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15 Kid-Friendly Lunches + $300 in Lunch Gear from MightyNest! Enter now at barefeetinthekitchen.com
With school starting again and life falling back into the routine for fall, things are getting busy again. Have you noticed that when life speeds up one of the easiest things to let slip is healthy eating habits?
One way that I help my family make healthy food choices is to plan simple, fun snacks and lunches that require very little time and effort.I’m partnering with MightyNest today to give away (3) awesome lunch kits valued at $105!
MightyNest is a company committed to helping families make simple changes for a healthier life. In addition to that, they give back 15% of your purchase in a donation to your local school! You’ll see an option to choose a school to donate to when you visit the MightyNest website and you can read more about their story here. Scroll to the bottom of this post for your chance to win!
15 Kid-Friendly Lunches + $300 in Lunch Gear from MightyNest! Enter now at barefeetinthekitchen.com
My kids are HUGE fans of what we call “snack lunches.” If they can dip it, stack it, wrap it, or play with it in any way, they are happy campers. We pack picnic lunches to eat in the backyard or at the park several times a week all winter long. And yes, we picnic all winter because when you live in the desert you tend to stay indoors all summer long!
My boys are old enough now that they love to create their own lunches and even my youngest little guy has been known to get pretty creative with his sandwiches and snacks. His current favorite lunch is #4 on the list below and he can’t get enough of his banana “hot dog” sandwiches. (I promise that they aren’t as gross as that sounds!)
15 EASY Kid-Friendly Lunches + $300 in Lunch Gear from MightyNest! Enter now at barefeetinthekitchen.com

These are some of my kids’ favorite combinations, feel free to mix and match them, there’s no right or wrong way to pack a lunch. Have fun with it!

1) vegetables and tortilla chips with hummus, cheese slices, apple slices

2) pretzel sticks, apple slices, peanut butter, grape tomatoes

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3) leftover pulled pork rolled in small tortillas, barbecue sauce for dipping

4) banana “hot dog” sandwiches – peanut butter and banana sandwiches made in hot dog buns

5) rolled up deli meats, cheese cubes, vegetables, hummus

6) pasta salad, cut up fruits

7) refried beans, shredded cheese, tortilla chips, carrot sticks

8) leftover cut up grilled chicken and vegetables with ranch dip, crackers

9) hard boiled eggs, cheese slices, vegetables with ranch dip

10) cut up leftover hot dogs with ketchup for dipping, apple slices

11) yogurt, diced fruits, granola

12) tortilla pizzas – soft tortillas, hummus, deli meats and bite-size leftover roasted vegetables

13) pb&j tacos – peanut butter and jelly spread on tortillas and folded in half

14) cut up melon, yogurt, pretzel sticks, assorted nuts

15) popcorn, deli meats, vegetables, hummus

15 Kid-Friendly Lunches + $300 in Lunch Gear from MightyNest! Enter to WIN now at barefeetinthekitchen.com

To help you get those lunches packed and ready to go, check out everything that’s included in this giveaway! 

Double Decker lunchbag: This insulated double compartment lunch bag has plenty of space for cold items on the bottom and fruit, crackers, or a water bottle on top, it’s perfect for school lunches, work lunches, picnics, and road trip snacks.
Ice pack: Keep your lunch colder longer with this sweat-free eco-friendly solution. Store the ice pack with cover in the freezer and toss into your lunch when you’re ready to use it.

UKonserve divided container: This 33-ounce leak-proof stainless steel container works great for sandwiches with fruit, vegetables with hummus, salads, and leftovers as well.

UKonserve stainless round: This 16-ounce stainless steel container is perfect for pasta salads, garden salads, fruits with yogurt, apples with peanut butter, and leftovers as well.

Lunchskins sandwich wrap and Lunchskins snack bag: These bags are a great alternative to disposable plastic bags. They are reusable, wipeable, grease resistant, and machine washable. We have even used them for messy PB&J sandwiches and the peanut butter wipes right off. In addition to the fact that their cute factor is off the charts, I love that they are super sturdy and I haven’t had any spills at all. For a limited time: Sign up for the MightyFix and get 1 Reusable Sandwich Bag + 1 Reusable Snack Bag for just $10 + FREE SHIPPING as your first month’s Fix!

Klean Kanteen insulated water bottle: This water bottle advertises that it will keep iced drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot drinks warm for up to 12 hours. Those are some crazy claims, right? As it turns out, those claims are completely true.

Enter to win the BEST insulated water bottle + $300 in Lunch Gear from MightyNest! Enter now at barefeetinthekitchen.com

I tend to be skeptical by nature and when I opened the package and saw the Klean Kanteen, I decided to test those claims. I filled the bottle with ice and water at noon and left it sitting on my counter until the following day. I shook it periodically to see if I could still hear the ice clinking in the bottle. At 2:00pm the following day, I opened it to test the water and the water was icy cold!

Want one more reason to love this bottle? I tested it with my coffee the following morning. I poured in a steaming hot cup of coffee and screwed on the lid. Several hours later that coffee was still steaming and perfect for sipping. I actually had to leave it uncovered a bit before it cooled down enough to drink. I am 100% sold on this fantastic water bottle.

 Disclosure: I’ve partnered with MightyNest to share these lunch gear giveaways with you. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Barefeet In The Kitchen possible. As always, all thoughts are my own.

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