and crushed macadamia nuts.

  39. Anonymous says

    I'd like to make this, but wondering if anyone has tried putting a little almond or orange extract in the batter?

  40. Lisa says

    I love this cake. I warm it for a few seconds in the microwave. Next time I'm going to add the white chocolate chips.

    • Mary says

      I think it will bake fine in a bundt. However, it might not slice nicely. I haven't tried it that way, so I can't say for sure.

  41. Anonymous says

    Probably the easiest, best cake to make when you want something sweet but not too decadent….it was so good and so easy to make!

  42. Vivian says

    I made this last weekend for the ladies in my Bible Study class…they all want the recipe…it was a big hit!! thanks for sharing.

  43. Anonymous says

    Made with gluten free flour very yummie, everyone loved it, and they are not gluten free. I made it with Pamala's Artisan blend flour.

    • Mary says

      The fresh or frozen cranberries add a lot of moisture to the cake. Without them, it would have been too dense and dry. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you!

  44. Anonymous says

    I tried this on a whim though I only had a stick blender not a mixer. I was concerned that the sugar/egg mixture would not thicken enough but it did. I baked for 43 minutes and when completely cooled, dusted with powdered sugar.The final product was perfection!

  45. Diane says

    I made this cake and it was awesome!!! I also made it with blueberries and it was a definite hit !! Thank You for the recipe.

  46. Anonymous says

    I made the mistake of trying a cranberry while making htis and spit it out right away. So when the cake was done i didn't want to even try it. the top got a little soggy after a day but when i finally did try it after my family told me it was amazing and asked for the recipe it was delicious. I could not believe it tasted just like what i imagined it would taste. i cant wait to make this for xmas. how long do cranberries stay fresh? the week after thanksgiving aldi's had them for 49 cents a bag and didnt know if they would last to xmas to make the cake.
    Renee Marie

    • Mary says

      Renee, I tried one the first time I worked with them as well and couldn't believe how sour they taste fresh! When they are cooked, they are simply amazing, but dang, they are super tart!

      Your cranberries should be fine until Christmas. They last for a month or two in the fridge and I've kept them for a couple years in the freezer.

  47. Anonymous says

    Glad I read the comments first. As a result, I added the zest of one small lemon. Also, I live at 5300 feet and it only took 40 mnutes.

  48. Anonymous says

    This was a hit with the guys at the fire department! I have made my second batch in a week to try on my co-workers. Thanks! Is there any way to find out what the calorie count is on this? I imagine it is rather high, so I need to make sure I am not indulging too much 😉

    • Mary says

      A one to one ratio (or 1:1) means that you could substitute a gluten free flour blend in exactly the same amount. I haven't tried that myself, but a lot of people have mentioned in the comments that it worked well for them.

  49. Anonymous says

    I made this late one night, it was so easy! My son and I absolutely loved it! And a guest the next day had 3 pieces. Will be making this again and again. From your new loyal follower, Laura

  50. Diane says

    I made this and it was awesome!!!! I also made it with blueberries and it was a big hit! Thank you for this great recipe…….

  51. Kate says

    Made last night to send to hubby's work. I dusted with powdered sugar also. Tastes great waiting to get the reviews back from the girls on the office.

  52. Linda says

    This is a great recipe, made it for our church Tasting Tea last week. It was so good I managed to only get a 1" square for myself!

  53. GrandmaLorie says

    I made this cake for Thanksgiving and it was a big hit with my family. I followed the recipe exactly and it was delicious. The cake was very moist and I liked the contrast of the sweet cake with the tart cranberries. Yum! I plan to make it again for a treat at work, and for a Christmas party this week. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  54. Mandy says

    I made it and dusted each piece with a bit of powdered sugar. It was more for looks than anything else but this was very popular at my house. It was a pre-Christmas trial run for several new recipes last week.

  55. Ien in the Kootenays says

    Just took it out of the oven. I can't believe how much it puffed up, it was so stiff going in! We find most North American recipes too sweet for our Dutch taste, so I reduced the amount of sugar to 11/2 cups. I use unsalted butter, so added a pinch of salt, that should have been more, and a hint of lemon zest, that could also be increased. I only nibbled a tiny corner, it has to go to the Solstice potluck. It looks promising, will most likely try again.

    • Mary says

      I'm glad that you liked the cake! It still amazes me that it puffs up so much after starting so stiff! Definitely add more salt if you are using unsalted butter. (Approximately 1/4 teaspoon salt per 1/2 cup of unsalted butter is a good estimate for recipes originally made with salted butter.)

  56. Anonymous says

    I made this tonight and my husband said it smelled good and then after it baked he said this was tart, not too sweet and honey make it again!

  57. Carle says

    I make into cupcakes— huge hit– everyone loves them— been making them batch after batch since thanksgiving— super easy!!!

  58. Jodi says

    I did a test run of this over the weekend, it's almost all gone! Plan to incorporate this onto the treat trays I make my neighbors for Christmas – gotta get more cranberries! Thank you!

  59. Anonymous says

    Made this delicious gem at Thanksgiving and my husband has been asking for me to make it again ever since..Surprising him and making it for Christmas. .Its a wonderful dessert.

  60. Anonymous says

    This recipe is very similar to one my friend gave me…she added pecans and instead of vanilla extract she uses almond extract….IT IS AMAZING!

  61. Ashley says

    Hi! I made this cake for Christmas Eve at my in law's and it was fantastic!! I added about 1 1/2 of white chocolate chips to the batter though. So delicious! It was a big hit, thank you for the recipe!

  62. Linda says

    i made yr cake and ohhhh my gosh it was awesome i cut it in squares and put in pretty celo bags and gave it away to my neighbor and my sister they all loved it i kept some for us here i just had a cup of flavored coffee and had a piece of it ohhhh yummmmm

  63. Sandy says

    ~♥~ this cake is delish ~ made twice in 4 days ~♥~ 2 more bags of cranberries in freezer – will get more next week ~♥~ won't be disappointed in this recipe ~♥~

  64. Jenn says

    I have made it for both Thanksgiving and again for this evening and it is amazing. The butter flavor and the tartness are so good together. I am not a wonderful baker but found this recipe to be very easy. Thanks!

  65. Diane Gansz says

    This is the second time I made this recipe. Always a hit. Very easy to make. Delicious. I would like to try it with fresh fruit, maybe peaches or blueberries

  66. Angel says

    I've made this cake 3 times this month. We enjoyed the first one in days. The 2nd one I froze half. Third one I gave to a neighbor. I took out the frozen one. Cut thinly. Baked it again. And cooled. Painted half of them in dark chocolate on one side. The other half batch I painted with a cran white chocolate. Yum.

  67. Anonymous says

    I made this Christmas morning – it was AMAZING! I did add a touch of salt (as most sweets call for in the recipe) as well as some orange zest. Then just to be extra indulgent, I made a quick glaze of butter, vanilla, powdered sugar, and milk…YUM!


  68. Lisa says

    Made the cranberry cake for new year's party! Yummo!! I used whole wheat flour which made it a little more dense, but delicious just the same.

  69. Cindy says

    Tonight is the third time I have made this cake! I did make mine sugar free and my family loves it! I now need to find more cranberries so I can freeze them to make more. Thanks for the recipe.

  70. Anonymous says

    Made this for part of my Christmas morning brunch. Everyone loved it. I especially love the short ingredient list! It came out exactly as pictured. I will keep this on my holiday favorite list!

  71. Millie Huhman says

    I made this last Christmas and loved it. If using frozen berries do I need to thaw them or just throw them in frozen…please advise

  72. Lora says

    I've made this several times. If I don't have bagged cranberries in the freezer, I plump dried ones by putting them in warm water for an hour or so. My family loves coconut and I also add Baker's. Very good.

  73. Anonymous says

    I LOVE this cake!!! I just made another one with frozen berries and I made several of them this past winter!

  74. Chris says

    When I first saw this recipe last October floating around the internet I printed it. I've made this wonderful cake so many time since I can't count. It's always a hit and somebody wants the recipe after trying it. One thing I added was RAW SUGAR sprinkled across the top before baking. It just adds a little sweet to counter the tart. Also cut it into bite size pieces. A full normal slice of cake is too much, better to go back for another "bite".

  75. Jennifer says

    I have made this a few times, it is down right delicious! Almost like a buttery pound-cake. Love it!

  76. Anonymous says

    I made this and it is amazing! Reminds me of a cranberry poundcake. Buttery, sweet and tart! Down right delicious!

  77. Anonymous says

    This is the best cake!!!!! Made 6 of them at Christmas and everyone loved it. Can't wait to make it again this fall!

  78. Anonymous says

    My favorite cake recipe now!! I've made it several times and I'm always amazed at how good it is! Broken hearted now that I used up all my frozen cranberries – waiting for them to show up in store again so I can stock up.

  79. Anonymous says

    I have made this several times, it is so easy and everyone loves it, even those who don't care for cranberries.

    • Mary says

      I haven't tried this cake with rhubarb myself, but I think it would work fine. This is a very forgiving cake and it has been delicious with all the berries I've tried. Most rhubarb is tart like the cranberries, so it will probably be delicious!

  80. Lisa says

    I have made this so many times it's always an asked for dessert. It's so yummy as the cranberries burst n give it that extra flavor. Yummo

    • Mary says

      I've never tried it without the butter. I imagine that it could work without the butter, but I have no idea how it will taste. It's a buttery tasting cake with very few ingredients, so removing the butter might make it fairly bland. If you do decide to try it, I'd love to know how it turns out!

  81. Evelyn says

    Made this the other day – major YUM. I even bought extra cranberries to bake through out the year. Can't wait until blueberry season is here… bet blueberries rather than cranberries would also be YUM!

  82. Anonymous says

    I've been looking for this recipe. I'm so glad I found it again!! I love this cake, and even more, watching my hubby and kiddos enjoy it. Thank you!
    ~ Jacqueline

  83. Lisa says

    Oh my gosh, I found your recipe and made this cake tonight for a Christmas potluck party tomorrow. I had my doubts as to whether it would rise, but it did! It was so soft, fluffy, and moist. I loved the crunchy top and I almost could not stop cutting off pieces of it to eat. Heavenly! I would love to try this again with some orange zest. The cranberries in it were perfect!

  84. Jean says

    LOVE this. Made it last year and my sister-in-law, who is executive Pastry chef for a catering company here, quickly added it to her repertoire of holiday recipes

  85. Anonymous says

    The oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit that is? I would love to try out your recipe here in Europe, but the oven should be heated at how may degrees Celsius then? Any idea?

  86. Catherine says

    I've been stocking up on cranberries this year! My family loves this, and it is so easy to make. I sprinkle some coarse decorating sugar over the top before baking for a little sparkle.

  87. Sam says

    This is a simple easy recipe to make and is delish! I think next time I would sprinkle sugar on top before baking or make an almond glaze to drizzle on top. – even with all the sugar inside it is very tart. Very good – thanks for the recipe!

  88. Jacqueline says

    This is a gem of a cake. It didn't last past the cake and coffee time after dinner. So good! It's a keeper and a new addition to our Christmas.

  89. Anonymous says

    I made this for a Christmas party and it was a HUGE hit! re-posting to my page for the all the people who asked me for the recipe!
    ~ Wendy

  90. Anonymous says

    Hello! I made this wonderful cake for Christmas . Although, as you said, it didn't need it, I brushed a very light coating of icing, on top, after the cake was cooled. My family loved it!! I will definitely make it again. Thank you.

  91. Anonymous says

    My family loved this cake. I did use a smaller pan, which made it a bit thicker but did not affect the taste in any way. I also loved how it seemed to become moister & denser after a couple of days!!!!

  92. Anonymous says

    Hi Mary, I live in Sydney, Australia and we can't buy fresh cranberries, so I changed them for tart plums, chopped as I know fresh cranberries have a somewhat sour taste as I've tried them when in the States. Hope you don't mind me changing your lovely recipe as I'm sure it is.

  93. Anonymous says

    I'm stunned by the negative comments. I made this cake and loved it. Everyone who ate a piece demanded the recipe, including a professional baker. We couldnt find cranberries so we tried raspberries. Almost as good. TFS!

  94. Anonymous says

    Better late than never – I have been wanting to try this for a while – finally made it yesterday as a Valentine's treat for me – made it gluten free and dairy free (used Bob's Red Mill gf ap flour and earth balance margarine). Best treat I have had for a long time – thank you so much! It was fabulous – my only complaint is it is very addictive….

  95. Cherib says

    Love cranberries, even raw! I have been trying to eliminate gluten in my diet. I think I'm going to try using almond flour in place of the regular flour. Will let you know how it works.

  96. Anonymous says

    I read the recipe and printed it out. Got to find some cranberries…can't wait to try it out. I'm hungry already! Thanks so much for sharing.

  97. Anonymous says

    I am looking forward to making this., I am a big fan of Cranberry & Orange, so after I make it the first time I made add some orange flavor

  98. Brenda says

    I make this cake every year, although we call it "pudding" and top it off with a decadent sauce made from butter, sugar and cream. It adds the perfect sweetness to balance the tart yet plain taste of the cake.

  99. mar says

    I have been making this since 1974 when a co-worker gave me the recipe . didn't like cranberries until I tried this but we add walnuts.. it's my nephews favorite cake we save cranberries for his February birthday

  100. Evelyn says

    OH MY!!!! Thought of you with LOVE and this WONDERFUL recipe the other day. Found FRESH CRANBERRIES in my grocery store… bought four bags and put them in the freezer. Will be buying up more when they go on sale. This delicious cake is also wonderful with blueberries and raspberries. This is such a lovely cake and so easy to stir up and bake.

  101. Sher says

    I made the GF one a couple of days ago… it was FABOO//// Kind of like a light pound cake and the top was ALMOST like a crispy meringue the first day, My best friend finally pleaded with me to put it away as she kept taking little squares out of the pan every time she walked by! ty ty One of the best GF treats I have made to date!!

  102. Anonymous says

    I live at 7200 feet and made this exactly per the recipe and cooked 45 minutes – kinda gooey. Anything that I can tweak for high altitude?

  103. Sandy_of_WV says

    the BEST cake — easy to make [except for stirring in cranberries – which is hard] — always a huge hit with family and church

  104. Sharon says

    I have made this about five times already. I've even made it gluten free. It's so easy with ingredients on hand. Everyone likes the sweet/tartness of the cake and like the moistness as well. I've followed recipe exactly. No changes needed! Thanks for a great recipe!

    • Mary says

      It works well in small pans, but the time will vary. I'd check after about 22 minutes and then every few minutes after. Happy baking!

  105. Anonymous says

    I made this just because I love cranberries in anything and it sounded so easy. I made them for a Christmas brunch, so instead of a cake, I made muffins. And the only change I made to the recipe was I added 1 t. of orange extract when I added the vanilla. Followed the recipe exactly, cooked the muffins for 35 minutes (it made 24). Absolutely delicious! Made them a couple of days ahead, froze them and they were perfect. Will definitely make again. Thanks for this easy, fabulous recipe!

  106. Anonymous says

    I love this cake..was a huge hit when I have made it in the past. Making it for work again this year. Those that say it was dense and dry must have messed up the recipe somewhere along the way. It is fabulous. I know someone who makes it with all kind of fruit, Strawberries, blueberries etc…

  107. TNYM says

    I just won our office's holiday baking competition with this recipe, using the gluten-free version. It's a huge hit, and I've been commanded to bake more! Thank you for sharing!

  108. Leana Dawn says

    Quick suggestion: It's not clear in your original recipe if salted or unsalted butter is used (which I think led to people's comments about it needing salt or the blandness of it). From what I understand, the "industry standard" is to bake with unsalted butter so the chef can adjust salt levels. Maybe it would help to specify that the recipe requires SALTED butter? I had to search through the user comments to find out which kind to buy for the recipe. Thanks! Baking it for the first time right now.

    • Jo says

      Same suggestion here…. I’m on my 2nd hour of comments (650 ish to wade thru’) trying to find tidbits like this before I bake this cake today. It would be much easier if the recipe states which to use

      Per her reply to a comment from a Dutch baker, a general rule of thumb is approx 1/4 tsp salt per 1/2 Cup unsalted butter for recipes requiring salted butter.

      That said, I have been drooling over the thought of this cake for several weeks. I suspect (& really, really hope) that using salted butter, this cake will satisfy my imagination and taste buds….. 😊😊😊

    • Mary says

      Hi Jo, thanks for the suggestions. I’ll add additional recipe notes before next Christmas and the mad rush of cranberry cake baking begins. All the best!

  109. MalissaH says

    I made this last night and really like it. It was delicious for breakfast today! I've been on a cranberry kick and this was a great way to use my final bag. The cake came together very quickly, though I wasn't prepared for just how thick the batter would end up being. It was tricky folding in the cranberries, but it can be done without breaking any. I baked mine for 43 minutes and that was perfect. I did sprinkle a very small amount of sugar on top before baking. Next time I will add some orange zest and almond extract instead of vanilla, just to try a different variation. Great recipe!

  110. Anonymous says

    Can you just use 1/4 can of cranberry sauce? I can only find frozen cranberries. I really wan to make for a friend.

    • Mary says

      This will not turn out the same way with a can of cranberry sauce. I'm guessing that it might still be tasty, but it won't be the same cake. For what it's worth, this cake works beautifully with blueberries as well.

  111. Jane says

    I made this for the first time today and it certainly won't be the last time I make it. We loved it! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  112. Anonymous says

    I usually make two cakes. Have you ever doubled the recipe to make the batter in the mixer for two at the same time? Would it matter about the mixing time for the sugar and eggs?

    • Mary says

      Almond Flour will not work the same way for this cake. If you'd like to make a gluten free version, you can substitute the flours listed above. I hope that helps!

    • Mary says

      Click the link that says "printable recipe" and it will take you to a page without any advertising. You can print the recipe from your browser that way. Enjoy!

    • Mary says

      There is no baking soda or baking powder in this cake. The process of beating the sugar and eggs together for so long works to leaven this cake. Enjoy!

  113. Danielle says

    I had all the ingredients at home so I made this cake yesterday. It was a stupendous success. First, it is so easy to make: 15 minutes + 3 minutes washing up (really). I did make two changes however: I added 2/3 cups chocolate chips and I used orange extract instead of vanilla. the result was spectacular. This recipe is definitely a keeper.

  114. Anonymous says

    Do you recommend doubling the recipe? We are making it for a Christmas Dinner fundraising event? Will it work to double and bake in a larger pan?

    • Mary says

      Yes, frozen will work fine. I typically set them on the counter when I start making the cake. By the time I am ready to add the cranberries to the batter, they've thawed enough not to freeze up the batter.

  115. Sharon's Landing says

    This cake is wonderful! Saw the recipe the other day and decided to make it tonight after work as a "trial run" for a possible Thanksgiving dessert in a few weeks. So glad I found it! The tart cranberries next to the sweet, delicate cake, is just wonderful. I had it with a little sweetened whipped cream. So important, the step of beating the eggs and sugar long enough. Can't wait to have another piece for breakfast! Thank you!

  116. Anonymous says

    Made this today as a trial run to see if I wanted to make it for Christmas. It is totally awesome. Love the sweet and the tart together. I let it cool completely before cutting into squares. Is there a trick to cutting this without the top cracking as you cut it? The picture of your cake square looks so smooth on the top.

    • Mary says

      I'm thrilled that you love the cake! I honestly don't have a trick for slicing it without it cracking. The cake does tend to do that. I've found that sometimes it cracks more than others and I don't know why. Sorry I don't have a magic answer! Fortunately, it's still delicious both ways.

  117. Kathleen says

    Love this cake. Has become a family favorite since you pisted it several years ago…thanks. I was thinking about making it into small cakes for gifts. Have you ever done this and if so how long to cook? Merry Christmas from Nova Scotia !

    • Mary says

      Yes, I make mini cakes for gifts most years. You’ll simply want to watch the time and adjust according to the pan size you choose to use. Enjoy!

    • Mary says

      I have not tried that myself, but I’ve been told in many of the above comments that it will work fine.

    • berta says

      Have you ever greased and sugared the pan? or sprinkled top with sugar for that little sweet crust?

    • Mary says

      I’d reduce the cooking time by 10-15 minutes, and check for doneness with a toothpick. You’ll also need to reduce the recipe by half in order to use an 8×8 pan. Enjoy!

  118. Mary R says

    I have made this cake many, many times since finding it on your site a couple of years ago. It’s delicious and everyone loves it. So easy and especially nice this time of year with fresh cranberries so abundant at the grocery. Thank you for sharing such a great recipe. – Mary R.

  119. Chris says

    I am jumping up and down with excitement over this cake! (Well, on the inside, anyway). The cake in your beautiful photos appears to have a sugary glaze on it. Did you add that, or does it just bake up that way? It looks marvelous and I hope you are still answering questions 5 years later! Thanks!

  120. Shannon S. says

    This just came out of my over. It looks beautiful, and it smells amazing! I can hardly wait for it to cool so I can try it!

  121. Taryn says

    I recently found this recipe and made it last night for a work potluck tonight. I really like the flavor, but am wondering if the texture came out correctly and was hoping for some feedback. I’m not a new baker, and I followed the recipe exactly, using cranberries that had been frozen but that I’d left on the counter for a few hours…they may have still been cold but should have been mostly defrosted. My butter had also sat out to soften for awhile, though in retrospect could have maybe been a bit softer.

    When I made the batter, it ended up extremely stiff…so stiff that I couldn’t use a wooden spoon to spread it, but instead had to press it into the pan with my hands. Reading through the comments I know it should be stiff, but this seemed extreme. While pressing it into the pan I noticed that the batter had become very cold…maybe from the cranberries?

    The finished (baked and cooled) cake rose some, but is still very dense and the crumb is very tight…not as fluffy looking as the pictures…it seems more like a cookie bar than cake.

    Is this how it should be? Any ideas what I may have done wrong if not?

    • Mary says

      It sounds like the berries were frozen solid when you stirred them into the cake. I’ve done that as well, and it will freeze the batter a bit, but it typically still works fine. However, if the berries were not frozen, that wouldn’t be the cause.

      My best guess is that the eggs and sugar were not beaten together for quite long enough. The lengthy process creates the necessary lift for the cake. Without that extending beating, the cake will come out more dense than expected. I hope that helps!

    • Mary says

      I use frozen cranberries almost every time I make this cake. I typically buy the bags of fresh cranberries and toss them straight into the freezer.

    • Mary says

      I haven’t used a bundt pan myself, but I’ve been told (in the above comments) that it works well.

  122. Lynn says

    I’ve made just one that turned into 4 & is now 12 in only 2 years. Veryone loves it. I’ve added 2 teaspoons of orange zest to a few of mine & have received positive comments. The combination works well in a Cranberry Orange Bread that I make every year. My grand kids love it as the adults do. 👍🏼👏. Thank you.

  123. AD says

    Just made this and the cranberries are so tart it’s hard to eat. I don’t think they baked much at all. I used fresh whole berries – was I supposed to cut them? The cake part is delicious.

  124. Laura says

    This is a great recipe. Sooooo easy and Sooooo Delicious. I folded in Slivered Almonds and found an amazing Warm Orange Sauce to compliment. It was a hit. I have shared this recipe with several.

    This recipe saved the day when I was called in to cook at a Retirement Residence. Not even a crumb was to be found after meal service. It is now saved in our recipe binder as Cook’s Choice for alternate dessert on our menu.

    • Laura says

      The bumpy texture on top is nice. I used mini cake pans. That way I was able to transfer to serving platter easily, right side up making for an intriguing and pleasant presentation.

  125. Kate says

    Is there any reason I couldn’t do this in a Bundt pan? I’m looking for a fancier presentation for a work party. Thanks!

  126. Kim says

    I recently made this cake and while it tasted good, it fell apart. I would like to try it again (it really did taste good), but I want to figure out what I did wrong. I feel like I followed the directions to a t. Any ideas?
    Thank you!

    • Kim says

      I made it again and was super-careful with measuring ingredients and following directions. Again, it was delicious, but again, it fell apart. I don’t see anyone else mentioning this problem. Any thoughts?

    • Mary says

      I’m sorry I missed your original comment! I honestly have no idea why that is happening for you. I’ve made this cake countless times without any problems and I’ve never heard of the cake falling apart for anyone else. You didn’t substitute any ingredients?

  127. Lisaa Goodman says

    LI add orange zest to the batter ande make a glaze4 of powdered sugar and orange juice. I’ve also swapped blueberries and lemon zest with lemon glaze in the summer time. So easy to make and the cake never last very long. I’m making 8 of them this Christmas to give out for gifts.

  128. Cynthia says

    It’s not too tart because of all the sugar. It can be doubled. I’ve made a couple times now and now add pumpkin pie spice. I wdnt call it a cake, more like a brownie. Love it!

  129. Stacey says

    This cake is Amazing! It is my new Holiday go to cake. Simple, even though I keep forgetting and add the butter first. Comes out the same for me. I am curious as to the fact that there is not salt or baking soda in this recipe. At first I thought it must be a mistake but no mistakes here! Just tart and sweet deliciousness!

    P.S. I have played around with adding white choco-chips, dusting sugar on top and am thinking of adding a toping of sugared cream cheese with crushed pistachios. Just to change it up. But Really This Cake is Fantastic!
    Thank You!

  130. Liz Krieger says

    Thank you for this recipe. I do not even like cranberries, but my husband loves them. He wants me to keep making the cake all the time.

  131. Diane says

    Can this Crnaberry Christmas Cake be frozen? I want to make it for company this weekend, but would like to go ahead and make it today and freeze it until this weekend. Thanks!

  132. Anita says

    This looks wonderful! I’m wondering if the bake time would be less if I divided and made two smaller cakes in a brownie pan for gift giving. Any thoughts?

    • Mary says

      Yes, you’ll want to slightly reduce the baking time. I’ve found that it typically takes 10-15 minutes less for small pans. I’d set a timer and just check it until done.

  133. Ivy Perez says

    I’m going to try making this cake but have a question. The video shows you mixing the flour with the mixer but the recipe said to stir in. Does it matter which I do?

  134. Missy says

    I am considering baking this as a 8″ or 9″ layer cake. What would be the baking times. Would it turn out OK baking it in layers?

    • Mary says

      I’d start checking for doneness around the 30-minute mark and just watch it closely. I have no idea how that would work in layers because I’ve never tried it. It’s really more of a coffee cake. It should be fine though. If you do try it, please let me know how it turns out. Happy baking!

  135. Ann says

    I think these would make a lovely Christmas gift. Has anyone tried making these into smaller gift sized? How would you adjust the baking time?

  136. Stacie says

    Made this for a holiday church meeting. It is so good. I added a teaspoon of baking powder and probably a tablespoon of vanilla. It was awesome! Definitely a keeper.

  137. Patricia says

    I made this with the fresh cranberries, but I think I will try again with dried cranberries. My husband made this suggestion. He said it was to tart from fresh.
    otherwise it was very good.

    • Mary says

      Raspberries are too delicate to fold into this batter. However, I have made this with blueberries many times. I hope that helps!

  138. Audrey says

    This looks easy and delicious! Is there a frosting that you recommend that would go well with it, maybe some whipped-cream style frosting?

    I just love frosting cakes 😉

  139. J prevost says

    I have had this recipe for years and it is wonderful! Every time I make it people ask for more or for the recipe. The only difference in my recipe is that it calls for a warm butter sauce over the cake before serving it. It is wonderful!!

  140. Rachelle says

    Although I’ve been called a great cook…..I have always struggled with baking. I decided to cross my fingers and try this simple recipe; completely following recipe. Wow… was incredible! My family and guests insist that I make it again. :). It had the perfect amount of sweet and tart (I left cranberries whole)….. I think sometimes “simple” shines the most! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful recipe.

  141. Amy P says

    I just popped this cake in the oven! I hope it turned out ok. The batter was very thick. Almost like cookie dough. I hope that’s how it was supposed to be! Can’t wait to try it.

  142. Yumna says

    This looks so yum! I want to make it this week, but I just saw the recipe and was wondering if dried cranberries would work?

  143. Heidilynners says

    We are having a Christmas party at work on Tuesday and I plan on making this cake! Thank you for sharing this recipe!

  144. Deanna Stotts says

    I made it today, followed recipe to the letter, it comes out really doughy. I have out it back in the oven for another 20 minutes still kinda doughy so another 10 minutes in.. you can tell that as it cools down its going to be gummy .. what the heck did i do wrong

    • Mary says

      Unfortunately, without being in your kitchen with you, it’s impossible to guess what might have gone wrong. I’ve never had this recipe come out gummy. Did you substitute any ingredients? Did you beat the eggs and sugar for the full length of time?

  145. LC says

    Made this 3 times already…added some fresh orange zest to it. It was awesome everybody loves it. It will be my favorite Christmas cake from now on. The next day is even better although can’t say how long it will last after 3 days its gone…..

  146. Ella Champion says

    Planning to make this on Christmas Eve and since it’s the first time I am making it, just curious which brand of butter tastes the best for this recipe. Do you have a favorite? I normally use Kerrygold for baking but for cranberry white chocolate chip cookies I find Land O’ Lakes to be the best. Will appreciate your reply 😊

  147. Eileen Rice says

    My family loves this cake , so I tried it with fresh blueberries. Still a wonderful cake . Best recipe I’ve made in a long time .

  148. Evelyn says

    I made this cake today. It is good but the cranberries are really tart. I’m thinking of either putting alittle powdered sugar on top or drizzling a glaze. The cake itself is sweet but it just needs alittle something, maybe whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

  149. Rachel says

    Hi! First time reader. Found this via Pinterest, and it was awesome! My husband wasn’t sure, because he thought it needed a glaze. Nope, nope, nopity nope! This was moist, delicious, and a perfect balance between sweet and tart. We will definitely be making this again, soon. He wants to try it with various berries, and fresh peaches, when they are in season. I did give mine a total of 47 minutes, in my electric oven. And it was amazing. Thank you for sharing!

  150. Missy says

    I made this cake a few days ago, followed recipe exactly. It came out so good, I could hardly quit eating it, good thing I shared the cake with a friend, or I would have eaten the whole thing myself. She loved it too!! This recipe is a keeper.

  151. Lorie Dwyer says

    I made this recipe today. but instead of fresh cranberries I use dried cranberries and it came out delicious. I also use less sugar, I have a diabetic in the house. Really easy recipe.😛

  152. Cindy says

    I have made this cake about 3 times now and everyone has enjoyed it. I do put in frozen cranberries and it makes it even more moist. It has never lasted long enough to get dried out.

  153. Jessica says

    Could I use a box yellow cake mix and stir in cranberries? If I tried it what alterations to the batter should I make?

  154. Alexandria says

    This looks marvelous, and I’m making it for Christmas this year. Have you ever made it in a Bundt pan? (It’s the only cake pan I have).
    Happy holidays 2016

  155. Jess B says

    I’m baking this today (Thursday) but we aren’t eating it until Sunday. Will it last?! What’s the best way to store it?

    • Mary says

      I typically store this cake on the counter. If you are making it three days in advance, I’d just make sure that it is covered, so that it doesn’t dry out. Enjoy!

  156. Jennifer Kelly says

    I am making this for Christmas eve dinner. Do I remove it from the pan to finish cooling, or cool completely and slice it in the pan? Thanks, can’t wait to try it!

    • Mary says

      Yes, the dough is stiff, but it should bake up perfectly for you. (Also, if you happened to use frozen cranberries, it will be VERY stiff. Again, it should work fine.)

  157. Jacque says

    This recipe sounds delicious! I actually bought fresh cranberries at Thanksgiving time and froze them, but can I still use them in this recipe since they are no longer fresh? If so, should I unthaw them first?
    Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  158. Brenda says

    I have never cooked with fresh cranberries. The bag I got is hard red berries. How did you prepare the cramberries for the recipe for the Cranberry Christmas Cake?

    • Mary says

      You do not need to do that, Sharon. The eggs act as a leavener in this recipe. I’m not sure how it would work with self rising flour.

    • Melanie says

      Found the answer. I’m going to make this tomorrow. Thank you very much for the easy recipe. Merry Christmas

  159. Kathy Ziegenmier says

    Didn’t have salted butter and forgot to add a dash of salt. Hope it doesn’t taste too flat. How did everyone get the cranberries even distributed? It was so thick and impossible to stir.

    • Mary says

      I’ve made this cake with both salted and unsalted butter and it works fine both ways, even when I forget that pinch of salt myself. Yes, the batter is thick and if your cranberries are frozen the batter will be quite stiff. It all works out as it bakes though.

  160. Jo says

    I will be making this cake for the first time today. I don’t know how many people in my family like fresh cranberries & I can honestly say though, hopefully not too many… More for me. We discoveed the joys of died cranberries a few years ago & put them in a lot of things including our dinner salads, oatmeal & other cooked fruit desserts, but have never tried fresh. Hope it tastes as good as my imagination is telling me it will.

  161. Andrea Bedwell says

    I love the cake but it was too tart without adding a glaze and I also added 1/2 cup extra sugar to the batter. It is a really pretty cake. I think blueberries would also be good. Thanks for sharing.

  162. Sue says

    My cake formed a hard crust on top & the cake seemed to sink in the middle when I checked it with a toothpick. Any ideas to what I did wrong?

  163. Kate says

    We’ve been using your recipe for 2-3 years – it’s time I told you THANK YOU! I stock up on cranberries so I can extend the season, and even make it with blueberries in the summer. Thank you for a great dessert!

    • Marie says

      No, you didn’t miss anything. I’ve made this 4 times, and my boyfriend always says this cake tastes like a giant sugar cookie. As I was spreading the thick batter in the pan tonight, it dawned on me…this probably is a giant sugar cookie because the “batter” is more like cookie dough than cake batter. Either way, it’s an amazing treat! I like it best right out of the fridge!

  164. Michelle Fiore says

    My batter never did thicken like the directions said it would and it didn’t bake well. Took over an hour and the top was too dark. 🙁

  165. ROBYN OWENS says

    This is the 2nd time I have made this cake. We loved it the first time but everybody kept saying “it needef something.” So this time I added 1 tsp of salt, 2 TBSP of orange zest and 1 cup of chopped pecans. According to my family, this cake is now “rocking.”

  166. Cynthia Allen says

    I’ll be the first to admit that my recipes never look as good as the ones posted and usually the results are minimal at best . But for the first time my cranberry cake looks just like the picture the taste is amazing I love the tartness of the cranberries with the sweet cake batter I bake it for 45 minutes it was perfect. thank you so much for this recipe I know I will be making at many many times in the future!!

  167. Anita says

    Love this recipe. Made it yesterday and my one son- basically ate all of it. Making it again today, however, cranberries can not be found on Christmas Eve. So… going to make with dried cranberries- they still have moisture in them, but obviously will be a bit different. This is a keep recipe- and glad I saved it.

  168. Augustine says

    Next time I won’t use the entire 12 oz bag of cranberries. They were overpowering and didn’t all pop. The cake turned out great and moist.

  169. Jennifer says

    I made this cake on Christmas Eve for a dinner party. Really had my doubts as to whether it would be well liked, mainly because it is not your mainstream cake with frosting, and it looked almost like an old fashioned fruitcake when still in the pan. I served it topped with whipped cream. It was a big hit! I could hear people eating it periodically and repeatedly exclaiming “yum” as they took their next bite. It is so refreshing with the tart cranberries in combination with the sweet cake, and a little goes a long way so you can serve quite a few people with smaller portions (I served approx 2″x2″ pieces). It was also the easiest and fastest cake I’ve ever made. Thanks for a great Christmasy recipe.

  170. Joanne says

    Hard to believe but at 60+ yrs old this year was the first year I bought a huge bag of fresh cranberries because I wanted to make a cranberry chutney recipe. Not knowing what to do with the balance I came across this recipe and gave it a try. I loved it! And so did my group of 12 at work. They all wanted the recipe. This is a must try recipe.
    Do you know if you can freeze fresh cranberries? I so want to be able to make this any time of the year.

    • Mary says

      YES! Absolutely freeze them! I’ve already tucked several bags in the freezer again this year. I make this cake year round. You don’t need to do anything special. Just toss the bag straight from the store into the freezer. Enjoy!

  171. JO ANN MASON says

    I want to try this because I love cranberries, but i wander how much stevia I could use to replace some of the sugar, any ideas?

    • Mary says

      Unfortunately, a cake mix won’t give you the same results. The extended beating time of the eggs and sugar creates the unique texture of this cake.

  172. Louise says

    Ok. I experimented and made this into 10 jumbo muffins. It took about 25-28 minutes to bake. I have a great photo but don’t know if I can post it.

  173. Candace M. says

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. I’ve made this cake many times and it always turns out delicious, it’s a big hit with everyone. I have used both fresh, and frozen, cranberries and there is no difference in the taste or texture. Quick to make. Let ripen for a day or two if you have time before serving, the flavor will be enhanced. Freezes well for months, and travels well without refrigeration. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

  174. Elaine says

    Made this cake and loved it!! The cake is very moist. If I take the rest in to work, I will put a glaze on top. My co-workers like sweeter goodies. It’s too tempting to keep @ home.

  175. Cassie says

    Would it work to use gf flour? Has anyone had any luck using it? I usually buy the Namaste version from Costco. Thanks!

    • Gayle says

      I tried making it with Pamela’s baking flour (gf). It tasted good, but it didn’t rise very much. I tried it the first time with Krusteaz flour mix, but we found it to taste gritty and somewhat bitter. It turned out better with Pamela’s flour. We always make a warm butter caramel sauce to pour over it. Yum!!

  176. Beth says

    2 questions 1.What kind of butter do you use when baking THIS Cranberry Christmas Cake cake-salted OR unsalted? 2. If a recipe just lists “butter” as an ingredient,do they mean salted or unsalted-is there a rule for this? Thank you!

    • Teri says

      Beth, in an earlier post Mary said she uses salted butter. I hope that helps.
      Here is the earlier post:
      Mary says
      November 3, 2013 at 2:00 pm
      I’m using regular salted butter. That probably makes the difference.

  177. Teri says

    This cake is amazing!!! I have made it at least 8 times in the last several weeks for various gatherings and it has been a huge hit with both old and young. People always ask for the recipe, and of course I share your link. I have made the cake exactly as the recipe is written, and I have tried a few twists like adding orange zest and orange juice, sprinkling red sanding sugar on top of the cake after it comes out of the oven so that it sparkles when cooled, and I have substituted the cranberries with fresh blueberries with lemon zest and lemon juice. All have turned out amazing! This recipe is very forgiving and allows for some fun personalization. For those interested, when I added the juice (generally 2-4 tbs) I also increased the flour by about 1/8 to ¼ cup. I now have 8 bags of cranberries in my freezer so that I can make the cake throughout the year. I think for the 4th of July I might try mixing fresh blueberries with the frozen cranberries for a red, white and blue cake. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. It’s a keeper!!!

  178. Jamie says

    Bah humbug! Cooked for an hour, toothpick came out clean, top a light brown. Yet, after cooling completely, the inside was chewy and raw. The edges were cooked and tasted delicious. WTF? I beat the eggs and sugar until doubled in volume, 6 minutes or so. This recipe has potential but needs reworking.

  179. Glorys says

    I made this last night and it was so incredibly tart. Well the cranberries. They were way too bitter I made a face everytime I took a bite. What can I do to sweeten the cranberries? They were fresh btw

  180. D Alford says

    I am not a baker, but felt like one when I made this for our company last month. I love cranberries & the simple list of ingredients & steps caught my attention. Did slightly reduce the amount of sugar, beat the room temperature eggs 6 min, & baked for 44 min. The cake was beautiful & tasted even better than it looked. Company was thrilled & so was I! Will bake another one in a few weeks with frozen berries-hope it will be just a delicious!

  181. Johanna says

    This was so easy and delicious. Use butter….it’s not a lot of butter for the size of this cake and you can taste the butter which makes it even better. I would like to make it with blueberries, but since they are not tart like cranberries, how much sugar should be used?

    • Mary says

      I don’t change anything when I make it with blueberries. It’s a little sweeter, but not too sweet at all. Enjoy!

  182. Gayle says

    I make a cake very similar to this every Christmas, but we also have a hot caramel sauce that we pour over it. Very, very delicious!! The sauce is the crowning touch!

  183. DD Duncan says

    It’s in the oven now! Hope I mixed the sugar and eggs long enough… Wasn’t sure what speed at which to set the mixer. The dough was nice and thick, however, so hopefully I’m good! The photo looks like the cake has some type of glaze on it… ?? Keeping my fingers crossed!

  184. Patty says

    I love this ! I made one at Christmas and already made another one this weekend to go to church for snacks. This is one recipe I will make over and over again. I followed the recipe exactly and cooked it 45 minutes. It was perfect.

  185. Lauren says

    I’ve now made this at least a half dozen times since finding the recipe 2 months ago. It’s a huge hit at parties and in our household.

    Tonight I only had cake flour available, and the result was phenomenal! I’ve found it’s best to let the eggs come fully to room temperature, too, to avoid it becoming too dense. Wheat flour, unfortunately, doesn’t seem to work well. However, organic cane sugar is great for those who may want to avoid refined sugar. For butter, I’ve used the fancy stuff and the store brand, and both are good. Happy baking!

    • Mary says

      I’m thrilled that you’re enjoying the cake so much! Thanks for coming back to tell me how all the variations are working out for you. Happy baking!

  186. Billy says

    Do the frozen cranberries need to be thawed? My cake is now baking; I didn’t expect the batter to be so thick but I assume that it is correct? It wasn’t pourable, but needed to be scooped into the pan.

    • Mary says

      The cranberries do not need to be thawed, but they do tend to freeze up the dough a bit. The only downside to that is that the dough is more difficult to stir. I typically set them on the counter as I begin preparing the cake and I let them warm a bit. It will bake just fine with the frozen berries and stiff dough though! Enjoy!

  187. Kathy says

    I used frozen cranberries and it worked beautiful. It’s was so easy and so scrumptious. The crumb I’s exceptional. If you follow the recipe like it said and mix the butter till about double, I think that is the key. You can’t go wrong.

  188. Marie says

    This cake is excellent cold…right out of the fridge! Before baking, I sprinkle the top with white sugar, and spritz it with butter flavored cooking spray. Yum!

  189. Pattico says

    I tired your recipe for the Cranberry Christmas Cake and it did not fit in the 9X13 pan at all. I was disappointed in the outcome. I expected to rise like the picture shown but it was a lot thinner. Had to trash it.

  190. Donna says

    Have this in the oven, and it smells SO yummy. Must admit that I messed up. I mixed my eggs & butter, thinking that was the first step that had to beat…instead of sugar & eggs. Was gonna just stop & start over, but gave it a try. Thankfully it looks like it’ll be just time! Sheesh…I need to pay more attention when I read!

  191. Rachel says

    I just made it with Cherries sooo yum! Do you have to store it in the fridge or is an air tight container in the pantry ok? Thanks

    • Mary says

      I typically leave it on the counter. It should be fine covered in the pantry. That said, it rarely lasts more than a day or two in my house. Enjoy!

  192. Shari says

    Made this once following the recipe and it was delicious!!! I added some almond extract and some pecans as well…in the oven right now! We’ll see how this goes…

  193. Cheryl Tietz says

    Absolutely pure perfection. Made last weekend and it turned out great. Just happened to have frozen cranberries on hand. (these were very large plump cranberries purchased and “hand packed” by me last December) Love the “pure”/simple ingredients. Used convection for 40 minutes, 325 degrees – will bake just a little less the next time. Followed instructions to the letter – even set timer for the egg and sugar beating time. This one’s a keeper. Thank You.

  194. Raylene says

    Outstanding Recipe… I mixed blueberries and Cranberries. I have no words to discribe the flavor. Delish!

  195. Heather says

    I cut the sugar back to 1-1/2 cups and used blueberries instead of cranberries the last time I made this. Very good. I’m going to try substituting coconut oil, but I’m. Not sure how that will work. (We also love the original recipe with the cranberries!)

  196. Debi says

    I’ve made this cake for years but mine has a yummy sauce I serve over each serving.
    1 stick butter
    1 can milk
    1 cup sugar
    Warm all in sauce pan then spoon over cake

  197. Janet says

    Made this at Christmas for the first time! Loved it
    Bought fresh cranberries and froze them to make again and again!

  198. Johanna Brown says

    I made this at Christmas and it was a big hit!! So I bought a few bags of cranberries and put them in the freezer so that I could make this cake anytime. Do I thaw the cranberries or just use them frozen? Thanks.

    • Mary says

      I toss the cranberries in frozen. The dough will freeze up a bit, but I am able to stir them in and then press the batter into the pan.

    • Leena says

      Hi Mary, I would love to bake this but can I use any other ingredient in place of eggs please????? If so then how much?

  199. Bridgette says

    I just recently made this with fresh, peeled peaches. I placed slices on top as decoration as well. It was AMAZING. Thank you for the recipe! (I also love the cranberry version, but I can’t find cranberries in the store these days)

  200. Nancg says

    Need recipe for chocolate bread, not chocolate chip. I want the bread to be totally chocolate so
    O I can Add dry cherries. Panera used to carry a delicious one years ago

  201. Chris says

    I have make this cake several cakes using cranberries. It is always delicious. I was wondering does any know if it will bake properly if I use frozen cherries instead of cranberries. I have a freezer full of cherries.

  202. Betty says

    Just made this cake.Turned out perfect. So good. The tartness and sweetness combined. Will make again.cooked mine 43 min.

  203. Florence Underhill says

    There is no leavening in this cake. I made a recipe for zucchini muffins with no leaving and they were like hockey pucks. Shouldn’t a cake have leavening ?

  204. gina says

    Hello! I wonder , could I told in some white chocolate chips at the end or would that ruin it? Just curious as we like the cranberry-white-chocolate combo in some baked desserts. Thank you

  205. Darlene says

    I just made this awesome cake, I opted to cut all ingredients in half, next time I will do full sized cake! Can you say yummy 😋 and perfect, came out beautifully golden and delicious!!!! I followed the instructions and simply put cannot believe 🥚 and how you had me beat them with the sugar was the amazing 😉 yeast reaction!!! My many thanks to you!

  206. Michele McLean says

    I have made this cake several times and thoroughly enjoyed it!. Someone always asks for the recipe. I usually zest an orange to include. Thanks so much for sharing!

  207. Eileen says

    I have made a variation of this recipe. Mine has just one added ingredient, 1 tsp almond extract. Everyone raves about it

  208. Denise Gotch says

    My Cousin who’s a baker turned me on to CUP 4 CUP a Gluten Free Flour that needs no exchanges or additions, measure like regular flour and it’s GREAT THIS IS NOT SPAM, IDIOTS..

  209. Ann Gray says

    This cake looks like it has a slight glaze on top. Does tha t just happen during the. Asking process or is it an added item?

  210. Robin says

    I made this today – followed the recipe and added the zest from one large orange. It is excellent – thank you! Moist, with a bit of ‘meringue’ crispiness at the top. Our Thanksgiving here in Canada was 2 weeks ago, so lots of fresh cranberries on sale at the grocery stores 😉

  211. Linda Hylton says

    I just found this today…Has anyone tried Cranberry Christmas Cake with shredded coconut (or flakes) added? We always try to have some type of coconut cake on Christmas because it was my mother’s birthday and I always made her a coconut cake.This looks so delicious, I want to try it today! But alas, I will wait until we’re closer to the holidays. (because I would probably eat too much of it all by myself!) Thank you for the recipe, Mary!

  212. Sherry Drew says

    The Cranberry Christmas Cake is wonderful! I just made it for the second time, but this time I lined the pan with parchment paper, which worked better for me than buttering the pan, and I reduced the baking time from 50 minutes to 45, so the bottom was not crunchy.

  213. CJ says

    IN the oven now! I one time was busy and left the sugar, eggs, and butter in my mixer while I was cooking. Think it was over ten minutes! Best cake ever!! Thanks for the recipe.

  214. lisa says

    2 cups of white sugar is quite a lot for me. Do you know how the cake turns out with less sugar, maybe only 1 cup? Obviously it won’t be as sweet, but what about the texture of the cake?

  215. Megey says

    I love your recipes and find them to be just precise and to the point.
    I would like to know can I use gluten free flour ( which is what I have in my cupboard) instead of the mix listed at the bottom of the recipe.

    • Mary says

      It’s hard to say that without testing it myself, but if you’ve had good luck baking with that flour mix in the past, it should work fine.

  216. Jami Bell says

    Hi! This sounds yummy, but I’ve never baked with cranberries before. Do you need to do anything to prepare fresh cranberries for baking??? And, can you use Pam spray on pan instead of butter? Thanks!

    • Mary says

      I’ve never tried this with Pam vs butter, but I’m guessing it will work fine. You don’t need to do anything special for the cranberries. Just toss them in raw. Enjoy!

    • Mary says

      I’ve never used Pam for this recipe, but I’m assuming it will work. You don’t need to do anything special for the cranberries. Just toss them in raw. Happy baking!

  217. Laura says

    I made this last year and it was a hit with absolutely everyone. Turned out perfect. Can’t wait to make it this year. Already bought my cranberries. Thank you for the recipe.

  218. Susan Quirk says

    I really wish that when we are given the “Print” option it would include the picture of the cake,etc. we are making.

  219. Jengo says

    I am on a low carb, low sugar plan. Can I sub almond flour or Carbquick for flour, and Truvia or Swerve for the sugar? I’d love to make this cake for Christmas but need to figure out how to low carb it. Thanks!

  220. Debbie says

    You mentioned a possible substitute of blueberries. My husband loves blueberries so I would like to try that- do you change anything else in the recipe if you change the fruit?

  221. Mahastuti says

    Very yummy and easy recipe..i just want to ask about softened butter..should i put the butter in microwave until melted or just let them in the room temperature?thanks

  222. Monica O says

    I would like to make this but live in a high altitude, do you have any instructions for baking time etc.
    Thank you in advance

  223. Kay says

    Well this is the most strange looking batter…more like a drop cookie dough… It just got cool enough to cut… Lordy is it good… it got a bit crunchy on the edges but still moist inside. Not sure if that is what it is supposed to be… but the flavor was great. I have to cut it and put it in the freezer or it will be gone..

    I will make another one for Christmas and cut into small pieces..

  224. Georjean says

    I can’t begin to tell you how many times I make this last year…Everytime I made it and took it some place, everyone asked for the recipe. My husband really likes this….I brought bags to put in freezer so I could make it during the year… our oldest daughter did the same thing, she loved this dessert……yes, I will be making it again this month…

  225. Penny Massey says

    Can you use Bob’s Red Mill Low-Carb baking mix instead of the white flour and also what changes do I need for high altitude (9500 ft.)? Thank you.

    • Mary says

      I’ve never used that baking mix, so I can’t say how it will work in this recipe. It’s worth a shot though. If you do try it, let us know how it turns out for you.

  226. Ann Marie Allen says

    Made this last year fir Thanksgiving and it was a hit! So, I made it again at Christmas. Now they are requesting it fir both dinners again this year. My favorite.

  227. Sherry says

    I made this today, so skeptical .. it is the bomb no joke so simple, sooo good perfect sweet and tart💥thank you for sharing. Pretty sure this will be a hit every time I make it !!

  228. Gill says

    This looks amazing, thanks for sharing
    Do you have a converted recipe for UK measurements. Ive tried a few recipies using cups & im sad theyve not turned out as I would’ve thought.
    Many thanks

  229. Chele says

    I absolutely love this cake !! I am trying to make it for a bake sale .. All proceeds will go to a local animal shelter .. Trying to make it smaller.. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated .. I don’t know what size pan I would use to make two small cakes out of one recipe .. Not even sure if that possible many thanks 😍

    • Mary says

      You can divide the cake into whichever pans you like best. Just watch closely for the baking times, because they will vary for the different size pans.

  230. Charissa Hogeland says

    Could I just use all-purpose gluten free flour in place of the normal flour? Or does it have to be that exact combo?

  231. Laura says

    How long will this cake stay fresh? Can I make it two days before serving? Also, should it be room temp when serving or warmed?

    • Mary says

      I serve it at room temp. I typically make it the day before. It will be fine two days early, although, the top crust will soften a bit.

  232. JPSchaller says

    Mine was really thick. Hard to put in pan. Almost like cookie dough. Have it in the oven right now. Crossing fingers.

  233. Barbara says

    Can you use sweetened cranberries? This was the only kind I could find! Non frozen-not fresh .. just sweetened cranberries!

  234. Peg says

    This looks absolutely luscious! I will be taking the cranberries out if the freezer! I like the idea of orange zest with cranberry; about how much zest should I use?
    Thank you in advance.

  235. Andrea says

    What temperature and time for splitting the dough into (how many) loaf pans size 8 in x 3 7/8 in x 2 15/32 in? Thanks and have a SAFE & Happy Thanksgiving. Andrea

  236. Sherri says

    Mary♥️Thank you for this delicious recipe!This is the most delicious recipe EVER! I used a loaf pan because I am suppose to bring 4 Breakfast breads for Thanksgiving-took 1hr 20 min. It was very full. I thought it was a long time, but that’s what it took. In order to give this as gifts for Christmas
    I guess the loaf pan is about the only way? Want to make 4 days ahead of time, do I wrap and refrigerate or freeze? Will it still be great? Thank you Mary ♥️

    • Mary says

      If you aren’t following a gluten free diet, you can make this with all-purpose flour. I don’t have a substitute for the potato starch in the GF version of this recipe. However, many people have had success with store-bought flour mixes and other alternatives, so it might be worth scanning the comments on this post. (I know, there are a ton of them!)

  237. Fred says

    Do you have any suggestions on using a sugar alternative? I did the 3 eggs and 1 cup of truvia (equal to 2 cups of sugar according to package) and it was all liquid after 20 mins of mixing. So i used regular sugar. I’m diabetic so i look for sugar alternatives where possible.

  238. Jeanette Schley says

    Didn’t get as high as the pan. Top does not look sugary either but I did follow directions perfectly. Just wondering if the eggs should be at room temperature. have not cut it yet as it is hot. Just took it out of the oven…42 minutes

  239. Amy says

    Can I just substitute gluten free flour rather than all of the stuff in the notes section?? I am not much of a baker and it would be sooooo much easier!

  240. Joy says

    I was intrigued by the recipe, so took an opportunity to make it this morning. What can I say? This is an absolute keeper! I followed the directions exactly (thank heavens for my Kitchen Aid stand mixer, since I’m not patient and would have probably rushed that step if I was using a hand-held), and it came out as pictured. Ate it while it was still slightly warm…wish I’d made a cup of tea or coffee to go with it…sweet moist cake, full of tart cranberries, with a slightly crispy top and edge. And it’s so pretty…swoon!
    Thank you for posting this wonderful recipe.

  241. Lara Pearson says

    I’ve made this for three years now following the directions perfectly. I will try using blueberries someday.

  242. Shannon says

    I made this last year for our extended family holiday breakfast and it was amazing. I made it the night before and I couldn’t believe how easy it was. Thankfully there were leftovers so I was able to have it again for breakfast (and snacks, and after dinner…haha). I followed the instructions exactly and it was perfect! Even my husband who’s not a big fan of cranberries loved it! I’m making again for Thanksgiving and Christmas breakfast this year. Thank you for a wonderful recipe! It was beautiful and delicious- what more could you want?

  243. Cheryl Phillips says

    Hi from the UK!

    I made this delicious cake last week – and oh my! A great hit with all who tried!

    I used half cranberries and half pecans in my version, though. The fresh cranberries here at the moment are really not very good, so I used Whitworths Little Jewel cranberries – worked a treat.

    I’m now off to make another batch!
    Thankyou for such a fantastic recipe x

  244. Sandra says

    Can this be baked in a bunt pan also? Can’t wait to try it, want to take it with me for Thanksgiving to my finance’s family.

  245. Denise says

    OMG, I just tried this and it is amazing! I must confess, I was a little skeptical about the no leavening agent bit, but dear lord. There’s only one problem, It’s supposed to be for breakfast tomorrow and I’m not sure it’s gonna make it. I seriously want to take the pan and a fork and just go to town. Well done.

  246. Alyssa says

    Ive been making this cake around the holidays for he last few years and everyone loves it! Easy to make and absolutely delicious!

  247. Tamara Otterstein says

    I made this cake and while the taste is really good, it is quite chewy. I think I read that it was cut into small pieces to serve as finger food and it would definitely work for munching but on a plate even with a little whipped cream or ice cream, does it work without being too dense and chewy. It gets a YUM but …

  248. Mary says

    Instead of the mixture of items to create the Gluten Free version, do you think I could use a Gluten Free All Purpose Flour

  249. Kieran says

    I love love love this cake — my time is limited so can this cake be made in advance and frozen after baking? Thanking you in advance! Happy Thanksgiving

  250. Amanda says

    I just made this yesterday and i made some more today but in a muffin/cupcake pan. It made 24 muffin size. It cooks it better in the muffin pans than it did in the 9×13 pan. I didn’t have to cook it for 43 min. This is my new food crack. How can i add a picture of the muffin/cupcake?

  251. Kim Wuertz says

    Just made the Christmas cranberry cake. The battery tasted really good. I can’t wait until tomorrow to taste it!!!

  252. Bobbi says

    Well mine did not turn out so good. I beat the required amount of time, and cooked the 50 minutes, I wondered if I should of covered it???????

    • Mary says

      Without having been in your kitchen with you, I can’t guess what might have happened. You didn’t specify what went wrong with the recipe either. I’ve never baked a cake covered though, so I doubt that’s the answer. I do understand the frustration of baking when something doesn’t turn out well.

  253. Ash says

    This looks delicious! We live in the mountains at 9,600 feet above sea level. Do you know if i will need to male any adjustments to the recipe?
    Thank you for your time..

  254. Mel McB says

    Made this with “Melt” butter substitute to keep it edible for my daughter – turned out really well! Everyone thought it had marshmallow on top from the appearance so that may be a difference but we had never made this before so didn’t really notice. The cake was super moist and so very yummy! New family favorite is born!!
    Other than the substitution I followed the directions exactly.

  255. Anita Wood says

    I made the Cranberry Christmas Cake, but I so screwed it up ROYALY. I thought there was too much sugar, so I attempted to substitute xevia, which was 1/4-1/3 tsp xevia for esch cup of sugar. I also added a small amount of applesauce (I’ve done it before, it is too add a bit of fiber). Well, whatever I did, I very clearly should not have done, this cake was utterly GROSS. I hope the birds will like it

  256. Gwendellyn Jones says

    I made a LOT of homemade cranberry sauce (like 9 bags worth seriously, my boys love it!). Could I use some of that instead of the fresh cranberries? How much? Like 2 cups? And maybe a little less sugar since the sauce has sone already? It looks so yummy!!

  257. Margie says

    My husband and I really enjoyed this cake. I am a former food editor and used to enjoy making labor intensive dishes. Not now….this cake is easy to make and so delicious. Like others have said, it is hard to stop eating. Thank you for this tasty treat!

  258. Allison says

    I just made this for the first time! It just came out of the oven and looks and smells beautiful! How long do you usually let it cool? Thanks!!!

  259. Judy Ordway says

    I have made this recipe three times already. The cake is absolutely delicious. I even put white chocolate in the dough which was wonderful.

  260. Esperanza says

    Incredibly delicious, I made this for thanksgiving and it was unbelievably easy. Initially I was afraid the cake would be too sour but it was perfectly balanced in flavor. I really enjoyed it and will make it again for big holiday gatherings. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  261. Dianne Prier says

    This was a lovely cake to make; way outside my normal baking zone but it is heavenly. The trick is to beat for the entire seven minutes at the beginning, truly!

  262. Debi says

    I made this for Thanksgiving this year and it was so so so delicious!! I am making it again tomorrow (not even a week after Thanksgiving)!
    When I saw the recipe, I thought it sounded good but it was more than good! Perfect balance of sweet, moist cake with delicious cranberries!
    Thank you for sharing this!

    • Lorraine Parente says

      I am definitely going to make this for Christmas but even after reading all these comments, I still have a few questions. One person said the cake cracks (which can happen) and I would like to know if that factor would be problematic when using a Bundt, which is my preferred pan. Second, I know you keep saying the eggs act to leaven the cake but they do not have those properties,they act as a binding agent, however the excessive beating which would add lots of air might be what is accomplishing that. In a flat pan this may be fine but in a Bundt or deep cake pan I would feel more comfortable adding a leavening agent, especially since the Bundt mold design is dependent on height. Would adding one or both leavening agents alter the outcome that drastically and how much should be added? Lastly, I would like to address substitutions….for dairy free would butter flavor crisco work and should additional butter extract be added to compensate flavor? As far as sugar free, I have a “baking blend” and supposedly they do not alter the integrity of a cake? Any thoughts on that?
      If adding chips, nuts etc. how many cups in total can the cake handle?
      I know this is a lot of questions, but this is an excellent recipe not just for ease because of its potential variations. If I may make a suggestion, it would be great if you experimented with these frequently asked questions and posted your results as you go. I have different people to bake for with different dietary needs and it gets frustrating… advance, thank you for your patience

  263. Sally Salter says

    I watched the video, do you recommend using a glass pan to bake this cake in? I have read if you bake with glass, to lower the temp of your oven 25 degrees. Or does this matter. Could a person use a metal pan and would the temp be the same. I read all of the comments but did not see this question asked. Can you help with this question?

    • Mary says

      I’ve made it both ways. This is a very forgiving cake. I don’t pay attention to the glass vs metal and oven temp change for this recipe. That said, I typically bake it in a metal pan that I can put a lid over for storage. I linked to my favorite pan over the recipe in this post. Happy baking!

  264. Becky Baldwin says

    Thanks for sharing this recipe Mary. I love anything with cranberries and am always on the lookout for new recipes this time of year. I can’t wait to try this! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  265. Chris Tucker says

    I thought this sounded easy and scrumptious, but I’m disappointed with the finished product. The top doesn’t look iced like your photographs. It has a light brown sheen but doesn’t have the appearance of being self iced.4 stars

  266. Dianna Salceda says

    I made this last night and my family LOVED IT! I halved the recipe to test it, and it was gone by morning! Will definitely be making this for Christmas Eve! Thanks for such amazing recipes.5 stars

  267. Angela McDarren says

    This cake is absolutely the best and easiest Cranberry cake ever. Simple ingredients and oh, so yummy. Thank you Mary for another wonderful recipe. Have made it twice in the last two weeks. Doesn’t need any alterations, just perfect.5 stars

  268. Kelly says

    I made this yesterday and it is wonderful. Two questions:
    Do you think other fruits would work? Raspberries, blackberries? blueberries?
    Have you ever made it the night before and cooked it the next morning for breakfast?5 stars