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I’ve been making snack tray lunches for my boys ever since my oldest started eating finger foods. These simple trays are fun for everyone and they are one of the easiest lunches I make. Filled with each person’s favorite foods, this is one of our kids’ all-time favorite meals.

Even now, almost ten years after I first started making these Snack Tray Lunches, they are still on our menu several times a month. My kids love eating them and I love them because they are both easy and fun.

Anything at all can be put into the cups and each tray can be personalized with favorite foods for each child. My boys carry their trays outside and sit on the patio with them any time the weather is nice enough to eat outdoors.

Here are some snack and finger food ideas:
Small sandwich triangles
Cut up leftover meat from dinner
Rolled deli meats
Hot dogs
Ham cubes
Cheese slices, chunks or wedges
Dried fruits
Tortilla Chips
Condiment / Dip Ideas:
Whipped cream cheese
Cottage cheese
Sour Cream
There are endless possibilities with this lunch. Have fun with it!
Snack Tray Lunches are always a hit! - recipes and tips at
{originally posted 6-10-11 – recipe notes and photos updated 6-16-15}

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  1. Anonymous says

    I went and bought cheap muffin tins just for this after you shared this the first time. My kids still adore their snack lunches! Thanks again!

  2. Lisa L. says

    We grew up eating these, but my Grandmother and Mom called them "picky plate" lunches, because there were just small "picky" amounts of many things. We loved them and now my Daughter does, too! Also a great way to use up those small amounts of leftovers!