Creamy Peanut Butter Fudge

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I’m not exaggerating when I say this Peanut Butter Fudge is one of the best fudges I’ve ever tasted. Rich, creamy, over-the-top fudge that is so easy to make, you might laugh.

My brother tasted this creamy fudge at my house years ago and called us the very next night for the recipe. He couldn’t stop thinking about it and needed to make it right away.

Creamy Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe by Barefeet In The Kitchen

I gave him the recipe and he couldn’t believe this was all there is to it. With just four ingredients, this is one of the best peanut butter fudge recipes I’ve ever tasted, and it is also beyond simple to make.

This fudge is an awesome way to impress someone with a gift that takes just minutes to put together. I can’t think of anyone who likes peanut butter who wouldn’t be excited to receive a box full of this during the holidays.

Put this recipe on your Christmas treat list now and skip the baking! It’s perfect to snack on while you’re wrapping gifts or for enjoying next to a crackling fireplace with the ones you love.

Peanut Butter Fudge

With all the attention we give chocolate fudge, I think the goodness of peanut butter fudge gets overlooked.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all kinds of chocolate fudge from Chocolate Almond Fudge  to this Chocolate Covered Oreo Fudge and everything in between.

Peanut butter fudge brings images of childhood to mind, noses pressed up against confectionary cases, selecting the perfect square fudge to bring home.

The simple combination of sweet, creamy and salty remains a favorite for kids and adults alike.

You only need a few ingredients to make this Creamy Peanut Butter Fudge - get the recipe at

Fudge Recipes

There are so many terrific fudge recipes that my family loves. This 5 Minute 5 Ingredient Chocolate Fudge is everyone’s go-to recipe and it’s a favorite all year long.

I’ve used that basic recipe as the foundation for tons of different variations on chocolate fudge and it’s the one I find myself coming back to the most often.

White Chocolate Caramel Fudge and Buckeye Fudge are huge hits as well and I highly recommend you add them to your holiday baking list. The Buckeye Fudge actually uses this creamy peanut butter fudge recipe as its base, then adds a layer of chocolate fudge on top.

Creamy Peanut Butter Fudge

We love vanilla fudge around here, too, for a change of pace. Give this Vanilla Walnut Fudge a try next time you’re in the mood for an easy fudge recipe that doesn’t use chocolate or peanut butter. Cranberry Macadamia Nut Fudge is another treat that’s perfect for the holiday season.

I like to create gift bags or boxes with a few different kinds of fudge in them to give as gifts to friends and family throughout the holidays.

These fudge recipes are so easy that making two or three different kinds at once is a cinch. Fudge is also a fantastic teacher or hostess gift! 

In only takes a few minutes in the microwave to make this EASY Peanut Butter Fudge - get the recipe at

Easy Peanut Butter Fudge

The secret to making peanut butter fudge with the right consistency is in the powdered sugar. It dissolves into the fudge smoothly without any grittiness at all.

You can melt everything in the microwave or on the stove-top. However you make it, it’s dangerously easy. Your kids are likely to start requesting this fudge regularly.

Thankfully, this is a recipe that’s easy enough for them to learn how to make on their own! Plus, with no stovetop cooking required, you can teach them to make this fudge without fear of burn accidents.

In only takes 4 ingredients and a microwave to make this EASY Peanut Butter Fudge - get the recipe at

How to Make Microwave Fudge

This recipe uses a microwave method for melting the ingredients together.

While I’m not usually a fan of microwave cooking, nothing beats being able to melt baking ingredients to the perfect consistency in just moments. It only takes 90 seconds of cook time to soften the peanut butter and butter to the right consistency, plus a few seconds of mixing.

Add the powdered sugar to the other ingredients and mix well until the powdered sugar dissolves.

Creamy Peanut Butter Fudge is so easy to make, it's going to become your new go-to candy this Christmas! get the recipe at

If you don’t happen to be a fan of the microwave, or don’t have one, you can easily melt the butter and peanut butter in a double boiler on the stove top. It will just take a few minutes longer. Heat the mixture over low-medium heat and stir well to combine before adding the powdered sugar.

I love this fudge cut into 1-inch squares to make it easy to share. This fudge pairs beautifully with an ice-cold glass of milk, a hot cup of coffee or a mug of tea!

Kitchen Tip: I use these bowls and this spatula to make this recipe.

PLEASE NOTE: The above video for this recipe is a HALF recipe for this fudge. The recipe can easily be halved or doubled or multiplied however you like. As pictured in the video, the fudge should be firm and almost crumbly when mixed together and pressed into the pan. It should not be liquid at all.

ALSO, this simple four-ingredient recipe is made with real butter. It absolutely will not work with margarine or a butter substitute. The fudge will be greasy and might not even set up.

Creamy Peanut Butter Fudge {unbelievably easy with just 4 simple ingredients!} - get the recipe at

Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe

  1. Combine the peanut butter, butter, and vanilla in a glass bowl and melt in the microwave for 90 seconds.

  2. Stir to combine, it should come together very quickly and be smooth and creamy.

  3. Slowly add the powdered sugar a cup or so at a time. Stir to combine thoroughly.

  4. Grease an 8-9″ pan with butter or line with parchment. Transfer the fudge mixture to the pan and press into the pan.

  5. Chill for at least 4 hours before cutting. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

As noted above – this fudge is delicious just as is but would also be a great canvas for adding mix-ins and toppings as well. I layered it with my 5 Minute Chocolate Fudge recipe to create Buckeye Fudge–a treat all of us found irresistible!

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Creamy Peanut Butter Fudge

4.54 from 78 votes
Rich, creamy over-the-top peanut buttery fudge is so easy to make, even the kids can make it. This is one of the best peanut butter fudge recipes I’ve ever tasted, and it is beyond simple to make. This recipe is gently adapted from Alton Brown's recipe.
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Prep Time: 5 mins
Cook Time: 4 hrs
Total Time: 4 hrs 5 mins
Servings: 48 1-inch squares


  • 1 cup butter (do not use margarine, it will not work)
  • 1 cup creamy peanut butter
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 3 1/2 cups powdered sugar


  • DIRECTIONS for the microwave: Combine the peanut butter, butter and vanilla in a glass bowl and melt in the microwave for 90 seconds. Stir to combine, it should come together very quickly and be smooth and creamy. Slowly add the powdered sugar a cup or so at a time. Stir to combine thoroughly.
  • DIRECTIONS for the stove-top: Combine the peanut butter, butter and vanilla in a medium-size saucepan over medium-low heat. Stir to combine, it should come together very quickly and be smooth and creamy. Remove the pan from the heat and slowly add the powdered sugar a cup or so at a time. Stir to combine thoroughly.
  • Grease an 8-9" pan with butter or line with parchment. Transfer the fudge mixture to the pan and press into the pan. Chill for at least 4 hours before cutting. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Enjoy!


Calories: 99kcal · Carbohydrates: 9g · Protein: 1g · Fat: 6g · Saturated Fat: 2g · Cholesterol: 10mg · Sodium: 58mg · Potassium: 36mg · Sugar: 9g · Vitamin A: 120IU · Calcium: 3mg · Iron: 0.1mg
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If you like this Creamy Peanut Butter Fudge, you might also enjoy Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls from She Wears Many Hats and this White Chocolate Peppermint Fudge from Real Housemoms.

{originally published 12/10/13 – notes and photos updated 12/18/19}

Creamy Peanut Butter Fudge is the easiest fudge ever and everyone loves it! get the recipe at

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  1. Jenn S says

    I made peanut butter fudge last year and it was soooo good… this sounds even easier than the one I made…. guess I better try this one this year 🙂

    • Annie Bauer says

      3 cups peanut butter chips
      1 can condensed milk
      1 teaspoon vanilla
      Micro in dish for 1. 1/2 minute. Stir till chips melted. Add vanilla and nuts (opt) pour into lined sq. 8 X 8 dish , cool n frig till hard.
      You can make fudge same way . And use white chips to make other flavors .

  2. Anonymous says

    Absolutely the smoothest, creamiest best peanut butter fudge I have EVER tasted and I made it! I used the stove top method, total time maybe 10 minutes (including clean up) and it is sitting in the fridge right now! Thank you!

  3. Rajini says

    My daughter and I made these for her office (her first job!) cookie/candy exchange tomorrow. We wrapped each one in a sliver of wax paper and twisted the ends like toffee..they looked adorable! She made them by herself and was so pleased with the way they turned out. Thanks for sharing this super easy recipe, Mary. 

    • Mary says

      That's very strange. Did you stir the butter and peanut butter together until it was creamy before taking it off the stove and adding the sugar?

    • Mary says

      Oh my goodness, Sonya! That's MY fault. I didn't think to mention that in the stove-top version. (In the microwave one, the bowl is out of the microwave when you stir in in.) Darn it!! I'll correct it now. I'm so sorry about that!

    • Nicole Coy says

      Mary I made this but i doubled the ingredients. i let it sit in the fridge for six hours but it is still very soft. How do i get the fudge to become more firm ???

    • Christine says

      The recipe calls for a cup of butter that is 2 sticks and I find that to be to much I tried the recipe today and I plan to use I stick of butter next time

    • Dawn says

      I did it also with two sticks and it does not work it’s way to buttery so I added more powdered sugar and had to soak up the butter oozing out of the fudge.
      Hope it turns out ok

    • Ken says

      I agree two sticks is too much butter. I made it both ways and the one stick of butter in my opinion is much better.

  4. Anonymous says

    This is great just the way it is-But have you thought about adding chopped pecan pieces. I would if I had teeth.LOL.

  5. Anonymous says

    I've got an easier one. A tub of vanilla cake frosting and a jar of peanut butter. Microwave 2 min and stir, pour in a greased square cake pan. Chill. It's the best I ever ate.

  6. Georgann says

    I have made this recipe. I hate it. It's easy and tastes incredible. It requires every ounce of self-control I can muster to not sit down with the pan and a spoon.

    • Anonymous says

      LOL!!!!! I was eating what was left in the sauce pan and I can not wait for this to set!!!

    • Mary says

      I have no idea, Para. I'm not sure how much of it you would need or if it would be enough to hold the shape of the fudge.

    • Lori says

      You could experiment with a small batch and see how you would like it. Then adjust it to when you make another batch. Sounds good though. I’m a diabetic and love sugar too much.

  7. Anonymous says

    Thank you for this recipe ! I been making it almost every other day in my house its doesnt last long my son and his friends are eating it all up. Plus i have shared this with 6 of my friends.. Thanks again!!! Happy Holidays !!!!

  8. Angela Morin says

    I just made these and they are sitting in the fridge now!! Can't wait to try! I chopped up some peanut buttercup candy amd sprinkled on top. Thank you for this super simple recipe!!!

  9. Anonymous says

    I just made this and I followed the directions to a T using the microwave version and it was grainy while I was mixing in the powdered sugar, so I used my mixer on low for a few seconds to try to incorporate the sugar to get that smooth and creamy look to very little avail. I then put it in the glass dish and patted in flat and smooth as I could and it was so greasy that I had to use paper towels after paper towels to soak up some of the butter. It is in the refrigerator now. With all that being said, what went wrong?

    • Mary says

      It sounds like you might have over cooked the peanut butter. Maybe the microwave was hotter than mine? The only time I've ever had something like this result in grainy peanut butter was when I burnt it in the microwave. I'm very sorry to hear that it didn't turn out well for you.

      Peanut butter will separate when it burns. My guess is that the oils were from the peanut butter.

    • Anonymous says

      I had this same problem. Cooked it exactly as recommended for the microwave and it basically separated while I added the powdered sugar. It ruined it.

      In an effort to save it I put it in for two more minutes, stirred in about a 1/3 of a cup of extra powdered sugar and it turned out fine.

      I believe microwave wattage may have something to do with this. Mine is 800 watts, most people have 1000 or 1200.

  10. Anonymous says

    There are two types of peanut butter at the store, the kind that has shortening/sugar added (like Skippy) and then the natural kind with just peanuts (like Adam's). What kind is used in this recipe?

    Thank you for your help, I'm looking forward to making this! 🙂

  11. Brittany says

    i just made this is it supposed to be runny when i pour it into the dish to cool? You say press and that's what's got me confused because mine was runny and not very thick. It's in the fridge now so I'm waiting to see the end result!

    • Mary says

      By the time you've added all 3 1/2 cups of the powdered sugar, it should be thicker than cookie dough. I'm guessing that you might have missed a cup of sugar. With only 3 main ingredients, there really isn't anything else that could have thrown the recipe off. It should be melted and runny with the peanut butter and butter, but after adding all the sugar, you would typically need to press firmly with your hands to spread it across the pan.

    • Tresa says

      I just made,it and mine was oily so I threw it out and started over and it was oily also. 1 cup butter 1 cup peanut butter 3 1/2 powered Sugar. Tsp vanilla

    • Mary says

      They are not the same thing, but they are very similar. Powdered sugar is slightly more fine and it has cornstarch added to it. You can make your own powdered sugar by combining 1 cup of regular granulated sugar and 2 tablespoons cornstarch in a blender and blending it until it is fine powder. I hope that helps!

  12. Unknown says

    In my local grocery store, they are selling everything pumpkin this time of year! What else! So, we have pumpkin fudge! I guess we could substitute pumpkin!

    • Mary says

      It's great that way too. I make a Buckeye Fudge (if you search the site, you'll see it) that is very similar. Also, I've drizzled dark chocolate over this in the past as well. Enjoy!

    • Mary says

      It shouldn’t be crumbly and falling apart. As you can see in the photos, the edges will crumble slightly on some pieces. Unfortunately, without being in your kitchen with you, it’s hard to guess what might have gone wrong.

    • Mary says

      Yes, there is a difference between butter and margarine. Unfortunately, margarine will not work the same way for this recipe.

  13. liNDA says


    • Mary says

      I think this would probably ship fine, and hold well. However, I haven’t tested it for that long myself. I do ship it for Christmas gifts though.

  14. diana says

    I freeze them for 15 to 20 minutes..then I dip them in red and green colorful Wilton’s melted family loves them..

  15. Linda says

    That peanut fudge receipt looks great, but my guy doesn’t like peanut butter is there one that easy for chocolate ?

  16. Dannielle says

    I love peanut butter fudge so much! The worst is when it is dry. I have never made any before but I’ve definitely eaten many peoples versions, maybe two or three are any good. Most are dry. I’m going to try this today! I really hope it’s as creamy and delicious as you and all the comments say it is! It will save me the time and money of searching all over for someone who sells a good batch!

  17. Eva Price says

    Simple and easy maded for my family they loved it and & making again as gifts. Thank you. Can you please send me more easy recipes.

    • Mary says

      I’ve made this fudge countless time and the measurements are correct. Did you use real butter, not margarine? I have no idea why it wouldn’t have set. I do hate it when a recipe doesn’t turn out!

    • Brenda says

      I noticed in the video, it looked like half a stick of butter, but the recipe calls for 2 sticks, and it did not come out at all like the video, so, is it 2 sticks of butter, or half a stick ?

    • Mary says

      I made a smaller recipe for the video, Brenda. I can not resist this fudge and having too much of it in the house is not the best plan for this girl some days!

  18. Sue says

    I’ve made many different fudges before for Christmas gifts but this one ended up too greasy on the top. I don’t know where I went wrong. Used the stove top method

    • Mary says

      That’s very strange. Without being in your kitchen with you, it’s hard to guess what might have gone wrong. I’ve never had this one turn out greasy though. I hate when a recipe doesn’t work out!

  19. Miranda Embry says

    I wonder if Stevia or Sweet N Low or some other substitute sugar would work. Do you know? I want to make this for Christmas

  20. Lisa says

    THis fudge tastes great, and yes it’s smooth, but the result was dry and crumbly rather than soft. Not sure what happened but I don’t think I will be making this again 🙁

  21. Juanita says

    You can also roll into balls, dip in melted chocolate and turn them into buckeyes( of course, this is an
    Ohio thing) lol

  22. Betty says

    Thanks sounds delicious. I was wondering if maybe the same recipe could be used as for the chocolate pb fudge using condensed milk. Any ideals. Thanks

  23. Robin Vines says

    Love this bare feet in the kitchen site so very very much !! I’m just sorry I didn’t think of it first! Lol! P.S. I hate shoes!,but I love quick&easy’.finger licken good. Thank you!!

  24. tresa says

    Easy & good recipe. Made adjustment to it according to what my family likes. Turned out great. Added only 2 cups powered sugar . They loved it. A winner in our house. Thanks for a great recipe♡

  25. Jen says

    This is simply amazing. So easy, quick, and delicious! I made it for my co-workers and they were begging me for the recipe. I was almost embarrassed to share it because it’s SO EASY! Thanks again. I love to cook long “4 course” meals and all too, but sometimes quick little yummy stuff like this is just awesome! 🙂

  26. Mary says

    I made this and my husband loved it ,so I love
    chocolate p- nut butter so I added cocoa in
    It and it turned out great
    Thank You

  27. kelly says

    Hi, I featured this fudge on website about a month ago and have been thinking about it since. Have just tried this fudge now and it is amazing! I made it with crunchy peanut butter and added some choc chips, super yummy. Thanks heaps!

  28. Cassandra says

    I made a double batch of this and used 2 cups of peanut butter, 1 1/4 cups of butter 2 teaspoon vanilla and 3 1/2 cups of powdered sugar and it turned out fantastic! Filled a whole 9×13 pan about 1/2 inch thick!!

  29. Brenda Bupp says

    I made this fudge and it did not get hard even after being in the frig , should I have left it in the microwave longer since mine is a small one, mine is 700 watts , it tasted very good but just was to soft thank’s !

  30. amy says

    I just made this peanut butter fudge. I have another recipe and it is good too but yours is so much simpler and so super easy and even quick that I think I’m gonna start using your recipe when I want peanut butter fudge.(and I have been craving it for awhile now) I didn’t measure everything out to the tee and I used a mixer to stir it up. I don’t know how to post a pic on here or I would show you. I’m about to put it in the refrigerator now. I do recommend your recipe on here. It is yummy and sweet! Thank you for posting!

  31. Susan says

    I use this recipe and it is so easy and good! I also melt 6 Hershey bars and spread over the peanut butter candy. Put in refrigerator until the chocolate solidifies. Then take out of frig. and let come to room temperature. Doing this will keep the chocolate from cracking.

  32. Alane Ferguson says

    Made this easy recipe and got second place at the county fair! I’m going to keep this yummy recipe. It tastes like the inside of a Reese’s peanut butter cup!

  33. Evelyn says

    I made this fudge by the recipe. 4 hrs. later it’s still way to soft. The video showed 1/2 stick of butter while the recipe called for 1 cup. Should I have used 1/2 cup of butter instead of 1 cup?

  34. Julie says

    I just made this and added about a third of a cup of cocoa. It’s chilling now and I can’t wait for it to firm up. It tastes so good! Yes, I sampled it while I was spreading in the pan.

  35. mary says

    everyone at church knows that peanut butter is my favorite food so they tell me or send me links all the time. im so glad that someone sent me this recipe its my fav. so quick easy and the taste is peanut butter heaven

  36. Sharron Bennett says

    Have you made this peanut butter fudge using REAL peanut butter (i.e., not Jif or Peter Pan…no hydrogenated vegetable oil)? Wondering if it will turn out the same way.

  37. Katie says

    I tried the stove-top directions but the powdered sugar wouldn’t incorporate and the butter separated, what did I do wrong Mary? And yes I stirred the butter and peanut butter together until smooth and yes took it off the stove before adding the powder sugar.

  38. Louise Soweski says

    This is the best peanut butter fudge recipe I ever made. So easy and flavorful! Will be making it over and over!5 stars

  39. Pam A. says

    I followed the directions exactly but mine tasted more like butter than peanut butter. I even used a brand named PB vs. store/generic kind.2 stars

  40. katie borland says

    This was not good! I added the sugar and it was all clumpy and dry. I suggest adding some evaporated milk to make it stirable. Then the taste is great.2 stars

    • Mary says

      If you continue stirring the sugar mixture, it should have come together. It is supposed to be somewhat dry and thick when you press it into the pan. I have no way of knowing what went wrong with your batch, but I don’t recommend adding liquid to this recipe.

  41. Sonjia says

    I had to add -1/2 cup cream cheese and use my electric mixer after using the stove top method.. then it smooths out and pressed it in the glass 13/9 dish. Very nice!!!!5 stars

    • Mary says

      I’ve never tried that myself. If you typically substitute margarine for butter without problems in other recipes, it will probably work fine. With so few ingredients though, I can’t guarantee it myself without trying it.

  42. Angela Shetlin says

    I am trying this right now. It looks as though 2 1/2 c. Powdered sugar would be perfect. 3 1/2 kinda looks like year old peanut butter in reeses cups. I sure hope it taste better than it looks. I love on fudge and this is my third batch. I wanted to try it because I have never made it this way before. Update on taste later.

  43. Sherry Plantz says

    1 cup of butter is far to much. I had to use paper towels to try to get some off. Don’t know if it is going to set up or not.1 star

  44. Theresa says

    I made this and learned the process has several stages. I will outline those now.

    Stage 1: Reading the ingredients
    *well this doesn’t look too hard….*

    Stage 2: Reading the comments
    *Oh dear….um…. well one person had success…let’s see what happens…*

    Stage 3: Melting and mixing the wet ingredients
    I used a pot on the stove because I’m old-school like that and I really wanted to keep an eye on what was happening. This is also when the rest of the house noticed the heavenly smell of peanut butter and started to ask questions. Given the comments, I was worried and I stalled.

    Stage 4: Mixing in the powdered sugar
    Ok. This didn’t concern me at first, but as I got to about two and a half cups, it started to resemble the Reese’s peanut butter filling I read about in a comment. I figured I could at least turn it into an icing or filling for cupcakes if all else failed.
    It basically was the consistency of cookie dough by the end. I did sample it at this point and noted it tasted delicious so I kept going.
    I pressed the fudge dough into a square pan lined with parchment and put it in the fridge to cool.

    Stage 5: “Where is it…?”
    This is when the inquisitive peanut-butter lover emerged and hunt for the treat he smelled. It was found and sampled long before it was ready. He identified it as fudge and as delicious so maybe this will work out….

    Stage 7: The results…
    It’s very, very good. As impatient as I am, I put it in the freezer for an hour and then back to the fridge after that. It set up quickly and was ready to be stolen by above-mentioned peanut-butter lover after about an hour and a half, in total.

    Honestly, stick with it. Pat it down flat in your pan. It’s very sweet but it’s fudge so I expected that. I’ll definitely make it again though.5 stars

  45. Kevin says

    Adding that much powdered sugar I broke my wooden spoon that I was trying to stir it in with less than a cup at a time and then I said the help with it and went in with my hands like I was kneading dough! That worked and I cannot see any other way to get that much sugar mixed in thoroughly! Definitely use your hands! Thanks. So far it tastes delicious off of my hands!

  46. Karen Phillips says

    I’ve made it. Everyone loves it. But I can’t seem to get the consistency I want. When sitting out it’s too soft and the fudge melds together. How can I thicken it for a firmer texture?4 stars

  47. Colleen Jones says

    I made this today for a tea dance, and it was a mega hit! I doubled the vanilla and sifted the icing sugar, then I drizzled dark chocolate over the top. Really easy to make and sooooo delicious! Thanks!5 stars

  48. Kim says

    We’ve been using almost the exact same recipe in our family for years except we use margarine instead of butter. Much better in my opinion. 😊5 stars

    • Kelly Marie Dobrovich says

      I made this for thanksgiving it was delicious. And I’d like more seeing as everyone ate it all I’m craving it. But I only have one stick of butter and one stick of margarine you think it will ok ???

  49. Theresa MOORE says

    I made the chocolate pecan fudge. I loved it. But I got creative and I used 1 bag of peanutbutter chips and I bag of chocolate chips with the butter and sweet condensed milk, 1 teaspoon of vanilla. It is delicious. Melt in your mouth.5 stars

  50. Angie says

    Something off about the measurements, I had to add at least a cup more powedered sugar to get it to right consistency but very good, no complaints, beats my stovetop recipes requiring a thermometer, this is a great recipe for quick tasty fudge!4 stars

  51. Crystal says

    Trying it and the butter separates from the peanut butter. It honestly looks like the dog had an accident.
    Will out in the fridge and see if it sets. Fingers crossed.

  52. denise comeau says

    Thank you! i havent made fudge for many years-and this came out perfect! I had no problems what so ever. I lined with the parchment,no problems and in the fridge it went! It was easy and fairly quick and not alot of ingrediants to fuss with. Clean up was also easy!

  53. Patricia says

    I’m sorry to say it, but this is not good at all! I’ve totally wasted my ingredients! I’m very disappointed!😢

  54. Sue McCreadie says

    How much weight is in a cup if you’re trying to make this recipe in the uk – is there an ounce or gram equivalent please as don’t know how to work it out? thank you

  55. Denise Shea says

    Just wondering if you’ve tried this with crunchy peanut butter? I love how easy this was to make and the taste is amazing. Thanks for sharing.5 stars

  56. Heather Johnson says

    Not sure what I’ve done wrong, but it won’t seem to set up or even firm a bit in the fridge. Maybe I’ve stirred it for to long, I’m not sure. It tastes good, but after 4 hours it’s still goop. Maybe I’ll keep it in the freezer for a bit…4 stars

    • Shanna says

      Did you ever figure out the secret? I just made some tonight and it won’t set either. Please help

    • Mary says

      I honestly can’t even imagine what has gone wrong for your fudge attempts. With just four ingredients, I’m stumped. If you watch the video, you’ll see that it’s supposed to be very thick already when you press it into the pan. Can you think of anything you might have changed or substituted?

  57. Evelyn says

    Depending on how greasy your peanut butter is (depends on the brand), you could use less butter. For instance, with peter pan, I use 1 and a half sticks of butter instead of 2. Also, 3 and a half cups of confectionary sugar is a 1 pound box. Just fyi. This peanut butter fudge is great. I make it every Christmas and everybody loves it and asks for the recipe. 🙂5 stars

    • Angi says

      This seems logical to me and as I was trying to use up some peanut butter it appeared to be pretty greasy.
      I’m thinking to attempt to fix this batch, I May melt it back down. Then add some unopened pb and more sugar & see how it sets up? Or just make a cake with peanut butter frosting…??4 stars

    • Danissa Pearson says

      When finished did you put it in the fridge or freezer? This recipe needs to be stored in the fridge or freezer. It can not be left out. I realised that after taking a piece out of the freezer and it turned to goop after being left out for too long.

  58. Kirsten says

    I used all the right amounts of The ingredients and mine is not firm at all putting it into the pan. The only thing I noticed was it said to use one cup of butter but in the video it only showed half a stick of butter. Help?

    • Mary says

      I’m stumped. I’ve remade this fudge again and can’t figure out why it isn’t working for you. Are you substituting anything?

    • Susan says

      Mary – the recipe calls for 1 cup butter, but in the video, it looks more like 1/2 stick (1/4 cup butter). Could this be the problem??

    • Mary says

      The video is a half recipe. I often shoot them that way to avoid having too many sweets around the house this time of year. I truly am stumped though! Thousands of people have made this fudge recipe without issue and yet there are always a few who it simply doesn’t work for. I wish I knew why that was happening!

  59. Kim says

    I made this last night, I used 1 stick of butter which is 1/2 cup of butter, the dough is really thick and I kneaded it before pressing it into a pan. I think next time I will use 1 1/2 sticks of butter & that should be perfect……. maybe adjust the written recipe as 3/4 cups butter.5 stars

  60. Hayley Daniels says

    I made this but slightly different. I used 2lbs of powdered sugar, 2 sticks of butter(Room temp), one whole regular jar of Jiff, and a tsp of vanilla extract. I Combined the butter, Jiff and vanilla, stir with an electric mixer to smooth and creamy, then added the powdered sugar all at once. Pretty quickly after you will have to swap out the mixer because they mixture is thick. I put on plastic gloves and mixed with my hands. Once all was mixed, i shaped into balls and covered half of them in chocolate. The ones not covered in chocolate held fine, tasted amazing(tastes better cold) and was a great treat all around.5 stars

  61. M says

    I just made this candy. Followed the recipe exactly as it says and mine is very greasy. It did not get crumbly like the video so I had to add more powered sugar to absorb the grease. I finally got it in a pan and it’s now in the fridge but there is an inch or more of grease sitting on top of the candy even after I used paper towels to soak the grease off the top of it.3 stars

  62. Yes I tried this recipe and I never firmed up and it’s still not firm says

    Yes I tried this recipe and I never firmed up and it’s still not firm

  63. Dana says

    I just found this recipe and fixed exactly as recipe states. Used jiffy creamy Pb. Turned out perfect. Love love it. Can’t get any easier than that!!!!! Thx for sharing a wonderful fail proof recipe!!5 stars

  64. Oscar Phelan says

    I was watching Good Eats tonight and Alton Brown made the exact same recipe. Seeing him do it helped me so I hopefully don’t mess it up. lol

    • Mary says

      I love this comment. You can see above where I’ve linked to Alton Brown’s recipe. This fudge is barely adapted at all from his recipe. It’s fantastic!5 stars

  65. Jennifer says

    Easy to follow recipe and it reminds me of old fashion peanut butter fudge. It’s really good and tasty. Thank you for sharing this recipe.5 stars

  66. Stephanie says

    TOO MUCH BUTTER…I think there is a discrepancy in this recipe. It calls for 1 cup of butter, which is 2 sticks, which is an awful lot. But in the video it shows only a half stick being used….which would make sense as to why some people are ending up with a goopy mess instead of firm fudge.3 stars

    • Mary says

      For what it’s worth, the video actually shows a full stick of butter (half the butter listed in the recipe) and I will never EVER again make a video for a half recipe. This has caused endless confusion. Sigh.

      If the recipe is made exactly as written, there is no reason I know of why it shouldn’t work perfectly. I have made this fudge more than a dozen times and it works exactly the same as the video every time.

    • Danissa Pearson says

      Did you keep in in the fridge? This recipe HAS to be kept in the fridge or else it gets goopy

    • Mary Younkin says

      I do keep this fudge in the fridge, but I’ve also kept it out without issues. It’s possible that the house was warmer than ours though and it caused it to soften.

    • Daniel Steward says

      I made it according to the recipe and it turned out firm and also was very good, I’m going to be making more the weekend

  67. Laura says

    Made this fudge the other night while my sister was in town. We absolutely loved it! Followed the recipe exactly as posted and it turned out perfectly.5 stars

  68. JGivens says

    Made the fudge as directed for Christmas at my mom’s house, everyone loved it, even my aunt who doesn’t like fudge liked it. Great, and easy, recipe. Now to make some for a New Year’s Eve party!5 stars

  69. Tina says

    This recipe was fantastic and came out just fine. The cup of butter is NOT TOO MUCH BUTTER. Any less and it would be way too thick. If people had problems with this recipe then they can’t read or follow a recipe. Forget about the video. Who cares what it shows. It’s just to help with the steps. Nowhere in the video does she state amounts for ingredients. I’ve seen many people make small batches of a recipe in a video. Follow according to the written recipe and you won’t have any issues. Thanks for sharing. It was delicious.5 stars

    • Tina says

      I just wanted to confirm that I made this again and had no problems. I used Kerrygold unsalted butter and Justin’s peanut butter and added a pinch of sea salt. I highly suggest using an all natural peanut butter that only has peanuts and oil in it. Justin’s is nice because it it does not need refrigeration and does not separate. Using a cheap peanut butter like Jiffy is loaded in sugar and is disgustingly sweet. You’re already adding a ton of powdered sugar. Plus, the texture is different.

  70. Daniel Steward says

    I made it according to the recipe and it turned out firm and also was very good, I’m going to be making more the weekend

  71. Andrea says

    I made these the right way first(delicious) on my second batch I cut the powdered sugar by half a cup and replaced it with cocoa powder. Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge was the result. This recipe is wonderful and simple so it lend itself to lots of experimentation.5 stars

  72. Lizzie says

    I tried making this for Christmas and everyone absolutely loved it! It’s so easy to make and tastes great – I use this recipe every time I make fudge now. Only problem was when I forgot to sift the preferred sugar first ad it came out a bit lumpy. I also prefer using a tad bit more peanut butter 🙂 Thanks for sharing!5 stars

    • Lizzie says

      After reading the other comments I thought it necessary to add that I used the stovetop method, only 1 stick of butter, and I’m pretty generous with the powdered sugar – that’s probably why it turns out stop well for me. Also I could it in the freezer instead of fridge, so it was cool after just 2 hours.

    • Mary clussman says

      I made this fudge several times and enjoyed it, it was so easy, yesterday I started to make it and ran short of confectioners sugar, made the fudge ,I’m waiting to eat it.

    • Mary Younkin says

      I can’t imagine how that happened, Nonnie. This is a very thick fudge recipe and you can see in the video that it isn’t “stirrable.”

  73. Leia says

    Oh my goodness, just to much butter. I didn’t watch the video just read the instructions and I made a greasy mess..

  74. Katie P says

    I tried this on stovetop and it did not come out firm. It was gloopy and the butter started to separate once it was in the pan. I followed the exact directions???

    • Mary Younkin says

      Without being in your kitchen with you, Katie, it’s hard to guess what might have gone wrong. It sounds like the measurements might have been off. Did you have it off the heat completely while stirring in the powdered sugar?

  75. Kathy Kiehn says

    I have a just as easy recipe using cream cheese for an even richer and just as easy fudge. OMG, it is wonderful.

  76. Alice says

    I have been making this fudge every year since I found the recipe. I follow it exactly except maybe make the cup of peanut butter a little overfilled so it has more of a peanut butter taste. Last year I was making it for my mother and grandmother in laws. They were both laughing at me, “you can’t make fudge in the microwave, you have to slow cook it in a cauldron for a week and sacrifice your first born child” or whatever. They were blown away when they tasted the result! But now I’m the one who has to make all the fudge for the family parties.5 stars

  77. Shelley Bowles says

    I just made this recipe today for my aunt who has developed an allergy to dairy products. I have been making fudge for years on the stove. As we all know, sometimes it turns out great and other times not so great. But this recipe (microwave method) is by far the easiest fudge I’ve ever made. The consistency is a little softer than cooked fudge but for someone who craves it at the holidays or any other time, I strongly recommend this recipe. FABULOUS!!!!

  78. Danissa Pearson says

    I have chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain, and fibromyalgia. I used to love baking when I was a kid but as I got older it became more tiring and painful, however this recipe was super easy! The only problem I had with it was the stirring! I did it by hand but when I make it again I will try the mixer.
    I LOVE this recipe, both for how simple it is and for how yummy it was!
    I made it in the middle of the night when I was wanting something sweet and realized after putting the peanut butter and powdered sugar in the bowl that I only had half the butter so I replaced the other half with my mom’s low cal. Margarine and it still worked fantastically! Next time I make it I’m going to try it with either chunky peanut butter or just adding peanuts.
    I plan on making this for family for christmas!💜5 stars

    • Danissa Pearson says

      Oh, also I recomend freezing it, I found that it really brought out the taste! (Also Mary Younkin, you may want to put emphasis on storing it in the fridge or freezer, I brought out a piece to eat after my dinner one night and got to it about an hour later, it still tasted good but it was very mushy 😁)

    • Patty Williams says

      I’ll have to give this a try! I make a lot of fudge year round but especially during the holidays. Its a great gift and it also is good on a cookie plate.

      But this would be wonderful for someone that has never made a cooked fudge and is scared to try. Good for an young person learning too.

      Merry Christmas!

  79. Phyllis Lenhardt says

    Found this recipe last year. Who knew fudge making could be so easy! It was a hit with the whole family. They are already asking if I’ll be making it for the holidays this year. Absolutely! Thanks so much for the recipe5 stars

  80. Cindy says

    Great fudge, I’m allergic to gluten and soy so I can’t have the fudge I make every year for my husband and son’s,dil grandkids,can’t wait to try some in a few hours thx so much very easy Cindy5 stars

    • Mary Younkin says

      I am so sorry to hear that you found all of the information included with this free recipe annoying, Bill. If scrolling down the page is that troublesome, perhaps a cookbook would be more your speed? I wish you all the best with your holiday baking!

    • Shauna Skirvin says

      I made the peanut butter fudge also ,& it turned out greasy & WOULDNT SET. Should we BOIL the mixture AT SLK BEFORE ADDING powdered sugar??

    • Mary Younkin says

      The mixture does not need to boil, Shauna. Just heat until everything melts and you can stir it smooth. Then add the powdered sugar. It should be thick and require pressing into the pan as shown in the video and photos. It sounds like one of the measurements might have been off if the result was a greasy fudge.

    • Ashley says

      I did everything as instructed for Stove top n greased the palm since i didn’t have paper it looked fine when i mixed I the sugar then after the set time is when i noticed it being like that

  81. Bonnie Green says

    I have made the Buckeye fudge. The bottom peanut butter layer is not firm and is crumbly and falling apart. The top layer is fine and separate of the bottom layer and falls off the bottom layer. Not sure what happened. Any suggestions? Does the kind of peanut butter make a difference? I love the 2 flavors together.

  82. Janet says

    I just bought a big jar of creamy peanut butter yesterday to make cookies, so this caught my eye. I prefer using my scale for things like powdered sugar. Have you considered using grams? Thank you.

  83. Becky Ausyin says

    Ive mafe the stobe too version of their 2 diffrent times and it didnt thicken up nor did it firm up what would causr this ? What shoule I do to make ot thocket anf firm up?
    Iy waa hood jusy seemed a little loke slush.

    • Mary Younkin says

      If I understand correctly, your fudge didn’t set firmly, Becky? My guess is that some of your measurements might be a little off. Did you refrigerate the fudge after pouring it into the pan?

  84. Cheryl Campbell says

    I cant rate much it right now cause I just put it in the fridge, I am going to give it 5 stars for being so easy for now, I have never had any problems making fudge but if I can do it an easy way and turn out to be as good as mine and as melt in your mouth as mine I wont turn that down, so I tried your peanut butter fudge recipe and it is going to be tried out in the morning, if I like it, it will be a keeper, I will repost tomorrow on the taste, only problem I had was I didnt get it completely mixed up because I was using a hand mixer, but that was my fault, lol5 stars

  85. Cheryl Campbell says

    Well just tried the peanut butter fudge, and it was great, not quite like mine but great in its own way and takes about 1/2 the work out of making the fudge so this is a big keeper, I need to check out some of your other stuff now.5 stars

  86. Cyndi says

    This was the first fudge I ever successfully made.
    I had given up. It was easy and delicious. I do
    recommend sifting the powdered sugar.5 stars

  87. Kristina says

    I just tried to make the peanut butter fudge and it turned out like yuck. I followed the directions exactly as written and after I microwaved the mixture, I added the powder sugar but it was not dry and crumbly like the directions stated. I ended up adding 2 1/2 more cups of powdered sugar but it was still mushy. I put it in the pan and into the refrigerator.
    So now I will wait and see what it looks like in 4 hours.
    Don’t have high hopes of it turning out to be edible.
    Don’t know what I did wrong since I measured everything out according to the recipe.2 stars

    • Mary Younkin says

      I can’t even imagine who might have gone wrong here, Kristina. Adding nearly twice the required sugar should have made the dough super dry. Did you substitute any other ingredients? It sounds like there was too much liquid in the recipe.

  88. Melissa says

    Hi, does this come out soft and chewy, or more dense and somewhat crumbly like traditional, old-fashioned fudge? I am desperately seeking an old-fashioned peanut butter fudge recipe. Everything I am finding and trying is soft and chewy, which is not my idea of a true fudge.

    • Mary Younkin says

      This is a soft fudge, Melissa, though it is a bit more crumbly than some. However, it is probably not the traditional fudge that you’re looking for. You probably need to find a cooked fudge recipe (vs anything with a microwave option). I hope that helps!

    • Tom says

      Im finding this a bit late but.. For old fashion (hard ball) fudge, an awesome recipe cam be found on the back of any fluff jar (marshmallow fluff) it requires cooking and i would suggest a candy thermometer to ensure you hit that temp (about 145-148 F° if you want it to set up as hard ball). I have not tried it with PB. But i think as long as you got the mello/sugar hot enough it would work.

      Good luck!!

      P.s. i did mess this up about 3 times before getting the candy thermometer. It was very soft.

  89. Kim says

    I made this fudge for the first time a few weeks ago. It was easy, quick, and delicious! The second attempt today was a complete disaster! I’ve come to the conclusion that you MUST use 100% pure sweet cream butter sticks, and NOT the cheaper vegetable oil baking sticks. They make the mixture greasy, runny, lumpy, and the oils sit on top of the fudge. Even the color is different. Everyone please learn from my mistakes! Hugs, Kim5 stars

    • Mary Younkin says

      oh my gosh, YES, Kim! You have to use real butter for this recipe. I wonder if that’s the problem that so many people have had with this fudge. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Mary Younkin says

      I will second that, Clarissa. This recipe will not work with margarine or butter substitutes. I do use “sticks” of real butter without any issues, as illustrated in the video.

  90. Angela H. Henry says

    I have been trying different fudge recipes and decided to try this one, I have to admit I was somewhat sceptical, only 4 ingredients, and you can make it in the microwave, come on now, how good can it be, AMAZING!!!!!! It is so easy, and so delicious, Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe, Love It.5 stars

  91. Dale says

    I made this fudge, it turned out great. My friends loved and couldn’t get enough .
    Thanks for the recipe.5 stars

  92. Laura says

    Going to give this a go. I love peanut butter…… thinking of melting a few choc chips to guild the lily!

  93. Bob Hampton says

    Really enjoyed the peanut butter fudge but am a little concerned about your nutrition information. Is it really 99,000 calories?

    Calories: 99kcal | Carbohydrates: 9g | Protein: 1g | Fat: 6g | Saturated Fat: 2g | Cholesterol: 10mg | Sodium: 58mg | Potassium: 36mg | Sugar: 9g | Vitamin A: 120IU | Calcium: 3mg | Iron: 0.1mg5 stars

    • Mary Younkin says

      Hi Bob, the “calorie” we refer to in food is actually kilocalorie. One (1) kilocalorie is the same as one (1) calorie. That’s why the system records it as kcals.

  94. Randall baker says

    I made peanut butter fudge once using regular sugar power sugar Can milk vanilla extra and butter was the best ever has anyone seen this recipe anywhere I bought the ingredients but can’t find it.

    • Michael says

      Funny, I am looking for the same recipe. The one I made (way back in the 70s!) Was done in a small pot on the stovetop. I’ve not yet found one that seems eight so I am ready to just experiment.

    • Cindy Keeton says

      That sounds a little bit like my recipe for Skillet Peanut Butter Fudge. I was just going to make some but can’t find my skillet; must have thrown it away.

      2 c. Sugar
      1 c evaporated milk
      3 Tblsp butter
      1 tsp vanilla
      1 c miniature marshmallows

      In electric skillet, combine sugar, butter and milk; set control at 280. Bring mixture to a boil and boil for five minutes, stirring constantly. Turn off heat and add vanilla, peanut butter and marshmallows. Stir until everything is melted and well blended. Pour into a buttered 8 x 8 pan. Cool and cut in squares.

      I’m thinking about trying it in a heavy pot.

  95. Joyce says

    So delicious and so easy in the microwave! My family really enjoyed it! I wanted to make it again, but I only have a stick of butter left. Should I make any adjustments to the recipe or can I just use one stick of butter? Thank you!5 stars

  96. Marilyn Parisi says

    All the fudge recipes sound awesome! I have a real sweet tooth. It seems I don’t have all the ingredients on hand today; bummer!

  97. Emma Lucas says

    This sounds like a really simple way to make fudge. I have been making fudge the old fashion way for years and love the idea of you recipes. Do you have a shortcut way to make divinity?

  98. JoAnne says

    Who knew back in our Grandmother or even Mother’s day, we would be able to make fudge so easy. Along with many other recipes. No reason no one can’t learn to cook, which I’ve always been a cook.5 stars

  99. Kimberly says

    So I’m pretty sure my issue is a “me” issue and not a recipe issue. I’ve never made fudge before but decided I really wanted some and came across this recipe. So I did everything the recipe said to do (I think 😬) and left the fudge in the fridge overnight before trying it as I made it late at night. It didnt firm up as much as I expected it to. It’s to soft. It didnt really hold shape to well when I cut it. I did notice when I mixed it my end mixture didnt like as “dry” as the one in the picture above. Any idea of what I could have maybe did wrong? The flavor was really good! I just need to figure out what I did to make it not firm up like I think it should have4 stars

    • Mary Younkin says

      It sounds like there was too much liquid or not enough powdered sugar. (For future reference, I would have added a bit more sugar to meet the correct consistency.) Maybe an ingredient mistake was made? If it was that soft, it sounds like something was simply off.

  100. Jessica says

    I made a half size of this fudge, and it turned out delicious! Half size was good for my husband and I for a few days… now I’m making round 2!5 stars

  101. Rene says

    I did good to get 3 cups of confectioners sugar in it. I had to literary mix it with my hands. The consistency was good, considering, but it tastes like peanut butter flavored confectioners sugar. Way too sweet for me.3 stars

  102. Shirley Ayars says

    I follow the recipe exactly, I use the stove top, and it did not get stiff. One cup of butter and one cup of peanut butter to 3 1/2 cups of powder sugar is quit a bit. It didn’t get stiff like it should. I’ll add more powder sugar, don’t know if it will be any better tasting,
    have to wait and see.2 stars

  103. Roshinara says

    I am from Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 and I am going to try your peanut butter fudge for this Christmas and I will let you know how it comes
    Thanks for the recipe

  104. Elizabeth Molle says

    adding a couple of tablespoons of heavy whipping cream to the peanut butter fudge be a good thing? Thanks5 stars

  105. Vincent Bishop-Diaz says

    Tried this recipe and it worked wonderfully! Question… Would this work with Nutella instead of Peanut Butter? Thanks!5 stars

  106. Jo-Ann Sangataldo says

    Made this fudge several times. So easy and delicious. I love peanut butter and fudge although not a fan of chocolate5 stars

  107. Valerie Bolton says

    Will be making this today, looks great and easy. Do you think this would keep out of the fridge.

  108. Cheryl Williamson says

    This is by far the best fudge i’ve made! It is super delicious, u can’t sop eating it. And it is so easy to make too. I’ve passed this along to my best friend & she is hooked also. You can’t miss, with making this!5 stars