The BEST Walking Shoes for Travel


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Over the past 6 months, I’ve put well over a hundred miles on these shoes. And not once have my feet hurt.

When I travel, my favorite way to explore each new place is on foot. You’re able to see so much more than you might see from a car and you can often get to places you might not otherwise find or access.

Today’s giveaway is Day 9 of the Christmas Giveaways and it is for a pair of my beloved best ever walking shoes – or an Amazon gift card of equal value. I truly hope that the winner will love these shoes every single bit as much as I do!

To enter the best walking shoes giveaway, leave a comment on this post telling me where you like to walk! GIVEAWAY CLOSED

The Best Ever Walking Shoes -

Best Walking Shoes for Women

Despite the fact that I’m not a terribly fashionable person most of the time, I really dislike wearing tennis shoes for days on end.

In addition to that, tennis shoes are always bulky to pack and I feel like they often scream tourist as well.

After this much wear, I can tell you beyond any doubt that these Remonte shoes are worth every single penny.

The BEST Walking Shoes for Travel are my favorite shoes for every day too!

Best Walking Shoes

5 reasons I love my walking shoes:

  • They’re comfortable for hours and miles of walking.
  • They’re crazy lightweight shoes.
  • They’re waterproof. (I wear them with these awesome no-show socks, but I can absolutely see wearing them with heavier socks in the winter.)
  • They’re low profile and they pack small.
  • The arch support is terrific with an excellent foot pad.

If ever there was a blog post that made me feel somewhat old, this might be the one. As I wax eloquent on the awesomeness of a pair of great walking shoes, I’m laughing at myself and I don’t even care.

I did a great deal of research and I tried on endless shoes before settling on these and I LOVE them.

In all seriousness, these shoes are one of the best travel purchases I made this year.

Read more about the Best Walking Shoes for Travel at

Walking Shoes for Travel

While planning our trip to Europe I knew that I’d want a solid shoe for walking days on end.

My favorite part of cruising is the ability to visit so many different places without the hassle of figuring out your transportation or lodging for each new city.

We visited 9 ports and 10 European cities over the past two weeks: London in England, Guernsey in the Channel Islands, Dublin, and Belfast in Ireland, Kirkwall in the Scottish Orkney Islands, Glasgow, Invergordon, and Edinborough in Scotland, Giverny and Rouen in France.

Once we hit each port, we hit the street walking. We typically schedule an excursion for half a day or so and then wander through the city until it is time to be back at port.

Enter to win The Best Walking Shoes at

Cruising really does give you the best of both worlds. You have so many conveniences of home (and not dealing with different hotels) along with the fun of exploring so many new places.

For more of our European cruise vacation, check out these posts:

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A Day in Belfast, Ireland 

Visiting Monet’s Garden


The Best Walking Shoes for Travel -

To enter the Best Walking Shoes Giveaway, leave a comment on this post telling me where you like to walk!

Giveaway sponsored by Barefeet In The Kitchen. Giveaway ends on December 18, 2018 at 11:59pm EST. No purchase necessary. Must be 18 years of age or older and a resident of the U.S to enter. One winner will be randomly selected and notified via email. Winner will have their choice of a pair of walking shoes or an $80 Amazon Gift Card. GIVEAWAY CLOSED

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  1. Mel G says

    I too, like to walk my legs of when cruising. When not on vacay, I like to walk around our local lake. There’s a nice path and it’s pretty.

  2. Jeffrey says

    When my wife and I go on vacation we love to site see. Most people probably wouldn’t consider it a vacation because most times by the end of the day we are pretty tired. We’ve never been to DC together with the kids so that is our next little adventure, I’m sure there will be plenty of walking involved!

  3. Lisa McKerrow says

    Vacations! We are surprising our boys with their first Disney trip on Christmas and these would be perfect for me! Thanks for the chance Mary!

  4. Denise Fedor Falicki says

    I like to walk the County park about 4 miles from home. Hills, a nature trail, and a meandering creek keep our rescue dog busy! She knows every inch of that park!

  5. Dani Arnold says

    I love to walk while traveling! I took my son to Paris over the summer & our feet were killing us from all the walking but it’s hands down my favorite place to walk! We did an 8 hour walking tour with a guide and I found myself wishing the day would never end!

  6. Tiffany says

    I would love to wear them while we are on vacation in January! We will be driving to Miami, with stops in Georgia and Tennessee. Then taking a cruise with 3 port stops.

  7. Sonja says

    My favorite place to walk is around my neighborhood. My hubby and I love to just walk all over, and see how far we can go. But someday we’re hoping to do that in Italy. 😊

  8. Michele Murphy-Vrona says

    Currently recovering from foot surgery, dr recommends walking as an exercise. These lightweight walking shoes would be perfect for my rehab!

  9. Jennifer Raskovich says

    I am unable to walk long distances so I’m always looking for light weight shoes to make it easier. I would wear them to the botanical gardens .

  10. Lauren S says

    Oh my goodness, I’m so excited about today’s give away! Walking is one of my love languages! I walk with my sweet pup every day even on the coldest days. The shoes look amazing and there is nothing like getting exercise and having happy feet! And pretty feet!

  11. Crystal Monaghan says

    I always try to have a pair of great comfortable shoes on hand anywhere I go because you never know when you’ll need that “ahhh” factor for your feet.

  12. Ann Lokey says

    I volunteer at Elijah’s Harbor. It a Christian retreat in East TN. We don’t wear shoes inside unless they are designated “inside” shoes. With so much to clean it just makes it much easier for us. I add the miles up pretty quickly every day cleaning, serving, cooking, & baking. So, I would designate these as my “indoor Harbor shoes!” 🙂😉

  13. Diane Sexton says

    Honestly I own 2 pairs of shoes and they are flip flop type slip on sandles. I live in Central Texas and rarely get cold enough for closed up shoes. I have a bad disc in lower back and walking is something I need to be doing but don’t have the right kind of shoes for that. Your are gorgeous, would love a pair. But probably someone who devotes a lot of walking woud be more deserving .

  14. Rexanne says

    Ooooooohhhing , these shoes are made for walking, I need comfort to walk. Match made in heaven. I usually buy Clark’s because they were the only comfortable shoe I know. I would be in heaven with these shoes. Love the zip side.

  15. Rebecca Davies says

    I love to walk outdoors but haven’t been able to as much as I use to. My RD and PSA have been glaring so bad… lucky to just get out tonthe market or errands when I can. My feet are greatly affected. Shoes are so important to my ability to get around safely and with less pain afterwards. These look wonderful. Thanks for your info and the opportunity!

  16. Linda says

    I walk all the time, it’s my preferred way to exercise. Sometimes I walk in the park but usually I’ll walk around my neighborhood or walk to the store for extra exercise.

  17. Patty wiliams says

    I have a hard time finding shoes that fit! And jeans!! I have a wide foot so it’s always a challenge. These.look interesting! I try to make.myself wear tennis shoes in the house every day now that it’s cold. I’m a barefeet kinda gal!

  18. Stacey Brown says

    I will be taking a trip to China with my daughter and son in law in 2019 and will be doing lots of walking and exploring!

  19. Cherry Burk says

    I am loving those funky little shoes!! They would be great for walking everywhere! We live near a national forest/park and like to walk the trails and hills as often as possible. I might be able to keep up if I had those to trek in. 😉

  20. Tina W says

    My absolute favorite place to walk is at the beach, and my favorite beach is Asilomar State beach just north of Carmel, CA.

  21. Sandra Fazzino says

    I like to walk with my dog in my neighborhood and want to get back to hiking him through a park that is designed, just for that. I’ve never seen shoes like these so they are quite unique.

  22. Jasmine says

    I like to drive into town and walk the block.. It takes about 20 minutes to walk all around my town i go to, but there are sidewalks for the whole thing… I also like to walk the grand canyon when its warmer!

  23. Christy Spurlock says

    I love walking in the many Texas State Parks. Lost Maples State Park is one of my favorite. Thanks for this giveaway. Always use a new pair of walking shoes.

  24. Vicki Cartner says

    I love walking anywhere there is water. Could be the ocean, a lake, stream, pond, a waterfall. If there is sound from moving water, all the better!

  25. Tar says

    I love wandering NYC with my hubby. It’s somethibf we’ve done since we were in college, and it’s always fun…except when my feet start throbbing, which has happened once or twice unfortunately.

  26. Jenny A says

    I love to walk in the woods behind our house, except when its snowy. Then I love to snowshoe in the woods behind our house!

  27. M Plouff says

    I like to walk inside, when it’s sleeting or blizzarding out in the weather. One of my favorite walk sites is IKEA, because there are so many things to look at! I also love to walk in museums. I detect a theme here!

  28. Valerie says

    I like to go to my brother’s neighborhood and take my little nephew on a walk around a small lake/pond down the block. There is a little “island” in the center of it that we call “little baby bird island” because in the spring you can see little baby birds that are just learning to fly trying to make it across. We cheer them on and celebrate when one finally makes it to the other side.

  29. mary sampson says

    I walk in our neighborhood just not at night time or in the snow and rain and ice..Your trips sounded great and enjoyable…Lots of good things wished for you in 2019..Happy Holidays, good health and happiness and love!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Paula says

    They look very different! I suspect they are a more stable shoe from the cloth ones that are out on today’s market….

  31. Annamarie V says

    Oh my gosh we are currently at our friends house in La Paz Mexico visiting and planning our European vacation for next September to Prague and a couple of other destinations and last night I was thinking I need a really good pair of walking shoes because that is the way we like to see other cities.

  32. Tim says

    I used to live in Washington state, and I loved to walk through the mountains and foothills, or along the hundreds of miles of trails that traversed their way through the sea of evergreen trees.

  33. Lori Dobbins says

    I love to walk along the California coast in Pacific Grove and in the neighborhood where I work with fabulous old homes.

    Pick me!

  34. Molly Hoover says

    Love these shoes! I swear, every time I check them out, they are out of stock. They would have been perfect for our trip to Disney! Walking in new cities is the best way to explore!

  35. Michelle H says

    My favorite place to walk currently is in my sub. I take a walk with son in his wagon as often as I can before baby number 2 comes. Get in as much exercise and alone time as possible.

  36. April Roland says

    I love to walk when traveling and doing some sightseeing. At home I love to walk the downtown Asheville area. So much history!

  37. Heather says

    Love those shoes!

    My favorite place to walk in the world – when I can – is London. But regularly, and closer to home, the river walk or around the college campus. I wish more spaces in American communities were designed for walking.

  38. Sue says

    I too just took a cruise but around the Mediterranean Sea. Started in Barcelona and ended in Venice. Walked continually. Always looking for a great comfortable pair of shoes that still look good. Hard to find. Would love trying this brand out.

  39. Beth Center says

    I love walking in my neighborhood. We have a natural Preserve next to our home and being able to walk next to it and admire its beauty is one of the highlights of my day.

  40. Maureen says

    I like walking just around the neighborhood. I do a lot, too.
    I also like to walk around the garden paths that are not too far.

  41. Pamela Scheerer says

    I would like to walk anywhere! With a stent placed in my leg in 2017, I have trouble finding a pair of shoes that are comfortable for walking.

  42. Maggie says

    I love walking everywhere. It’s the easiest exercise, by far; and the cheapest. No one has an excuse not to walk if they can!

  43. Mary Jane George says

    There is a great walking path in Providence, RI, a quick drive gets me there, it runs for 2 miles in the center of a boulevard, up and back gives me a 4 mile jaunt. I also did love walking in Ireland on my trips over there.

  44. Jill Smith says

    I could sure use some good shoes when I go to my nephew’s graduation in a few months from the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. I have already been warned about all the walking so I know these would help with my bad back and knee. Thanks

  45. Christel Goetsch says

    I also love that they don’t look like the usual athletic shoes so many of us use as a default shoe. Thanks for suggesting!

  46. Melissa Parcell says

    I truelly love the look of those shoes. Would love to try them out in several different places.There’s a new walking trail made through the woods not far from my home. I’d so love to wear them,and see if theyr as comfortable as they are attractive. Sincerely, Melissa P.

  47. Gloria says

    I love helping my busy daughter out each day by taking her sweet little dog Jojo for her daily walks around town. She always know with I’m coming she sits at the window all full of energy and show her love by showering me with kisses and off we go for an hour of joy!♥️

  48. Jeannette says

    I love walking around Amish country in Ohio, up and down the streets of all the little villages, checking out all the little shops.

  49. Stacy says

    I’m a cafeteria manager so I do a lot of walking at work, sometimes more like running. But my favorite place to walk is on the beach. I love the freedom it gives my son’s to be able to run and the sounds as you walk of the waves crashing and seagulls flying overhead.

  50. Jennifer Blalock says

    We just moved to a new area. While so far I’ve only walked around our neighborhood and the neighboring park, there are many hiking trails nearby in the mountains I plan to explore. Coming from the flat ‘low country’ (Charleston, SC) and moving to hilly ‘upstate’ (Greenville, SC), the hills are a bit of a challenge so I have some endurance building to do before tackling those trails.

  51. Carol Stankunis says

    I like to walk the trail on Weston Canal Road with my Grandsons that leads us to Colonial Park Rose Garden and we fish on our way sometimes in the canal!

  52. Anita P says

    I, too, love to walk when we travel. My feet are more sensitive to the shoes I wear as I’m getting older. If these shoes are as good as you say, I’m all in!!

  53. Lynn says

    I live within walking of the towpath trail along the Erie Canal and that is where I would walk. Its a beautiful trail for walking or biking.

  54. Elizabeth Zurakowski says

    Traverse city Michigan is always my favorite place to go love all the quaint little shops,and the wineries.

  55. Sheryl Yevoli says

    I need to start walking. I am not very active which is not healthy. I am 55 and should be more alive and active. I used to walk my neighbor all the time, slowly gained some weight and became lazy I guess. So I would walk my neighborhood

  56. Kathy Feller says

    I’d love to walk in Scandinavia! My husbands mother is from that area. I have all the little towns where to find relatives. Definitely on bucket list!

  57. Susan Bombassei says

    Hi! I love walking everywhere! Especially with my dog. He loves it as much as I do.. Long walks around our neighborhood. I would love to travel but that isn’t in the budget so we walk wherever. Enjoy your Christmas and New Year!

  58. Linda says

    The neighborhood across the street has a lot of birds and rabbits.i love to start my day just walking slowly and watching the wildlife!

  59. Peggy says

    I love walking. Weather permitting, I walk year round five days a week. I enjoy lake trails and hiking our state parks. Mostly I walk close to home. The dream would be to travel to the Holy Land. Thanks!

  60. Michelle says

    I would love these shoes. I am looking for a pair of walking shoes for our vacations as well as everyday because I am on my feet for most of the day.

  61. Gerri Turcotte says

    I walk miles when I go to NYC, walk either outside when weather is good and on the treadmill at JCC when weather’s bad. Also planning a trip to Europe next Fall & know I’ll be doing a lot of walking there.

  62. Gladys Berkemeier says

    I love to walk! As a high schooler o twice entered a 20 mile walk for March of dimes and completed them!! Now I walk on my treadmill, up and down the hills at work, and when on vacation, everywhere!!

  63. Teresa says

    I like to walk somewhere new every day. My favorite Ian in a new city but corn daimy it’s my dog and I out exploring new places and. Smells for him!

  64. Debbie Chinchar says

    I love walking with my first graders around the halls of the school where I’ve been teaching for 43 years. 😊

  65. Sherry says

    My husband and i do a lot of walking wirh our two dogs and by the end my feet hurt. I would love to try these shoes out.

  66. Aisha Fish says

    I love to walk around big cities when we travel. It’s such a great way to feel the vibe of a place! A few of the most enjoyable cities I had the pleasure of walking around this past year are Boston, Madrid, Barcelona, London, San Diego, and San Francisco!

  67. Mariah says

    We live in the mountains and love walking all around the hiking trails near our house. We also have an awesome downtown that is fun to walk around and people-watch.

  68. Denise Blankinship says

    Gearing up for a cruise around the parameter of South America. Hitting the ports in new walking shoes would be awesome!!!!.

  69. Debbe Edenburn says

    We live in the country, so walking our road is one place, the other is I work at a learning center for 6 wks to 5 yr olds, so I’m on my feet most of the day..

  70. Rhonda Munro says

    I just love walking around our city, any were I go that is in nature. I have hard time finding comfortable shoes and so would love a good pair of walking shoes

  71. Diane says

    Im 56 and have worked a job where Im always on my feet. No problem until last year I got plantar fasciitis. I love to walk and hike but have had a difficult time finding the right shoe. I would love to try these! Merry Christmas.

  72. Cindy Barney says

    This past summer me and my teacher friends picked a different hike to go on in our area. We started hiking once a week and those who could come did and those who couldn’t came nest time. We used a hiking app to help us find spots. My favorite was s hike song the Yuba River. There was a spot to wade out and cool off- so fun for my colleagues and I to get healthy together!

  73. Kim Schartner says

    We have a really neat trail in the woods behind our church I love to walk on with my remote shoes…they are the best ever.

  74. Diana Volk says

    During the summer, when we camp, I love to walk on the mountain roads! At home, I walk on our River’s Edge Trail!

  75. Ann Cummings says

    I would love to walk around the streets of Savannah, exploring in the historic section. I’ve wanted to do that for years. A great pair of walking shoes can make or break a walk, that’s for sure!

  76. Jason Bradley says

    My daughter would love those shoes. Lately I have been walking around my neighborhood with my dog but in the spring, I like to go to the local park.

  77. Cindy Kinney says

    Unfortunately due to a physical handicap, I do very little walking, but I used to love walking through amusement parks. I loved the flashy bright colors and the sounds.

  78. Patricia Urquhart says

    They look wonderful. It’s so hard to find a great walking shoe. It’s wonderful to hear from someone who has walked in the shoes how great they are.

  79. Patt Mondik says

    These shoes look fantastic! I can see where they would give you the support you need for constant use.
    I live near the beach and we have a bluff that intersects with the Pacific Trail…these would keep my footing solid along the way.
    Thank you for the share!

  80. Beth B says

    I like to walk through my neighborhood or on the track at our local Y. It’s good for me – just need more discipline to do it!

  81. Phyllis Farris says

    This is just what I need. I must have a comfortable shoe when I go to the mall or do grocery shopping since it is my feet that I suffer with the most. Finding a comfortable shoe is hard and this may solve my problem.

  82. Katie says

    I would love to walk all over the U.S! I am the type of person that would go on walks 24/7 if I could. In the summer I walk around my town even though I drive. I would love to go explore parks closer to me and also visit different places in the U.S, maybe even out of the country! Walking through forests sounds fun even different trails. I would love to just go explore the nature everywhere along with different towns!

  83. Nancy Anne White says

    Currently, my favorite walking place is the apartment complex I live in. There are 7 buildings on a natural lake filled with waterfowl and in a park like setting. It’s so quiet, peaceful and beautiful! Can actually walk a fair distance as part of the lake is surrounded by the complex so you can’t get directly “there from here” without going around!

  84. Donna Thornton says

    These shoes look very comfortable and very supportive as well. I always think of my daughter first with what will help her through her autoimmune diseases.

  85. Lesly F says

    I would wear mine at home to do all the stuff I do everyday with 4 kids I get very tired everyday .Thry lopk very comfy fingers crossed

  86. Mary says

    I love all the new things you turn us on to that make everyone’s life easier and more efficient.. love the newsletters and blog.

  87. Patricia Worley says

    Love to walk in my neighborhood – Getting to visit with neighbors along my route might be the best part of the journey each day “-)

  88. Maureen Parrow says

    I love walking outside. There are many new walking paths in my town of Anaconda, MT and I like to try a new one out every now and then. I love walking and talking with those that I meet and just seeing all the beauty around me as I walk. I usually always walk with my best friend, Susie.

  89. Nancy Carlton says

    The best walking – anywhere in Italy! Oh, the scenery, the people, the excitement in the air and, of course, the food (which you definitely need to walk off!)!

  90. Amy Cooley says

    My mom and I meet up once a week and walk at our local mall before the stores open. It’s a great time to catch up, get some exercise and have a coffee afterwards.

  91. Carol Paulsen says

    I like to walk on some trails that are right across the road from where I live. After just a short distance the trail opens up to a gorgeous view of Mt. Rainier. Then when I go home to Lancaster, PA I like to walk the same route I used to take to walk to elementary, junior, and senior high school every day for many years. They are all located within a couple blocks of each other.

  92. Susan B Irwin says

    Low profile is important to me. I really like the way these shoes look. If I could go abroad that’s where I would like to walk, but I stay close to home and walk in my neighborhood with my dog.

  93. Kamille says

    I don’t walk much haha! Mostly around target but with a pair of solid walking shoes like this I’d love to be walking in around New York City with the family.

  94. Vickie says

    They look so comfortable 🙂 I would love to have a pair of shoes that don’t hurt my feet, so I could walk with my little 80 something neighbor. She gets out and walks everyday, but my feet & back & hips hurt so bad I can’t make it very far with her and I have to turn back!

  95. Lisa Evans says

    these shoes look amazing!! I work 10 hour shifts on concrete floors and have issues with my
    Feet being painful more days than not. Nothing beats comfortable feet!

  96. Sherry Smigielski says

    I live near Bangor, ME. So every time I go there I like to walk the city forest. The Orono bog boardwalk is there too. Always a lot of friendly people walking the trails.

  97. Melanie says

    Our lical arboretum is lovely to walk through. So many hiking trails and beautiful flowers. I love being outdoors enjoying nature.

  98. Lori Clifton says

    We live on the side of a mesa and that is my favorite place to walk with my dogs. We hike up our trail every day without fail.

  99. Ayemi H. says

    So jealous of your incredible travels in Europe! I would LOVE to travel to Israel and walk in Jerusalem and by the Sea of Galilee! If that didn’t happen, I’d love to walk in Yosemite to Vernal Falls!

  100. Kit White says

    I like to walk around the neighborhood. As we live in downtown Philadelphia, there are a lot of beautiful places to walk.

  101. Rexanne Foti says

    Tell me you’re not singing in your head ” these shoes are made for walking, that’s just what I’m gonna do, on a these days these shoes are gonna walk all over you”.
    Now I won’t be able to get the song out of my head.
    I’d really love to walk in these.

  102. Susan Moseley says

    The shoes are adorable and loo comfortable. I would wear them out sightseeing all the pretty lights of the season. I would wear them just out and about.

  103. Carol Dee says

    I love hiking the miles and miles of trails along Minnesota’s Lake Superior North Shore. Beautiful wooded paths, sometimes rugged and rocky, unexpected waterfalls along the way and breathtaking scenery.

  104. Tammera says

    I love to walk the banks of the mighty Columbia River with my best friend, my pup Khaleesi 💚 and I love those shoes!

  105. Rita Reedy says

    Being disabled makes walking any distance difficult, so my favorite place to walk is either in Fred Meyer (our Kroger stores) or Costco. Shopping for food is often one of our favorite outings.

  106. Shirlene Norris says

    I love to walk at the Old Airport trail. From the top of the mesa you feel like your on top of the world, I can see the San Francisco Peak, ridges of north and south rim of Grand Canyon, the valleys, buttes and mesas of the desert which is my home. If my timing is right I’m able to see the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets. There can be 50 other people there but you’ll only hear the solitude of desert living.

  107. Karen C. says

    I just purchased these shoes online because of your review. We’ll be traveling to Germany this summer to visit friends, family, and stop in some new to us cities. I went with a light pink color…..since that’s my jam, and I can’t wait. They’re awfully cute….and comfy is key! Thanks for the review!