12 Days of Christmas Giveaways (Day 2) Cookbooks for 2


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Happy Holidays, my friends! Today I’m giving away (4) copies of Barefeet In The Kitchen’s cookbooks – (2) for you and (2) for a friend. GIVEAWAY CLOSED 

I’m so excited about all of the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways and you’re going to want to make sure you check the site every day so you won’t miss out on anything!

Barefeet In The Kitchen's 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways - check them all out at barefeetinthekitchen.com

Let’s start with the obvious here. See these ads all over the website? Could you possibly miss them? Every time those ads load on your screen it sends a few cents our way.

Those ads make this website possible and this month, I’m sharing some of that holiday ad revenue with our readers in the form of a whole lot of giveaways. I can hardly wait to tell you about each one!

I asked you in Saturday’s newsletter what things you’d most like to see for the Christmas giveaways and you had some really great ideas for both big and small prizes!

(Side note: If you aren’t signed up for emails, you’re missing out. I gave away the first prize to a reader who emailed me her ideas for the giveaway that same day.)

The Weeknight Dinner Cookbook - quick and easy meals for when you're on the road!

I love that so many of you suggested giving away my cookbooks, so today I’m giving away (2) copies each of The Weeknight Dinner Cookbook and The Weekday Lunches and Breakfasts Cookbook.

The winner will receive four cookbooks total, two cookbooks for you and two for a friend!

The Weekday Lunches & Breakfasts Cookbook is in stores now! Get your copy today!

To enter the 12 Days of Christmas Cookbook Giveaway just leave a comment on this post telling me who you would gift the second cookbooks to this Christmas! 

Giveaway sponsored by Barefeet In The Kitchen. Giveaway ends on December 18, 2018 at 11:59pm EST. No purchase necessary. Must be 18 years of age or older and a resident of the U.S to enter. One winner will be randomly selected and notified via email. GIVEAWAY CLOSED

Barefeet In The Kitchen Cookbook Giveaway! enter now at barefeetinthekitchen.com

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Mary Younkin

Mary Younkin

Hi, I’m Mary. I’m the author, cook, photographer, and travel lover behind the scenes here at Barefeet In The Kitchen. I'm also the author of three cookbooks dedicated to making cooking from scratch as simple as possible.

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  1. Jean Leineke says

    Hi! What a wonderful idea & offer! I would give the second set to my brother-in-law. He loves to cook, almost as much as me 🙂

  2. Mary F Brown says

    Hi Mary, how wonderful of you to do this nice giveaway, I actually have your books, so one set to a very nice lady at church, the second set to my cousin. Thannks for the chance

  3. Wanda S says

    I’d give the other cookbooks to my friend Gina. She doesn’t cook. I don’t think she’s going to ever cook. However if the pictures are nice and the food looks great, perhaps she can be convinced to try!

  4. Renita says

    My second set would go to my friend Linda. She has a little boy who has many food allergies but she does an amazing job altering recipes to fit him while still feeding her family. She is always looking for Inspiration and is a great cook. she is a wonderful mom and a dear friend. I am a lucky girl!

  5. Sue Reedy says

    I would gift the cookbooks to my 24 year old daughter to help prepare her to live on her own.
    We both love your recipes!
    Thank you!

  6. Sara Jimenez says

    I would gift the 2 cookbooks to someone who has become a close friend to me recently. I met this friend at my church and she has been dealing with a lot lately, trying to decide if she should take her sisters 3 children into her home, since she is already raising 2 children of her own. She has such a big heart and loves to cook, so I know that this would put a smile on her face this Christmas. Thank you for the opportunity!

  7. Tammy Brace says

    I would gift them to my daughter. She is always looking for new recipes to make that do not take up a lot of time.

  8. Gayle Sutter says

    I would give the extra set to my DIL- mother to 4 picky eaters, wife to a picky eater and a cookbook fanatic!

  9. Shawn Meadows says

    My sister and daughter 😊. My daughter is 22 and learning to cook. This fall she went through my recipes and pulled her favorites.

  10. Ann Lokey says

    I would give a set to Joe & Pati at Elijah’s Harbor here in Greeneville, TN. They are ways looking for new recipes to serve the guests.

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter!
    Merry Christmas

  11. Kendra K says

    I know a couple of people who would love a copy of your cookbooks including my mom who is always excited to read through new recipes.

  12. Brittany Fritch says

    I would give the second cookbook to my sister in law! We are always swapping good, easy meals both our families would love

  13. Sabrina price says

    I would give the other set of cookbooks to my mother in law. She works late so I fill like these books will help her with making quick healthy meals and maybe even meal prepping.

  14. Pam M says

    I would give the books to my mother in law. We both love to look at cookbooks as a form of relaxation and then make recipes from them to share when the family gets together.

  15. Sarah says

    I would give the second set to my friend Brynna who is also gluten free! Your recipes are my go-to for every occasion!

  16. Nancy Anne White says

    I think I might give the second cookbook to either my niece in law or her mother. My niece is Ukrainian and a very good cook who is still learning about American cooking. Her mother has been a professional baker and has worked in both restaurants and high end retirement centers in the US. She is a fabulous cook and I think might enjoy an American cookbook.

  17. Julie Maxwell says

    I started a cookbook club and each month we select a book to all cook from and come together with what we’ve made. I would absolutely gift the second book to one of them!

  18. Christina Munoz says

    I would gift the 2nd set of cookbooks to my sister! She just moved far away, so cooking together from the same books sounds so special!!

  19. April Sias says

    I would give the additional cookbooks to my sister. Cooking brings us together even though we live apart. We can talk about how much we loved a recipe or share our tweaks.

  20. Sandra Fazzino says

    I would gift the second book to my daughter as she recently purchased her first house and has a large kitchen to cook in.

  21. Diane Sexton says

    I would give one of the two cookbooks to my daughter, she doesn’t cook but I’m still hopeful. The other to my oldest son, he loves to cook.

  22. Linda says

    My daughter who has started cooking for herself. She’s realized it’s not healthy and cost efficient to eat out all the time.

  23. Loïs Minch says

    Love all the recipes posted & have pinned but
    would love the cookbooks. Having two to give
    to a friend would be the icing on the cake.

  24. Valerie says

    I would gift the second copies to my brother. He’s a single dad with no cooking skills or aptitude. Hopefully the books would help him out.

  25. Ashley Livi says

    I would love to give them to my beautiful friend Adrianna. She is very busy with caring for 3 young boys and baking her award winning Finnish bread for local fairs and restaurants.

  26. Cecile VanTyne says

    I’d give the cookbooks to my daughter. She loves to cook, is the mom of a 1 year old and she works full-time so easy is what she needs.

  27. Yvonne Ruwe says

    I would give the Dinner cookbooks to both my sisters-in-law because it is one of my favorites. I don’t have the lunch/breakfast one yet so I’d keep that and give the other to my friend Beth. 😀

  28. Sonja Minch says

    I would give the cookbooks to my friend Amanda who has two adorable little girls. She likes to cook but is a busy working mama.

  29. Belinda says

    I would love to win this giveaway! I have made numerous of your recipes as they are fabulous and easy. I would gift the other set of cookbooks to my sweet sister who could use a little culinary help with easy recipes for our alternating Sunday family nights.

  30. Kim says

    I have just seen Bare Foot in the kitchen pop up on a face book post and now I can’t help myself from going to it to look up different recipes. Thank you so much for sharing.

  31. B Alder says

    I love your recipes and would be delighted to send the extra two cookbooks to my daughter who is a good cook and would appreciate them.

  32. Elisha Lance says

    I recently befriended a co-worker and he is food obsessed, he loves food, he is always so happy when I bring in things I’ve made. He was off work a couple weeks ago for knee surgery and I made him an entire pan of Beef Enchiladas which he told me were gone in two days, I made myself my own pan and it lasted all week! So, if I won, I would give my friend Taylor the other set as he enjoys cooking just as much as eating, mostly because he then gets to eat it.

  33. Sheila says

    I would give the second set of books to my daughter who has a limited repertoire of recipes. She’d love to expand her meals and this would help

  34. Chris says

    I would love a set to come to Australia for myself but would like to gift the other set to someone you think is deserving, as an early Christmas present. I realise the postage costs are high and could share my set with family and friends.

  35. LINDA SMITH says

    I love to cook, and I would give my 2nd set to my 3rd. daughter, who is just like me, she’ll alsways cooking something to try. always trying new recipes. thank you .

  36. Vickie Hawkins says

    I have enjoyed reading your blog and preparing your dishes for my family. Your favorite things have become my favorite things! Thank so much. I would love to share my extra copies with my girls.

  37. Marsha Marhofke says

    Love to cook with my husband….going on 47years. Would give the second set to our Dental Hygienist..newly married and husband would like to see some a larger variety in meals.

  38. Darlene Peterson says

    I would gift the second cookbooks to my less than good cook daughter-in-law. Everyone can use a little help sometimes.

  39. Debbie Maxwell says

    I would gift the 2 friend cookbooks to my sister in law. She is always looking for new recipes to try and we share with each other.

  40. Linda Kitts says

    My middle son and daughter in law. All 3 of my sons cook and their wives thank me often. He loves to try new recipes and with 4 kids, well, they all love dads cooking. Moms a great cook too, but dad hops in and does it often.

  41. Patricia Jewett says

    I would donate both books to Habitat for Humanity in Reno Nevada to be used as housewarming gifts when a economically challenged family is selected as the recipient for a home built by Habitat through the financial generosity of others

  42. Victoria says

    I would love to win the cookbooks. I would share the other books with my father who is 85 years old but loves to cook. The other book I would give to a dear lady who enjoys cooking for her family.

  43. Judy Sand says

    I’m a late bloomer. Always someone who would be considered one America’s worst cooks, I decided to change that at age 60. I invested in good cookware, started collecting cookbooks and am now patiently reading recipes before executing. Thanks to sites like yours, I am finally at the point where I can have a company dinner party and actually serve my own food! I would love a copy of your books as your recipes have been part of the reason that I am now on the road to someday mastering cooking .

  44. Tara Burke says

    I would give the second set to my best friend who, like me, is mom to three kids and likes to keep things simple but nutritious.

  45. LINDA SMITH says


  46. Janet Hagen says

    Becky Lyn Driskel, A dear friend who is on a weight loss journey with me and we are both trying to cook more at home.

  47. Vicki Cartner says

    I would give the second set of books to my son, Ben and his fiance. They are both avid cooks, for work and hobby, and have their first house to try out these recipes.

  48. Kelie Ford says

    I would love to have a set for myself, and gift the second set to my sister-in-law. I know she would LOVE them just as much as I would.

  49. Jen H says

    I would gift it to my friend who is always asking what o make for dinner because she can’t get motivated and with books like these, how can she not?!

  50. Sue says

    I would definitely keep my two and would split the others between my East coast daughter and West coast son-in-law who are both great cooks!

  51. Christy Spurlock says

    The second set of cookbooks will go to my sister, Amy Chalker. Without her love for me life wouldn’t be worth living. She is my rock and my confidante. She is the most amazing sister a girl could have. I am extremely blessed to have her in my life. She’s also an amazing cook.

  52. Ruth Epstein says

    I would love this as I am always looking for new ideas and this would make my life so much easier and I have a friend that I know would be in her element if she received one too

  53. Robin Bielby says

    I would like my daughter to have the second set. She was married this year and learning that cooking is not a frozen entree and salad in a bag….

  54. Kim Courtney says

    Oh my gosh…. I don’t know if I would give them to my daughter or my daughter in law! My daughter in law is from the Philippines and is an awesome cook but she is really anxious to learn to cook more “ American” food. She doesn’t bake much so I have been making Christmas cookies and other holiday goodies with her.

    My daughter is a good cook, just a little too health-conscious for my tastes. She likes to try new recipes but tries to make them suit her needs. At least she’s cooking and it makes her happy and that’s what matters most!

  55. Carol Stankunis says

    I would love to have your COOKBOOKS for myself and a friend! It would be easier to look up a recipe in a book than on my phone!😁📚

  56. Jill Smith says

    I love cookbooks and I have passed that love on to my son! He is 26 and loves to ce in his kitchen doing anything!! Henandninwould both love to have your cookbooks! They would make a great surprise Christmas gift! Thanks

  57. LAURIE LANDES says

    I would give one to my married daughter and 1 to my daughter-in-law. I’d have to flip a coin to see who gets which!

  58. Elizabeth Zurakowski says

    My niece Courtney she is a new wife and mother and would benefit greatly from your organization methods and great recipes.

  59. brenda says

    My second book would go to my daughter. I have always been an avid cookbook reader and only recently has she began to see the joy in cooking something yourself for your family.

    She didn’t try because she thought she couldn’t but I have finally gotten her to start trying and she has discovered she really enjoys it and is so proud when it turns out successful

  60. Stacy says

    I would gift one of the cookbooks to two of my staff members. I have a wonderful team of women that feed students in a middle school everyday. I love to do little things for them throughout the year!

  61. Liz says

    I have all your recipes hoarded on my IPad ! Winning would free up some space on my memory and I already want to make all the recipes pictured on the cover ! Sharing the two extra copies with my cooking partners, my daughter and her husband !

  62. Cynthia Frederico says

    Love your recipes and I collect cookbooks, at present I have about 250. I cook from them but I read them from cover to cover first, like reading s novel.

  63. Carrol Reid says

    What a wonderful treat to have your cookbooks and all of the re ipes together and be able to sit with a cup of coffee and puruse the books. My friend Lynn is a wonderful cook and I know she would be .ore than delighted to receive your books.

  64. Peggy says

    I would give the set to my son. Having an awesome cookbook might inspire more creativity in his meals. Thanks for the giveaway!

  65. Patricia Barnick says

    I have no doubt I would give them to my grand daughter who is newly married loves to cook
    and in need of your wonderful recipes.

  66. Elizabeth Shared says

    I would gift the second set of cookbooks to my sister – she is 13 years older than me but my very best friend.

  67. Mariah says

    I would give the copies to my best friend. She and I always share recipes and meal plans. Since your recipes are ALWAYS part of my rotation, she needs her own copies too!

  68. Cheryl Brown says

    I would love to add your books to my collection we are on a tight budget I can’t afford to purchase any more books but this will be a blessing

  69. Emily says

    Wow!! What a great give away. I collect cookbooks even though so many recipes can be found online there’s still something fulfilling to turning the pages and looking at the beautiful photography in an actual book. I would gift the 2nd book to my mom because she was the one who taught me the importance of a good home cooked meal enjoyed every night with family!!

  70. Rhonda Munro says

    Love being in the kitchen and have made many of your recipes for the family and friends. would love the cookbooks as I would not have to print off so many pages.

  71. Randy Sifford says

    I’d share with my cousin Terri. She is building a new home with a big kitchen so they will get her cooking creative juices flowing.

  72. Josephine Platanella says

    I think I may be late to the party as I have only recently discovered you. Having your cookbooks would be a dream. I do most of the cooking in our home and some days I just draw a blank on what to cook. Your books would be so helpful.

  73. Nancy Vogt says

    Mary, I love to cook and have so many cookbooks. But, I use them. And, I always like to add new ones. I’m sure my daughters would like them, too. Thank you. Nancy 🙂

  74. Donna Thornton says

    I would share the cookbooks for my daughter. She battles autoimmune disease and works at changing recipes to be healthier for her.

  75. Donna Thornton says

    My husband enjoys making waffles and I know he would make more with the Belgian maker. Another way to get him involved in the cooking!

  76. Michele A. Moore says

    I would give my good friend, Wally, the other set of books. She and her husband are both fabulous cooks however I know they would enjoy the new ideas that these cookbook offer.

  77. Mary says

    I look forward to all of the recipes from Barefeet in the Kitchen. Blog and newsletters. They are easy, interesting, new takes on old favorites.

  78. Patricia Worley says

    I would give the second set of your cookbooks to my neighbor/friend who enjoys cooking and reading cookbooks as much as I do. Thank you!

  79. Judy Jewell says

    I have a friend who’s a single working mom and needs ideas for easy meals. I’d give the other one to a newly engaged young lady I’ve known over 16 years.

  80. CATHERINE LEE says

    How wonderful, we can’t afford gifts this year, I just know my mom and both kids would love this as well as ourselves. We can’t get out much and we cook everything at scratch to save, new recipes for all, yay!

  81. Ellie Titus says

    I tried your Christmas Cranberry cake today & it is wonderful! I am taking it to a gathering tomorrow, & I made sure I saved a few pieces for me later….. I wanted to tell you that I would love the waffle iron….always wanted a Belgian Waffle iron …. if I were to win it, I know I would give it to my son so he could make waffles for me when I visit him…… I would love giving those socks to the homeless center down town…..I give a lot of clothes that I no longer have a need for….. I am 78 yrs young, & still try new recipes all the time, & all of yours look so good….I would love a cookbook…..hint-hint

  82. Samantha Gluck says

    Ooh! I’ve made one of your recipes and posted about it. It was the first I’ve made of your wonderful offerings. I only discovered you a few weeks ago. I’d give the other cookbooks to my kids’ grandmother, my sister-in-law, and my friend Caylie!

  83. Nancy Carlton says

    My daughter and I love to sit down with a good cookbook and read through the recipes, deciding what we might try, how we might tweek a recipe, and then we go for it. When I find a good cookbook, I always gift another to my daughter!

  84. Deby Senger says

    My daughters would each love these cookbooks. It would be a hard decision on which one to give to the two of them.

  85. Kamille says

    I’d give them to my in-laws….not for reasons one might think haha! But because I know they would use the books and we could talk about recipes when I see them every Wednesday.

  86. Lori Clifton says

    I love cookbooks/recipes, I’m always looking for new ones and I would love to receive both of your cookbooks. I would give the other two to my twin sister, who also enjoys cooking.

  87. Mary Jane says

    I think I would give the lunch one to my daughter and the dinner one to my daughter in law, they both like to try new recipes.

  88. Daliah Rosemberg says

    I work for a restaurant company, and I would give your cookbooks to two aspiring chefs in training to further develop their culinary skills

  89. Rita Reedy says

    Your cookbooks are awesome. I would love to be able to share them with my granddaughter, Athena, who is getting her first apartment soon. She loves to cook and is always looking for more cookbooks.

  90. Karen Smith says

    I used to have over 50 cookbooks, I have lost them all. I would love to have a good cookbook again. I not only make the recipes from them but I also read them in bed like other people read regular books.