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A close up of a piece of cake on a plateTo say that I’m excited about this giveaway doesn’t even come close to expressing the level of excitement I’m sharing with you today. A couple weeks ago, I came home to a surprise delivery on my doorstep. The fabulous people at Sur La Table had shipped me a brand new Breville® Smart Scoop™ Ice Cream Compressor! Sur La Table has been my favorite kitchen store for over ten years now and just seeing their package sitting on my porch was enough to make me grin.

I have a well-established love for homemade ice creams and this beautiful machine has been on my dream wish list for a very long time. This is the ultimate ice cream maker and after playing with it for just a week, it has already earned a place of honor on my kitchen counter. I’ll be sharing new recipes for frozen treats all week long in honor of this fabulous machine!

A close up of a piece of cake sitting on top of a table

I’ve made no less than NINE batches of ice cream since this baby arrived at my house. When I first researched this machine a couple years ago, I imagined that it would be impressive. When I set it up and starting using it, I fully expected to be impressed. After testing it with traditional custard ice creams, ice milks, frozen yogurt, gelato and sorbet, I am confident in telling you that there is nothing this amazing machine can not handle.

Ice Cream and Ice creamHere are just a few of the reasons why I absolutely LOVE this machine:

You can choose from 12 settings, from super soft serve ice cream, to extra firm. At the highest level, the ice cream is SCOOPABLE straight out of the machine! I’m in heaven. Instead of making ice cream and then putting it in the freezer and waiting hours for it to be firm enough to scoop, you can serve it straight from the machine. In less than an hour, the ice cream maker produces ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato and sorbet in the consistency of your choosing. You can actually churn ice cream firm enough to make ice cream sandwiches straight out of the machine!

A close up of a cakeThe machine automatically senses the hardness of the mixture and keeps it ready until serving time. It will keep churning the ice cream just enough to
maintain the perfect consistency for up to three hours after it has finished!

Yet another reason why I love this machine, there is no bowl to freeze. There is no ice required. Everything you need is contained in the machine itself. When you are ready to make ice cream, simply pour your prepared mixture into the bowl and press start! No planning in advance, no 24 hours chill time for the bowl. It is now dangerously easy to make ice cream at home. The only thing taking up extra space in my freezer is all of the ice cream I just can’t stop making now. Oh, and in case you haven’t already figured this out, because there is no bowl to freeze, you can make batch after batch after batch… yeah, I figured that out really fast. I can make enough ice cream for a crowd in just a few hours!

A drawing of a face

When I spoke with Sur la lable to tell them how impressed I was with the machine, I told them that I would love to give away one of these machines to my readers. Sur la table agreed to send a Breville® Smart Scoop™ Ice Cream Compressor to the lucky winner just in time for your 4th of July celebration! (This is a prize worth $545!)

Ice and Ice cream

All you need to do to enter the giveaway is leave a comment here (or you can comment on Facebook) telling me your favorite frozen dessert flavor and DON’T FORGET to check the boxes below for each contest entry in order to be entered to win!


Giveaway is open to US residents 18 years and older. Giveaway will end at 8:59pm PST on Sunday, June 30th
. One winner will be chosen at random and then notified by email. Winner will have 48 hours to respond and claim their prize, or another winner will be selected.

Disclosure: I have received compensation for my participation in this giveaway. Both my machine and the machine given away were provided by Sur La Table. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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Mary Younkin

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  1. Mom says

    My favorite, praline pecan….but I found another way of making it with goat's milk now that my daughter has goats. Never did I think it could be so good!

  2. Kelly says

    This recipe sounds yummy! I can't wait to try it. I will have to freeze my ice cream maker before I make it though. I sure hope I win this awesome machine!

  3. Kelly says

    This sure sounds yummy, I can't wait to make it. I will have to freeze my ice cream maker though. I sure hope I win this machine so that I won't have to do that again!

  4. Jenn S says

    Wow.. fantastic giveaway for sure!! I love Sur la Table.. and I love ice cream even more!! My favorite would have to be homemade vanilla ice cream. Has to have vanilla beans in it though 🙂

  5. Marsha H says

    I love so many flavors it is hard to pick just one. Today I will choose coffee ice cream as my favorite. I have seen this ice cream maker and would love to make ice cream in one.

  6. Tisha C says

    I like alot of Flavors, ut i would have to say that Reese's Peanut Butter Cup would be my all time favorite:)

  7. Sara De Leeuw says

    My favorite is Mint Chip, followed by Chocolate with a peanut butter swirl! I LOVE the idea of not having a bowl to freeze!!!! That alone makes it all worth it! AWESOME!

  8. Sara De Leeuw says

    I love the idea of not having a bowl to freeze!!!!!!!!!! That's awesome! My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate, followed by chocolate w/peanut butter chunks. YUM!

  9. Stacey P. says

    Black Raspberry is my absolute favorite! I grew up in a small town in Pa. where every summer was spent picking these delicious berries near our home. We would then turn these berries into freezer jams, jellies and cobblers! I would love to own a Breville® Smart Scoop™ Ice Cream Compressor!

  10. Sue Boyd says

    Chocolate is still my favorite. I love many others as well. It would be so neat to have this wonderful machine and go crazy with it making and creating something so loved as delicious ice creams!

  11. Lisa Hunter says

    I love strawberry anything… strawberry shortcake, strawberry topping for pancakes, strawberry icecream, strawberry milk… LOL the list goes on :o)

  12. Mallory says

    There's this place here in Calgary called Village Icecream that makes the BEST salted caramel flavour I've ever had! Love, love, LOVE it!

  13. Sonja says

    my favorite dessert flavor … that is so hard! I love key lime pie … but usually for ice cream I just want chocolate. Dark chocolate ice cream that was creamy would be the bomb!

  14. tumbleweed-contessa says

    My favorite summer dessert flavor is Fredericksburg, TX Free-Stone Peaches.
    That is best and coldest ice cream I have ever eaten straight out of the freezer in a paper cup with family and friends. I asked my neighbor for her recipe and she said she didn't have one. But it was consistently good every summer. If I won this machine I would be forced to take a trip to Fredericksburg to get peaches.

    I can't wait to see all your ice cream recipes!

    Wishes for tasty dishes,
    [email protected] Contessa

  15. Anonymous says

    An Ice cream Maker has been on my wish list since your last "day of ice cream" posts! I love ice cream but the dairy does not (and sadly ice cream is usually not in the grocery budget) 🙁 but being able to make dairy free ice creams and sorbets at home sounds a little bit like heaven. Mary, you rock!!! thanks for great recipes, beautiful spirit and the chance to win amazing gifts. congratulations on your new tool! 🙂 I know you will spoil your family rotten, as usual, have a blessed day! ~mia

  16. Maggie Bennett says

    just had strawberry ice cream last night at a restaurant and i remember thinking.."gosh we need a ice cream maker so i can have REAL ice cream.."sigh"..i could totally have REAL ice cream with this baby…i would LOVE to make the hubbs some kick butt killer chocolate ice cream with this machine..oh man..wait,,,,,,,what am i saying..i would never get to my fave flavor (strawberry) if i do his chocolate first..lmbo…lol..=D…

  17. Elizabeth -SugarHero! says

    I am DYING over this giveaway–this ice cream maker sounds amazing! My favorite flavor is definitely mint chocolate chip. When I make it at home, I use fresh mint which gives it such a different, refreshing flavor!

  18. bellini says

    I live in Canada so am not eligible to enter but I have used this machine and was excited by the fact that it could make everything from soft serve to gelato.A great machine Breville.

  19. Joelle Fleurimont says

    I'm willing to drown in anything Chocolate! Chocolate and Mint Choclate Chip are the favs!

  20. Ashley Riester says

    My favorite flavor is mocha almond joy, I dont know if they still carry that flavor but I used to get it from Baskin Robbins all the time when I was younger! 🙂

  21. Martha says

    Miss Mary…if it's cream based and frozen, I'm in! However! Chocolate is always to be prefered! Chips, chunks, malted, hot fudged – I'm ALL IN!

  22. Anonymous says

    I remember helping my dad as a child make home-made icecream in the old salt and ice machine…he would use the cream on top of the un-homogenized milk and my favorite back then was
    Banana…I had to turn the crank…seemed like it took forever….peach was pretty darn good also….

  23. Anonymous says

    I love ice cream in the summer! My two favorite flavors are butter pecan and pecan praline with crumbled cashews 🙂 This is such an awesome giveaway! Thank you!

    Beth Altman

  24. bellington007 says

    Rocky Road is my favorite "traditional" ice cream flavor … but I discovered Ginger-Coconut recently, and would love to try my hand at whipping up a batch with this quality machine! Thanks for your blog, and for hosting this give-away! Best wishes for your continued success! -Barry

  25. Sandi Tompkins says

    Who does not love ice cream? I have fond memories of making it with my Grandmother with her old churn style maker. The hours spent churning were always well rewarded with the best ice cream I have ever tasted! When having to choose a favorite flavor it's difficult. However, picking ripe peaches off her tree and using them for ice cream is on the tops of my list! If I win this machine it will be the first batch I make <3

  26. Diane Bertao says

    I love Mocha Almond Fudge! This flavor always brings me back to when I was a kid having a special treat at Baskin Robbins, where I discovered this wonderful ice cream. I've played around with a few home-made versions of it using simple, electric ice cream makers, and for the most part, I've got it down, flavor-wise. But, the texture part…I'm still working on it. I'm sure this Breville machine would instantly fix the texture issue 😉

  27. Vickie Borders says

    I love Butter Pecan but with three kids I am always buying multiple kinds of ice cream to satisfy everyone. Having an ice cream maker would sure save me some money.

  28. Vickie Borders says

    My favorite kind of ice cream has always been Butter Pecan but with three kids I find myself buying all different kinds of ice cream. I think having an ice cream maker would save me money in the long run.

  29. Anonymous says

    I love buttered almond and any kind of fruit sorbet. Our heat index is already over 100 so this would really be a nice to have! 🙂

  30. Anonymous says

    Strawberry is my favorite. When I was little, I would sit out in Dad's garden and eat and eat and eat them until I made myself allergic! True Story! Had to avoid eating them for a couple of years after that, or else my face would break out in hives. I never gave up my love for them! Thanks 🙂

  31. Anonymous says

    Toss up… Salted caramel or simple strawberry. But I have been eating home made ice cream since I was a kid (back when the dinosaurs rolled down I-70) so I love any flavor! 🙂 In fact I just borrowed my dads old machine this weekend to make some for my kids birthday party! The poor old thing is about 35 years old and still making it as good as it did when I was a kid! Not sure how it has not wore out yet.

  32. Emily says

    Vanilla like my Grandma and Grandpa used to make in the old school maker with ice and rock salt!!! It was the cooked custard kind! I have tried to recreate it but haven't had any luck 🙁

  33. Patti L. says

    I absolutely love peanutbutter swirl…..I would never be out of ice cream when I win this wonderful machine.

  34. Shelley Farrell says

    Thank you, Barefeet in the Kitchen, for making this possible! And… I would like EVERYONE on here to know… Sur La Table is SUCH a fine company to order from!!!!! They stand behind each and every product… their customer service is stellar… they ship in a speedy fashion too!!!! WHAT A GREAT CONTEST!!! Good luck everyone!

  35. Larry Dow says

    Chocolate/Chocolate Chip, probably frozen yogurt. It's really hard to pick a true favorite flavor since I have probably liked any and all flavors of ice cream that I have tried.

  36. Monica says

    I love mint chocolate chip (but there are so many flavors to love)! This machine looks insane! And I could get "lost" shopping at Sur la Table for hours on end. Love that store!!

  37. Anonymous says

    Butter Pecan, mint chocolate chip, chocolate chip cookie dough, Tofts Wedding Cake… my oh my so many to choose from!! I have always wanted a ice cream machine and this looks DIVINE!!

  38. missouri_mommy says

    Strawberry pie ice cream with bits of cinnamon sugar pie crust swirled together with vanilla ice cream, homemade strawberry jam and white chocolate chunks. Amazing!

  39. emily says

    Ashby's makes a Cherry Amaretto flavor, that I found once on vacation many years ago (and ate it everyday of that vacation). I have not been able to find it since, but it still remains my absolute favorite. Maybe I can now make my own!

  40. Rose says

    Strawberry! (Glad I found this Comment box area. Silly me thought that the comment had to be entered on the contest website… which is actually more of a checklist of steps taken.)

  41. StaC says

    omg what an awesome contest give away! woo hoo! my favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate chocolate chocolate with more chocolate.

  42. faleen fedol says

    I am typing this again and hope it wont disappear again. I would love to win this for my son and daughter in law. MY son is allergic to all dairy products and having a nice frozen dessert more often would be a real treat for him/them. This would allow him to make a myriad of sorbet flavors, raspberry is his present favorite, and also do things year round. There are quite a few non dairy frozen products on the market but not all are particularly good. I hope we have luck on this one and i thank you for your consideration.

  43. Denny1600 says

    My favorite flavor is anything related to CHOCOLATE!! I would love to win this. It looks wonderful. I really, really like the idea of not having to squeeze a bowl into my freezer a day before I make ice cream. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  44. paula says

    Oh my…the flavors I would make if I won this. I don't have room in my freezer to keep a cylinder frozen so this sounds perfect! I've been looking at some infusions and I am planning to try making a banana rum. That would make an awesome ice cream flavor, I'm sure. And love peaches or strawberries & cream. Or a creamy coconut with maybe some pieces of dark chocolate. Endless possibilities!

  45. Orangessi says

    Homemade vanilla! 2c milk, 2c cream, 1c sugar, 1 vanilla bean, and 12 (yes, twelve!) yolks. AMAZING!!
    Can't wait for this week of recipes, and thank you for all the fabulous inspiration in these comments!

  46. Tracy says

    My favorite I flavor of ice cream would have to be peach. It is the most wonderful homemade summer flavor. Mmmmmm I can taste it now. Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  47. ConsciouslyFrugal says

    Oh my word! I want, I want, I want! My favorite flavor is plain ol' vanilla, although the gelato shop down from work has this flavor called "brown bread." Sounds weird, but I swear it's just vanilla with Grape Nuts on top!

  48. Miriam Szokovski says

    It's gonna have to be chocolate… with butter pecan as a pretty close second. Also pistachio. YUM! What a great giveaway – thank you!

  49. Lori Mercer says

    My favourite, has to be anything with chocolate in it. Strawberries or raspberries with chocolate have to be the top two though. Such a great giveaway, very excited!!!!

  50. Anonymous says

    I love ice does my Husband, but now he has been diagnosed with I am looking to own a machine and make our own kind and control the sugar..Black Cherry seems to be a favorite.. Hope I can win one of these appliances.

  51. cdm says

    Strawberries and cream with almonds is my all-time fav ice cream. Breville makes awesome products so I'm know this machine has to be the best,

  52. Suze says

    I really like vanilla ice cream. A close second is butter pecan. Thanks for a great opportunity to win. I have wanted an ice cream maker for a long, long time and have been thinking of buying a very inexpensive one. This would just be a dream come true. Someone will be very happy.

  53. Anonymous says

    My favorite flavor is chocolate chip mint but I will eat almost any flavor except for my dad's favorite….black liquorish.

  54. LapinFou says

    I remember my mom making ice cream when I was a kid.. My favorite is Coffee.. I sure hope to win this machine so I can make ice cream for my kids! 🙂

  55. Anonymous says

    My favorite flavor would have to be Salted Caramel with chocolate chunks…YUM! This is a fantastic give away and I love your blog. Your daily emails are fantastic and I the recipes are the best! Thank you so much!

  56. Anonymous says

    My favorite flavor ice cream is Georgia Peach and running a close race with Cherry Vanilla. Would love to try out that great looking ice cream maker.

  57. liz says

    I really needa learn how to make some yummy ice cream…mmm :)I really like mint chocolate chip ice cream and spumoni ice cream. I also love love love vanilla bean ice cream on apple crumble.

  58. rcakewalk says

    Favorite is hard to say since all flavors have their place, but often I love just plain vanilla- so I can add in flavors on a whim. I do love mint chip too 🙂