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Ohio sunset

May 16, 2020

Welcome to the weekend, my friends! It feels so good to see the sunshine more often these days, doesn’t it? (Unless you’re in Phoenix or other portions of the desert, in which case you have all of my sympathies as you’ve now entered your stay-mostly-indoors portion of the year.)

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We’ve had loads of rain and a couple of frosty nights, but most of our flowering plants made it through. (We’re ignoring the frozen garden for now and planning to begin again with starter plants in a week or so. Sigh. It’s a learning curve for sure.)

We have chickens arriving in a few weeks – a very long-awaited event that we’ve talked about for years. And Sean will start working on the coop next week. This isn’t the summer we planned for six months ago, but it’s still going to be a good one.

ON THE BLOG this week: Last Minute Chicken is the easiest chicken we make and it is also some of the tastiest chicken we make? Seasoned with plenty of terrific flavors and quickly cooked in any number of ways, this chicken is the weeknight main dish that the whole family enjoys.

Spanish Rice makes a great side dish for that chicken or pretty much any other dinner. Just say no to boring rice.

Creamy Raspberry Coconut Ice Cream is so easy to make, and so much fun to eat, you’re going to be making it all summer long.

What I’m CRAVING: This Apple and Brie Grilled Cheese caught my eye this week and it looks good! Have you tried an apple grilled cheese? I haven’t and now it’s on my list.

My FAVORITE THING this week is this hair brightener (link HERE). I tried it this week and the results were immediate. If you’re blonde, highlighted, sparkly (or not so sparkly) gray, if you have well water or other water that is dulling your hair, you might want to consider it. I’m not any kind of hair expert, but my personal experience with this product? I am super impressed! (Be sure to read through the reviews and heavily condition your hair after using it.)

What I’m WATCHING: The series finale of Schitt’s Creek (link HERE) oh, my heart. This show. I truly have loved it.

What I’m READING: Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots by Deborah Feldman (link HERE) There is a lot of controversy surrounding this book, but taking it at face value, this is the author’s story. Period. And it’s all-engrossing. I wanted to read the book before watching the mini series and I’m glad it did. It was a really good read.

“You cannot judge somebody of eighteen by the standards of somebody of thirty, even less by the standards of somebody who was forty. And those things that we did when we were young were not so important, really, provided that we stopped doing them as we grew older and saw them for what they were.” – Alexander McCall Smith

Wishing you a beautiful week full of little things that make you smile!


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