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Welcome to Barefeet In The Kitchen! This is a family friendly cooking and food blog housing over a thousand recipes with photographs and easy to follow directions. I’ve personally made and photographed everything here. Every recipe on this website has been taste tested by family and friends and given a delicious thumbs up.

To get you started, here are ten of the most popular recipes:
A bunch of different types of food, with Kitchen and Blog

Many of the recipes are tagged with the label FREEZER MEAL. If the dish can be frozen, you will find the directions at the bottom of the recipe. If you are new to freezer meal planning, I hope the tips included with each of these posts will help you get started.

Here are a few more of my family’s personal favorites
(these are the recipes that get made over and over and over again)

A bunch of different types of food on a plate, with Kitchen and Blog
You’ll notice that most of the baking recipes here include both the traditional recipes ingredients and a gluten free variation. When one of my children developed a sensitivity to gluten a few years ago, I started baking gluten free. I enjoy playing with the special flours and starches and finding the right combination for each recipe. Because I do not personally have a sensitivity to gluten, I’m able to test most recipes side by side with traditional flour, so that when I tell you that something tastes every bit as good as the traditional version you can trust that it does.
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Thanks again for visiting Barefeet In The Kitchen!