Knife Skills to Make Life Easier


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Did you know that knives are not designed for chopping? They are designed for slicing. There is a subtle difference there, but it makes a HUGE difference in the results and the energy you’ll use preparing your ingredients.

How To Sharpen Kitchen Knives In 15 Seconds Using Only A Cereal Bowl!


Did you know that you can sharpen a knife in about 15 seconds using a cereal bowl? While I still use a knife sharpener most of the time, this was a fun trick the day we learned it.<

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Knife Skills to Make Life Easier:

  • Longer blades are safer and more efficient than shorter blades.
  • Use the back half of the knife and slice (don’t chop!) in a circular motion.
  • Always keep your fingers above the blade.
  • Face your nails down to the cutting board, never out towards the knife.
  • Slide a knuckle on the inside of the blade to guide each cut. (awesome tip!)

Kitchen Knife Skills Tips from Barefeet In The Kitchen


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