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Ohio 231

Welcome to the weekend, my friends! Winter is definitely on its way here in Ohio. It’s been chilly and wet all week and I’m very happy to hear that my Phoenix friends have finally gotten a bit of a heat reprieve as well. I saw so many photos of snow shared from around the US this week and it’s made me impatient for our first snow in Ohio.

GIVEAWAY CLOSED Today, for the fifth week of the 12 Weeks of Christmas Giveaways, I’m giving away a set of my favorite Misen knives! I’ve had my Misen knives ever since their initial Kickstarter over four years ago. I truly love them.

Over the past few years, I’ve gifted these knives to friends and family and converted countless more friends to these knives. They’re comfortable to use, wicked sharp, and they sharpen beautifully over time.

To be entered, leave a comment on THIS BLOG POST telling me how you store your kitchen knives. The winner will be selected on Tuesday, November 3, 2020 at 11:59pm EST.

Here’s the lucky winner’s comment:

ON THE BLOG this week: If you have a coconut lover in your life, you need these Coconut Lover’s Oatmeal Cookies. This is the chewiest, most coconut filled cookie I have ever tasted. With just a handful of ingredients, a bowl, and a spoon, you can stir these coconut oatmeal cookies together in about three minutes. They are beyond easy to make!

Want a stress-free Thanksgiving dinner? Find out what you can make-ahead and follow the timeline to get it all done on time! I’ve been following this exact plan for several years now and I swear by it. I’m all about planning things out in advance and prepping as much as possible ahead of time.

With all the flavors of pumpkin pie stirred into a creamy bowl of oatmeal, this quick and easy Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal is our favorite fall oatmeal. (P.S. The whipped cream on top is never optional.)

What I’m CRAVING: My friend Lynne’s Pepperoni Bread has been tempting me every single weekend. It’s become a thing with the Lindadudes for football days – don’t ask me how it all works, but apparently you don’t dare break the now established tradition for superstitious reasons. I’m told this bread has magic football game winning powers and every time I see it shared, I want it!

My FAVORITE THING this week is my knife stand. I bought this knife stand when we moved to Ohio and it’s been used daily. I absolutely love it. The knives hang in place, there’s no wear or damage to the blade tips, and it takes up a minimal amount of counter space. If you’re like me, this stand is perfect for an assortment of knife sizes and handle shapes.

What I’m READING: Out to Canaan by Jan Karon. This is the fourth book of the Mitford series and I’m trying not to tear through them too quickly. There was a lot of lighthearted happiness in this book and I found myself grinning often while reading.

I’m starting the fifth Mitford book now and after that, I’ll force myself to read a few books by different authors so that I don’t finish this series too quickly. I’m enjoying every page though. I always feel better after reading about the people I’ve grown to love in Mitford.

What I’m WATCHING: I just finished watching Monk – the whole series from start to end. I’d caught a few episodes over the years, but I’d never watched the whole series. It was awesome. This is a fun family-friendly show that just plain makes me smile.

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more.” – Melody Beattie

Wishing you a beautiful week full of little things that make you smile!


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Mary Younkin

Mary Younkin

Hi, I’m Mary. I’m the author, cook, photographer, and travel lover behind the scenes here at Barefeet In The Kitchen. I'm also the author of three cookbooks dedicated to making cooking from scratch as simple as possible.

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  1. Gina Scarberry says

    I have a knife drawer in my kitchen where they all stay nice and sharp! I love reading your weekly emails Thank you

  2. Roxana Howe says

    I store my knives in a knife block.

    I am going to have to try the coconut oatmeal cookies. They sound delicious.

  3. Greg Pietrowski says

    If I had the room, I would really like to have them mounted on the wall with a magnetic strip so that the knife I want is easy to ID and always completely dry. Due to lack of space, I have to use a wood block with all the slits in them. I know not the best, but have to do what you have to do. How many times do I pull one out searching for the one I need. MOST IMPORTANT is that they are IMMEDIATELY washed by hand after using and put away.

  4. Martie Price says

    Re: Knife storage I keep my “Top 5” on a magnet strip by my cutting board for ease of reach and remainder in a knife sorting insert in the drawer beneath. I have heard great things about MISEN knives – hope I win!! Thanks for great blog!

  5. Tamara Doerschuk says

    My knife storage solution is not a solution at all, they reside in w/the rest of my cutlery in a slot that turns into a heap in my drawer. I hate it. I’ve had knife blocks in that past that sit at an angle, they just take up too much room on my already cramped real estate. I looked at what you suggested in your newsletter, I think that looks like the most practical for my situation.
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter the your contest for a set of Misen knives, I’ve been eyeing them for awhile and would love to have a set!
    I read and printed out your Thanksgiving timeline suggestions and several of the recipes for the big dayearlier this week, thank you! It will be very helpful to mange the mayhem that week.

  6. Mary Spickler says

    Love your blog! I store all of my knives with the tip of the blade on a magnetic strip that is 18 inches long.

    Mary Spickler

  7. Pam Sumler says

    Highly enjoy your blog. the recipes and hints fit well in our lives. love the newsletters. Always enjoy seeing what to read next.
    I store my knives in a bloc. Have yet to see a knife that doesn’t lose it’s edge.

  8. Lori Godby says

    I love your articles. I have my knives in a plastic container standing in my kitchen cupboard. I dont have any thing else to put them in. I take care of 95 year old dad and make peanut bars and potato candy for our local Mennonite store. I love to bake,cook,can and quilt. We raise produce to sell. I run a small home based country bakery out of my. Kitchen all fro scratch..

  9. Cindy Johnston says

    I store my knives on a magnetic strip bolted to my kitchen wall-handy and safe! I have never tried the Misen brand knives but they look great

  10. Leann says

    I have a knife block with a sharpener in it, which gets used rarely because my knives are still so sharp. I hand wash them after each use, dry them, and they go right back in the block.

  11. Rose O. says

    Our kitchen knives are stored on a wall-hung magnetic knife holder close to the prep area. Knives are handy without taking up counter space!

  12. Alice Riley says

    I do not have a sharp knife in my house! I have a terrible time with my arthritic hands trying to peel anything!

  13. Jane Harris says

    We store our kitchen knives in their sheaths in a drawer, as we don’t have a lot of counter space.

    Thanks for the coconut/oatmeal cookies. My sister made them as a Halloween treat for her grandkids, who are gluten and dairy free. They loved them.

  14. Hollis Ramsey says

    I store my kitchen knives either in a drawer (if they’re small) or on my kitchen counter in a large-mouthed handleless clay pitcher that used to belong to my Bubbie.

  15. Pam Schneider says

    I store my knives in drawers. I have a stand but most knives in stand I don’t use. I like your stand and will probably buy one. Love your posts❤️

  16. Sue S says

    My Knives—–I have some knives in a wooden counter top knife block, some in blade coverings in a drawer and thirdly, some in an under the counter wooden block that is attached to the upper cupboards and rotates around. That is my favorite.

  17. Juley Kingsley says

    Hi there! I store my knives in a wooden knife holder in it’s own drawer. I still have some knives from 1971 that I bought with S & H green stamps! Juley K.

  18. Danielle says

    Those cookies! Ah, they look so yummy and chewy and perfect for a little sweet treat! So I store my knives on the counter, in a knife holder block. I still have the same knives (and block) that I got as a wedding gift 19 years ago!! I have replaced a few of the ones I use a lot, but I could definitely use some new ones!! 🙂 Thank you.

  19. Joyce Szymanski says

    I store my knives in wooden blocks, in fact my husband has to modify it when we purchased another knife.

  20. Joyce Szymanski says

    If I won the knives I would store them just like I do with my other ones in a wooden block set that my husband has modified it whenever we get more knives.

  21. Angela says

    Hello, from California. I store my current knives in a wood block. And have the fancy, real sharp ones in a sleeve in the kitchen drawer. I live together with my daughter and 3 grandkids. So I do get nervous. Of course. But thank you for reading my comment. Have nice day Little Things.

  22. Barbara Waddell says

    I leave my good knifes in a butcher block. I donot wash them in the dish washer. I heard they will cause them to lose their sharpness. I would love to win a set with a blue hande.

    Thank you for the chance.

    Barbara Waddell

  23. Christy Spurlock says

    I have a special lined drawer for my knife collection! Thanks for an opportunity to register for this giveaway! 😊🎃

  24. Vicki Skonieczny says

    I store my knives in the self-sharpening block they came with. Love your quote this week….Melody Beattie is a fantastic author!

  25. Christine Hoeksema says

    I recently moved my knives from a knife block on the counter to a storage block in a drawer and I am loving this change! Thanks for this great giveaway!

  26. Teresa Jennings says

    The knives I have now are stored in a wood block. Oh, and never put your knives in the dishwasher!! Thanks for the chance 😃

  27. Leeanna Vidaurri says

    Am I in the right place to respond to your blog post?…hope so!…I am a new follower…and l
    Love everything you are sharing with us Mary!…Btw…I have lived in Ohio…and know what you are talking about!…it has a serene beauty for sure!
    Where do I store my kitchen knives?
    In a knife stand…next to my kitchen sink….they are old and some are hand me downs…!…wouldn’t a new pair be awesome!…pick me!!!🥰👍

  28. Esther Botelho says

    I store my knives on a magnetic strip on the wall of my kitchen counter where I do most of my prep. They are within my reach and I can see at a glance which one I need to use. No hunting. When my children were young I started to do this for two reasons. One to keep out of reach of little hands, and two to keep from hurting both them and myself should a knife not have been put back in a safe place in the drawer.

  29. Connie says

    Good morning. I use to store my knives in a knife stand on the kitchen counter. Then I found a knife block that stores knives in a drawer. Love it. Keeps the countertop free. Since I sometimes read murder mystery’s, the intruder can’t grab a knife as he walks through the kitchen to stab me in my bedroom. Ha. Ha. Love your blog and so many delicious recipes and fun stories. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Kellyn sharkey says

    Hello, I store my big kitchen knives on a big magnetic strip on my wall near my cupboards. My regular knives I keep in the drawer with the rest of my cutlery. Thank you for the chance to win.

  31. PAM says

    I have a mis matched hobgoblin of knives. I also have a magnetic strip that fastens to the side of the cupboard that was my husbands grandmothers. IF I had a nice set, I would display/use them on that magnetic bar. You’re enthusiasm for Ohio, has made me appreciate how truly blessed I am to live here also. That first snow can’t get here quick enough!

  32. Debbie Colarusso says

    Hi Mary, Love your blog and recipes!! I have been cooking for many, many years and love trying new dishes. I store my knives in a knife block

  33. Amy Cooley says

    I have a set of knives in a wood block that I received for my weeding 22 years ago. I definitely need an upgrade after all these years!

  34. Jennifer Jones says

    I store my knives on a wall hung magnetic bar. They are easily grabbed within easy reach of my work area!

    Jennifer Jones

  35. Lisa Spencer says

    I have a knife block from Chicago Cutlery but my two really good knives I keep just lying on the counter. Don’t want anything to dull the blade.

  36. Susan Benge says

    Hi Mary,
    I store my knives in a knife holder in a drawer. I love storing them this way, I can see which one I need at a glance and the knives are stored separately and safely. I have been reading your blog and recipes for a few years now. It’s nice to receive an e-mail that is informative and positive (not spam)!

  37. Patricia says

    I store my knives in a drawer. Too many scary movies have kept me from leaving them on the countertop. Still, I like how some people hang them on magnetic strips. Close to use and sharp blades out of harms way.

  38. Rebecca Lansing says

    Hi Mary! I love your Little Things Newsletter. I have tried MULTITUDES of your recipes and love them!

    This is an entry for the Misen knife. I store my knives on a magnet strip from IKEA adjacent to the kitchen counter. That way they are dried immediately after washing and hung up safe and snug, tips down and away from damage to knife or skin! (This summer I accidentally drove a chef’s knife deep into my arm, reaching over it in the dish rack, point side up. Not good…)

  39. Deborah Cooper says

    I store my knifes in a drawer just for them with their covers on them if they have one. I don’t have very many as my favorites just 3 or 4 that are my go too.

    Deborah Cooper

  40. Virginia Noack says

    I am needing a new set of knives. Over the years several of Mine have disappeared and they weren’t expensive to begin with. My knives I have left I keep in a cutlery holder till I can get new ones. It’s just time for new knives with the holidays coming up. Would love to own a set of the ones you are giving away. Have tried a number of your recipes and they are great. Look forward to your recipes every week.

  41. Jenny Moran says

    In a drawer in a wood rack that they stay propped up in. If I had wall space, I prefer having a magnetic strip to hang them on.

  42. Anne Felts says

    I store my knives in a slatted wooden “thingamajig” that lays flat in a drawer.

    Works well for me. I’ve had it for years.

  43. Carolyn Holtz says

    I store my knives in a Joseph Joseph knife holder in one ofmy kitchen drawers. It is safe and convenient as well.

  44. Rhonda Turner says

    I keep my knives in a wooden block. Pretty old fashioned! I like the knife stand you introduce in your blog. Might have to try it!

  45. Patsy Nix says

    Hi Mary and Happy Halloween! It certainly is a lot different this year though, isn’t it? I store my knives in tha wooden block they came in so they are always right where I need them! Keeping my fingers crossed for this contest – I really need a new set!

  46. Patricia Barnick says

    I don’t have many knives I store them on a magnetic bar made for knives and it works ok
    However I have a wooden holder that I do not like much as I think the knives get dull the way they are stored. Sure would love to try these knives you like so much. thank you for all your news. You do a fantastic job.

  47. Angie Spelman says

    Hello from Idaho! I store my knives in a butcher block and do have some with blade covers that I store in a drawer. I checked out the knife stand you included in your post—what a fabulous idea! I have never seen this before, so thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful week!
    Angie Spelman

  48. Sandy F says

    My knives, except for a gift of steak knives with their own storage block, are jumbled together in a drawer. Certainly not ideal, or safe.

  49. Anita Pinson says

    I finally took the sharp knives out of the drawer and now hang them on a magnetic strip on the wall. So convenient and easy to access. I should have done this years ago!

  50. Kate Patterson says

    I only have three kitchen knives. So I just store them in my utensil jar. They all have covers on them so it’s pretty safe. I’d love a new knife set for my kitchen ! Thanks!

  51. GAY says


  52. Cherie says

    I designed a pull out knife block drawer in a small left over space between the stove and dishwasher when I renovated my kitchen. The cabinet builder wanted to use the space for spices, but I chose to store my knives here instead. He had never done anything like this before. The space is great! Easy to access and not taking up counter space.

  53. Janna Deskins says

    I store my knives in the block they came with, I’ve been needing new knives for a very long time, hoping my name is drawn as the winner! 🙂

  54. Dorothy A. says

    I have a wooden block that holds my knives, but I’m trying to get my husband to install a magnet on the wall like I’ve seen the chefs use!

  55. Diana Volk says

    I store my kitchen knives in a wooden knife holder, in a drawer in my kitchen. The holder has an individual slot for each knife. It holds my good steak knives as well!

  56. Sallie Schaeffer says

    I have a knife block on my counter for my most used, ever day knives. I also have a wood knife insert in a drawer for knives use less frequently, i.e. cleaver, boning knife, etc.

  57. Mary says

    I store my knives in a kitchen drawer dedicated to sharp objects. The knives are kept in a wooden knife holder that fits in the drawer to keep them from hitting.

  58. Cynthia Gregory says

    I have a magnetic board that I place my knives on. Out of reach of small hands and animals. Each to reach. Spaced apart so knives are not touching, keeps them sharp.

  59. Cynthia Gregory says

    I have a magnetic board that I store my knives on. Keeps the apart to stay sharp. Away from small hands and animals.

  60. Pat Conway Crocker says

    In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block Holds 12 Knives (Not Included) Without Pointing Up PLUS a Slot for your Knife Sharpener! Noble home & chef Knife Organizer Made from Quality Moso Bamboo.
    This is what I use and it is perfect fit in my knife drawer.

  61. Jeanie says

    I hate to admit it but I throw all my knives in a drawer. May be why I don’t have one sharp knife in my kitchen 🙁

  62. Gretchen McQuown says

    Oh! I would love to get Misen knives! Currently I keep my knives in a traditional wood knife block that sits on my counter. The knife slots are sideways so no chance of dulling them on the wood when inserted or stored.

  63. Cara says

    Very carefully! I store my best knives in separate soft cases. Knives are special and needed to be treated as such.

  64. Kathleen says

    I would like to enter the knife contest. Where do we store our knives. Well we bought a very nice set of steak knives about two years ago and actually my husband keeps them tidy and organized in original box with the slots so they stay nice.

  65. Cindy Kinney says

    Hi Mary. I always handwash my knives, dry them immediately, put them in their sheaves that they came in when I received them, and store them in a drawer. I’ve always believed you must respect your knives and take just a little extra care. If you do that, they will take care of you for years to come.

  66. melanie meyer says

    I store my knives in a drawer wood block but I also have a couple of blocks on the counter within arms reach in cooking. also have some that have their own plastic cover to store in

  67. J says

    Hi Mary!
    I store my knives in my pantry drawer to keep them accessible for me.

    I can’t wait to make those coconut cookies esp for my daughter bc she now loves coconut!
    She use to hate coconut. So when she tried to make her kids eat peas, I would tell her I was going to make something with coconut in it and not tell her! So she ate some coconut and she loves it now so much that I have too hide it or I won’t have any on hand! Lol
    Safe safe and have a awesome weekend!

  68. Sharon says

    We use a wooden knife block to store the most-used knives. I’ve wanted a magnetic wall mount knife holder for a while but there’s just no convenient place to mount one in my kitchen.

  69. Ellie Delancey says

    We use a knife block to store our knives, BUT I really want to get a magnetic strip to hold them instead. Maybe someday soon! 🙂

  70. Amy Lindman says

    Happy Halloween! 🎃 I store my knife set in a wood block and other knives in a kitchen drawer. My knife set is very old, I’d love a new set!

  71. Karen says

    Hi Mary, I hand wash and dry my knives. Then I store them in a knife block, I am thinking of switching over to storing them in a block in a drawer by my stove. I am trying to clear my counter tops, to have less stuff on them.

  72. Pete Rhymes says

    We keep our knives in a knife block we inherited from my Dad. He used it religiously and I’m honored to have it.

  73. Kathy B says

    My knives are old and (though I’m not proud of it) I store them with other utensils. When I get new knives I will have to store properly so they stay sharp! Love the idea of the coconut cookies – I’m saving that email so I can make them later.

  74. Jane .Quinn Kondelik says

    My knives are stored on a knife rack screwed into a wall.
    My grandmother taught me whenever your gift a sharp object, that person owes you a penny so as not to break a friendship.

  75. Dayna Hemmelgarn says

    I store my knives in a couple different places.. Carving knives and butcher knives in dinning room in hutch drawer, and paring knives in kitchen drawer.

  76. Benni Mitchell says

    Hi Mary,

    I really like the knife stand you have recommended. Currently I store my knives in a kitchen drawer.

    Have a great November!


    I store my knives in different places: the ones I use the most, I gave them in a wood block display, and I have them near the stove and handy at all times. I keep some sharp knives store in a drawer, until I need to use them, and steak knives in a special box clean and ready to be used when I have a steak dinner or a bbq.

  78. Brenda Kimball says

    I store my knives in a drawer in my island, I recently purchased an in drawer bamboo knife holder block, love it! My knives are not so great, they are old, would love new ones!

  79. Kathleen Duncan says

    I have a magnetic strip on the underside of my cabinet where I keep my paring knives. Also your basic wooden knife block for the bigger knives. Plus i am looking forward to making the Coconut Oatmeal cookies, they sound perfect!

  80. Sharon Carson says

    Happy Halloween! I would love to receive Misen knives in my trick-or-treat goodie bag, haha! I’ve heard alot of good things about them. I have a nice acacia wood knife storage tray that would store some Misen knives quite nicely. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the drawing, and best of luck to all!

  81. Wendy Cathcart says

    I store my kitchen knives in a bamboo slot-less knife block. I can store more knives that way, as I don’t need a specific slot for each one. In addition, I can find just the right knife I’m looking for when I need it. And, sidenote, I love your blog!!

  82. Maureen O'Connor says

    The knives I have were passed down to me by my Mother. I have a wood block that I store my knives in, I keep it right next to the stove.

  83. JoAnn L Guay says

    I store my knives carving and paring knives in a wooden holder on my counter, and my steak knives in the drawer.

  84. Gretchen McQuown says

    I would love to receive the Misen knives! I keep my knives in a wooden knife block. The slots are positioned sideways so the knives never get dulled when inserting or storing them.

  85. Pat Clark says

    Michigan is also prepping for winter, today the wind is blowing away any remnants of warmth and sunshine leftover from yesterday! I store most knives with a magnetic strip on my wall under the cabinets. The largest are next to silverware in drawer. My mom was the person who instilled in me the love of a really good knife, and to not be scared off by the cost!

  86. Tammy says

    The knives are beautiful! I have a “cutting” drawer and anything that cuts-knives, peelers, openers go in it. I also have a knife block on my counter with knives that desperately need to be sharpened!

  87. Joan Skovira says

    I have an assortment of knives- mostly dull!
    Some that can be sharpened and some not; some in a drawer, some in a knife block!

  88. Karen says

    My top drawer next to the stoves is where I store my kitchen knives. I know it isn’t ideal and after seeing where you store yours, I need to ask Santa for one like it for Christmas. Thanks for the giveaway offering as I could really use a new bread knife.

  89. Karen says

    I store my kitchen knives in a drawer next to my stove. After seeing your solution for storing your knives, I will ask Santa for one for Christmas. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. I really could use a new bread knife.

  90. Julia S says

    I confess, I keep my knives in a drawer. If I had a great set of knives, I would have a different attitude. My husband sharpens the knives for me.

    Can’t wait to make the oatmeal coconut cookies. Will make them soon with my class!

  91. Linda Jensen says

    Being very short on counter space in my small kitchen, I store my knives in a knife block stashed in the lower cupboard next to my stoves. I don’t have a dishwasher and would never think of putting a knife in one, even if I did have one!! Would love a new set. Mine are a mish mash bunch collected over the years.

  92. Patty Williams says

    Most of my knives that I use daily, I store in a wood knife block . I put them in upside do so the sharp blade is turned up. Other knives I have in a container in a drawer.

    It has been a very wet week or two here! Today turned blustery, cold and now snow!

    Have a great week!

  93. Karen Eye says

    I store my knives in a drawer. Some of mine are very old. A couple are from my mother. Thank you for the opportunity to win some new ones! Have a great week!

  94. Shelley Chavious says

    I have a couple of magnetic knife strips hanging on the wall near where I usually use them. I have only one Misen knife and I love it. Would really like to have more of them.

  95. Maggie says

    I have a magnetic strip near the sink. I can wash a knife safely, one at a time, then place it to dry in one step. I enjoy YOU! ***** 🙂

  96. Charlotte Dyer says

    Love…… the oatmeal coconut cookies. Easy & delicious. Thank you. I have enjoyed several of your recipes and will try many more. I give you a ten rating